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House Democrats Who Join Forces With GOP in Plot Against Social Security Threatened With Billboard Campaign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/house-democrats-who-join-forces-gop-plot-against-social-security-threatened

Between these a-holes and Biden’s history of supporting killing social security and Medicare, We have a huge fight on our hands.
So somehow I’m obligated to vote for Biden so I can get this?!

Democrats, the Other Republicans


#DemExit - 03.19.20


vote every single one of them out of office … and then vote out anybody they’ve ever had lunch with.


Social Security is sacred to everyone who is not a sociopath.


This what happens when the “Peoples” representatives are millionaires. I like Plato’s idea that the servants of the people are prohibited from owning any kind of property–this would, of course, include money. They also need to be properly educated to serve which means the Common Good takes precedence. We have a lot of work to do. Let’s make haste slowly.


Some of those sociopaths that vote for the millionaire sociopaths and psychopaths have yet to get the memo.


Don’t like the religious reference, but I agree with the attitude. I would have said “untouchable” but whatever… :rage:

Actually, I am secular as hell.


Click on the link to Romney, and you’ll find that Joe Manchin is a cosponsor of Romney’s bill.

Where Joe Manchin goes, can Chuck Schumer be far behind? What about Biden, of the famous Obama-Biden administration? Cat food, anyone?


Isn’t it about damn time all the DINO frauds masquerading as, or openly, GOP, “Conservative”, or “third way” Clintonista/Obama stooges/agents Quislings were driven out?
Of course for that to happen the DNC and entire party apparatus serving big-money must actually be supportive of progressive values and interests and fund progressive challengers (not sabotage them!) to the Blue Dog and other DINO sellouts - they are not.
The reason why not, is the private corporate DP and its so-called leadership are also complicit to the betrayals, intentional mishandling of issues (like the impeachment" charade), and BS claims of seeking “bipartisanship”.- selling-out progressive voters to court "centrist republicans is a fools errand and gross political stupidity - I would like to take all the “democratic strategists” and make them feel my pain - Hillary and Biden are the best the DP can come up with?? BS!


Naive. They all have brothers-in-law, cousins, and nieces, nephews and lawyers who can hold their portfolios, don’t they? And what about bri…I mean campaign contributions, PACs and lobbyists who can treat them to luxury trips to a tropical paradise all expenses (food, liquor, hookers, etc.) paid?

That’s like telling the board of directors of, say, Goldman-Sachs they “must” stop making money! At the very least we need a non-corporate “third” party that can replace the whole lot of them. Ultimately the only “reform” that will work is the compete overthrow of capitalism and the institutions that support and serve it.


Rad Plato’s The Republic. This reimagining will, of necessity, eliminate all those family millionaires and sociopaths. There will be no room for them.

From Albert Einstein:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.[emphasis mine]


Exactly so, and without any doubt Arch!

did I miss the link that name all 30 of the democrat house members?

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can you please add a link in your story to the thirty democrats who voted for this? Or list them along with the contact info so we can let them know they will be votes out for this.

I cannot find the list, i did several searches. As a reader of news I should not have to search for something this basic


Pretty ironic that members of the Hispanic Congressional Caucus and Congressional Black Caucus have members who signed onto this " junk good governance " b.s. The LatinX & Black Communities have the highest %s of people getting ill, disabled and dieing from COVID-19. They are sellouts to their constituents; but as we know, being a traitor to your fellow travelers has no skin color test in America.
The % of phony old political hacks in the Democratic Party is almost as large as it is in the Republican Party. End Geriatric Gerrymandering, give us term limits and give these jerks the boot after 5 election cycles. If they can’t steal enough to enrich themselves, and their extended posse or la familia in 10 years, they’re too inept to serve anyway.
Here’s an idea for those whose conditioned reflex is to pucker up their lips every time a 1%er walks by: cut the military’s pensions, the double-dippers and desk jockey generals who are of the dime a dozen variety. Cut the benefits and larded up special gov’t programs to the Professional Black Political Class. Mostly, cut out the b.s. Congress.

Paragraph 2, line 4: “letter (pdf)”

Reply also to @ohmkco

The letter includes the signers, but does not indicate each signer’s party.

You can bet " bipartisanship " means they’re all in on the COVID-19 COVER UP: the oppurtunistic plans of The UniParty Consensus to create even more space for Congressional theft and dead-of night shenanigans and mendacious misappropriation from those least able to defend themselves.
Same as it has been for 40 years.

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