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House Democrats Threaten to Subpoena Pentagon After Report Exposes Trump Deal With Scotland Airport

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/10/house-democrats-threaten-subpoena-pentagon-after-report-exposes-trump-deal-scotland


Oooooh…“threaten”! (More kabuki theater!)
The moron is being protected by the neo-Lib "D"s as well as the rethugs. Ain’t american government great?!


Sadly, this story is playing out all too often. To the point of being consistent. Government was designed to move slowly, it doesn’t need more help.


Yes, kabuki Pelosi and kabuki shumer will now claim this legislation wouldn’t pass in the senate so you know; we can’t do a thing about it.
Pelosi and shumer “leading with their values” again. Trump should just stick to insider wall street trading like Pelosi does.


There are two reasons Trump lies his ass off.

First, he’s pathologically dishonest.
Second, he gets away with it all the time.


All this, so that Trump makes a buck having others play with their little white balls.


I used to play golf in my middle years, before my back wouldn’t let me anymore. Golf is a very friendly participation sport. One where you pat one another on the back for your play. “Good shot Donald” etc.
Anyone who suffers through a round of golf with trumpenstein deserves a pat on the back, unless they are career ass kissers.

Who needs a good back to play golf when you can play guitar like this?

One of the best. In this song I love his periodic “Benny Hill” like expressions.

I always thought golf was invented so nefarious plots could be hatched without a bunch of silly open public meeting laws getting in the way.

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I think that the club houses were for that, especially the ones where whites only, or men only was the norm.
I quit drinking from about 1985 to early 2000. To use my time wiser I started playing golf and did a lot of fishing.
Turned in my clubs and fishing poles for brandy and coke, previously rum and coke as I fell off the wagon… Last couple of years down to a few brandy’s a month and no beer.

As if trump wasn’t getting enough tax dollars flowing his way.The greedy always want more.