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House Democrats Unveil Bill to Restore Mail Service to 'Pre-DeJoy Levels' and Require USPS to Treat All Ballots as First Class

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/19/house-democrats-unveil-bill-restore-mail-service-pre-dejoy-levels-and-require-usps


Yes, of course. Nothing like a threat to their livelihoods to light a fire under the ruling democrats.

There are more registered democrats than republicans, so the more little people the democrats can get to vote, the better their chances. This has been long known. However, there are more registered Independents than either democrats or republicans, which way they’ll go, if any way, remains to be seen.

Don’t Vote, it Just Encourages the Bastards P.J. O’Rourke

(But yes, the PO should remain whole. As for voting, if there were someone worth voting for the time has come, online voting.)


Where in this bill does it mention the stiff felony penalties for government personnel interfering with the delivery of the U.S. Mail?


Insufficient. Sack his sorry butt. ASAP

Another a-hole who does NOT belong in government (once known as public service).


Like this bill is really going anywhere after it leaves the House. Probably the main purpose of this action is just to get this out in the public eye so that hopefully enough people will be outraged by this threat to our democracy (what little is left) to demand change - if not now then in November.

I think trump and lejoy knew they wouldn’t get away with this, but their plan was to do as much damage as possible before they were caught knowing that it would be hard to undo it.


Ding dong. Another “Progressive for Trump” chimes in and other angel gets its wings.

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Why not use first class postage? Return envelopes are already stamped with postage paid.
Return application to county election board quickly.
Receive ballot, fill out and return quickly.

The extra $1.20 per voter by mail helps insure that every vote is counted.
It is the only way democrats can win.
At every level - local, county, state and federal.

I suppose Mitch and his Gang of Corporate Thugs are on board with this Legislation and the President has agreed to sign it into law??

Common, who are we kidding with this Meaningless Posturing.

The House needs to Flex its muscles in other ways besides passing Bills that will Never become Law and will have absolutely no effect on Repairing the Post Office fiasco.

Stop making the Public think that calling the House back into session and passing a Bill that has no teeth, is actually doing something that is meaningful, it is not.

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These two are already on the books, but they could use an up-grade.

“Obstruction of Mails Generally” / (Fined and/or imprisoned not more than 6 months)

“Delay or Destruction of Mail or Newspapers” / (Fined and/or imprisoned not more than 1 year)

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Rep. Maloney. perhaps I missed it in the other CD story outlining your bill, but where is the wording that rolls back the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, you know, that keeps DeJoy or any other Postmaster General from being accountable to Congress, and sent the USPS accounting books into the red, because it required the Postal Service to fund it’s employees healthcare and pensions for 75 years into the future? A requirement no other government agency or office is required to do.


Ummmm, ballots are already first class. The problem is the reduction of the delivery standard for first class mail, not the mail class itself.

What do you mean reduction of delivery standard for first class mail?

“First-Class Mail includes letters, postcards, large envelopes (called flats), and small packages, providing each piece weighs 13 ounces or less. Pieces over 13 ounces can be sent as Priority Mail. First Class is required for any invoices, credit cards and other personalized correspondence. First-Class Mail is processed by the USPS with the highest priority. It goes to the front of the line; ahead of the other classes of mail. Locally, First-Class will typically be delivered within one to two business days, and nationally it will be delivered in three business days. If an addressee has moved, your mail will be forwarded at no additional cost for a period of one year from when the move occured. If a piece is undeliverable, it will be returned to you at no additional charge, and it will include the reason that it was not delivered.”