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House Democrats Who Join Forces With GOP in Plot Against Social Security Threatened With Billboard Campaign

There’s a bi-partisan cadre of lying liars who have been trying to balance the budget on the backs of seniors for 30 years. Meanwhile, they haven’t met a military budget or war they want to fund. Fuck em.’

And guess what – the deficit gets bigger under Repub presidents.


If we are just now goIng after the DINOS, we are two or three election cycles behind the republicans who ditched their Rinos back then.

I’m still scratching my head over Pelosi’s charge that dems shouldn’t primary anyone. WTF, how else do we move on?


Exactly, Biden is also just a tool of corporate fascism. Name these 30 Dems who supported cutting SS.

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They’re not Democrats. They’re Republicans posing as democrats.

Like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.




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and Biden !


Go to congress,gov., type in the bill name or number, each bill as a link to show all co-sponsors.
Note: the above address has a dot, not comma. Used comma to get past the MOD.

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The link in my post above will show party affiliation.

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Sorry, don’t know how to sort this any better in OpenOffice

Additional signers include: Party State
Ben McAdams D UT-04
Jim Banks R IN-03
Dean Phillips D MN-03
Tom Reed R NY-23
Ed Case D HI-01
Bill Huizenga R MI-02
Stephanie Murphy D FL-07
Mike Johnson R LA -04
Kathleen M. Rice D NY-04 Dem 2005-Present
Lloyd Smucker R PA-13
Kurt Schrader D OR-05
Dan Crenshaw R TX-02
Derek Kilmer D WA-26
Vicky Hartzler R MO-04
Jimmy Panetta D CA-20
Dan Newhouse R WA-04
Cindy Axne D IA-03
Cathy McMorris Rodgers R WA-05
Tom O’Halleran D AZ-01
Mike Gallagher R WI-08
Anthony Brindisi D NY-22
Rob Woodall R GA-07
Ron Kind D WI-03
Warren Davidson R OH-08
Kendra S. Horn D OK-05
Brad Wenstrup D.P.M. R OH-02
Abigail D. Spanberger D VA-07
Darin LaHood R IL-18
Jim Cooper D TN-05
Tom Rice R SC-07
Jim Costa D CA-20
George Holding R NC-02
Henry Cuellar D TX-28
Drew Ferguson R GA-03
Xochitl Torres Small D NM-02
Ralph Norman R SC-05
Daniel W. Lipinski D IL-03
David Schweikert R AZ-06
Collin C. Peterson D MN-07
Ron Estes R KS-04
Joe Cunningham D SC-01
Mark Walker R NC-06
Harley Rouda D CA-28 Dem 2017-Present
Jason Smith R MO-08
Ann McLane Kuster D NH-02
Roger Marshall M.D. R KS-01
Colin Allred D TX-32
Debbie Lesko R AZ-08
J. Luis Correa D CA-46
Bruce Westerman R AR-04
Chrissy Houlahan D PN-06
Adrian Smith R NE-03
Terri A. Sewell D AL-07
Jack Bergman R MI-01
Sharice L. Davids D KS-03
Mike Kelly R PA-16
Gilbert R. Cisneros Jr. D CA-39 Dem 2008-Present
Roger Williams R TX-25




Jim Cooper cooperated with the Clintons to deceive the country on healthcare while we were actually dismantling our right t regulate health insurance and dozens of other services in practical terms, (however we still could get out if we followed the Article XXI procedure)

This occurred here in the US while overseas GATS was being negotiated (during the Uruguay Round negotiations on services, which eventually culminated in the Marrakesh Agreement, a preliminary step to the eventual creation of the WTO, creating “GATS” a trade deal that since them has been dismantling and gradually, irreversibly privatizing public healthcare, education, water, housing, libraries and dozens of other once public services (including of course, Social Security and Medicare here) all around the world. They totally gamed us, in retrospect. Not a single US newspaper or other media outlet ever said a peep about this, and Clinton still gets away with pretending she tried to “fix” healthcare.

Here is how Social Security and Medicare are rigged to self destruct. Its done with an alternative definition of “services provided in the exercise of governmental authority” (to the one at GATS Article 1:3 b+c) provided in the WTO Annex on Financial Services, which was filed in Geneva on February 26, 1998, which is its effective date) Also the Understanding on Financial Services commits us to “standstill” effectively a freeze prohibiting additional “non conforming” (to a plethora of very restrictive rules that basically tear all but the most noncommercial and non-competing (they must be completely free and tierless and cant compete with even a single commercial servce - Otherwise it tears services apart systematically) It prohibits all new “monopoly” services and commits us to eliminating or reducing in scope any not pre-existing on its signing date in 1998. Additional financial services regulation after the date above is supposed to be temporary and limited in every possible way! Putting the ACA and other financial services regulations passed since then under a cloud. the Annex puts Social Security systems (which in this context includes Medicare because its framed as allowed becaus its part of our statutory system of social security and allowed only for that reason) They are put in danger especially if they compete with any commercial service - like health insurance or other financial services- Expanding Medicare definitely will kill it if Social Security is not expanded too. Its right there in black and white. To avoid this we need to get out of GATS via the Article XXI procedure. We need to start discussing this now or the chance is high it will be swept under the rug.

Biden, Pelosi and Schumer will never support MFA or expanding SS, regardless

Plato is not a universal guide to righteous living, but he got some things right.

How could they even if they wanted to (which they dont) because GATS has banned anything like that for 25 years. You would think they would have had the courtesy to tell us that (SINCE THEY HAVE A FIDUCIARY DUTY TO)

but no, they WANTED the country to spend huge endless amounts of energy while the real problem was a trade deal which stole democracy in its totality which no dount they helped the various lobbying industries write and which is also privatizing education, social security medicare water, even eventually (because we have private schools, its on dangerous thin ice, even if its not committed, the same with police) primary education, public libraries, perhaps even police soon, as I said, there wont be any decent jobs left, anything is better for them than taking any real responsibilities, doing their JOBS, instead our jobs will likely be offshoed and outsourced at the earliest opportunity, after all its cheaper.

Where will Americans go? They will probably negotiate with some close to sea level country to act as a vast open space prison. Like similar places in North Korea. Maybe North Korea will privatize THEIR concentration camps. Where you cant did a hole without finding HUMAN BONES.

I am not kidding. All of this could happen and is actually far more likely than a lot of the things people far too optimisticly think are right around the corner. Thats a deliberate strategy to catch us off guard, you can bet on it.

People have no idea how far off what we think is happening with what is really happening. Nothing we count on is likely to be true.
And dozens of traps exist, in so many things if we make the smallest wrong step, we’re walking thorough a minefield. I think they might have mentioned this problem with medicare and social security but not in a way that would clue people as to what was happening, just as CYA behavior, while secretly hoping we’d stumble into the trap they made.

We have to get out of GATS now. We dont do that by pretending it doesnt exist, and protecting those who lied to us all this time while maybe a million poor Americans died, While they continue to die.

We’ll lose everything if we do that.

It’s “GATT,” and it no longer exists as an independent agreement. Its language was rolled into the WTO at its inception on Jan. 1, 1995. It would be correct to say that GATT is part of the charter of WTO.

General Agreement on Trade in Services, was created by the Uruguay Round negotiations , in order to initiate trade in services, It is part of the WTO,. Services, around 80% of a modern economy, became commodities which are traded and subject to binding international law which is the main reason why so many things dont make sense to us, its the Rosetta Stone to SO much bad policy. Think of it sort of like NAFTA, for the rest of our jobs.


Biden pushed for cuts to social security and medicare and BRAGGED about it…just like he bragged about being to the right wing of Nixon and Reagan on CRIME…

no wonder they are hiding him…Like Hillary Clinton ,the more people were exposed to her the lower her polls numbers were…Hillary even PICKED Trump becasue he was the ONLY one she polled above…

Hillary would have lost to Ted Cruz the creepiest munster!And they KNEW IT!!

this is the SECOND democratic candidate that they have to HIDE!!
in a ROW!!

What a despicable party!!

From September 15-20 1986 in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, a hugely expensive, virtually closed city in South America, a meeting was held that is represented as having been the site of this deal between North and South countries oligarchs (financial and development ministries) which made services (most jobs and financial services also) tradable.

Its a dirty deal that’s connected to both the jobs of Western countries like our own and the Third World Debt. Its intent was and remains to lower the wages of workers all around the world by trading jobs across borders. That much is admitted. Much is not so clear, maybe you can figure it out. I think it is clearly referring to Third World Debt and one needs to know the history and ILLEGITIMACY of that debt, and the fact that the Western banks dont want it being written off, they really dont nor do they want the world to start dealing with these scams as they should be huge THEFTS, why not?

Please read this UN document from 1989 “A-RES-44-232. Trends in the transfer of resources to and from the developing countries and their impact on the economic growth and sustained development of those countries”

which lays out the schema, and the Punta Del Este Declaration which is on the OAS web site ( ~http://www.sice.oas.org/trade/punta_e.asp ) which is as vague as such a document could possibly be.

Note that the UN document makes specific reference to the meeting in Punta Del Este that week (15-20 September, 1986) as well as some vast described transfer of assets, and also refers to the indebtedness of the developing world particularly the extremely corrupt Least Developed countries.