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House Democrats Urged to Remove 'Insidious Attack' on Social Security Tucked Inside Senate-Passed Coronavirus Bill

CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS REPEATEDLY, AND MAKE IT SOUND AS IF YOU ARE REALLY COMING TO GET THEM (WITHOUT–OF COURSE–COMMUNICATING A THREAT). (Yes Ms. or Mr. censor, it IS a complete sentence. Would you ask that question of, say,f T. S. Eliot?

That is a myth originating with the capitalists, who never signed off on that agreement…

Yep, it is the bailed out that carry the cost of the bailout. Lol

Joe and the Dementiacrats

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… and too rich to jail.


Jessejean: Donate. You can help by telling your friends and neighbors about SSW and NCPSSM aka: National Committee to Protect Social Security and Medicare. These are the 2 biggest watchdogs over THE PEOPLE’S safety net, hard-earned benefits called Social Security and Medicare. Join these groups and allow them to keep you up-to-date re: attacks on OUR benefits.

These 2 organizations have valuable informative websites that let you know what politicians are working hard to do as the title of these organizations say. At NCPSSM, you can see the various Democrats fighting to improve, expand our benefits. It reminds us that not all Democrats are not trustworthy.

While some Democrats are willing to sell our benefits out to the the sociopathic/narcissistic oligarchs in Wall street, not every Democratic is good with that. There are a lot of posters here who love to hate Dems. They are so misguided in their blanket anger. Once you are caught up in emotion, you lose objectively and logic. Some of these people here are too blind to even see that about themselves.

I will defend the good Dems. 9 House Dems went against their ‘tribe’ and assisted and promoted progressive, Independent party, Bernie Sanders. There are Dems fighting for us but since Citizens United, oligarchs buying politicians has become even more popular and allowed.

Anyway, I hope some of this helps answer your question. We all need to stay politically active. Say “No. NO deferment to corporations” in this bill. It’s scary.

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Mod: You and I and everyone here are part of the pack. Have you called your congressperson and alerted them to how you are against this provision?? This is what allows us to win on any takeaways. We all have to lobby.


Remember when Kamala Harris unexpectedly attacked him strongly in the first Dem candidates debate or so this year - another one good at crushing poor, powerless people and her own allies while leaving powerful enemies unscathed - and he instantly said “My time’s up,” when the new Time’s Up movement was everywhere in the news? I almost slapped myself in the forehead in despair, but then instantly realized that that’s just what Joe always does and probably can be counted on to always do.

Dear Ms. Pelosi, Please snip this in the bud.

Pickel, Pants around their ankles, and bending over.

Self-lubricating. Hadn’t thought of Ben Dover in years.

The corporations are getting trillions of free dollars, and are also getting to not pay into the Social Security fund. Incredible.

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