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House Dems Demand 'Urgent', 'Rigorous' Investigation into Trump's Business Conflicts


House Dems Demand 'Urgent', 'Rigorous' Investigation into Trump's Business Conflicts

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Refusing to allow President-elect Donald Trump's "unprecedented" global conflicts of interest be swept aside, Democratic members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are publicly demanding that the Republican chair do his job and launch a "rigorous" investigation "right away."


Great!!! It's about time these obvious conflicts of interest are investigated. In addition, Mr. Trump needs to know he will be held to the same laws and demands of any other president. At this moment he seems to not care about those things and seems to see himself as above the law. A very disturbing trend if he continues. These transgressions are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.


This is clearly a no-brainer. A known scam artist with all these business interests who refuses to release his taxes and somehow defying all reasoning is elected president of the United States and Congress should forget about the possible conflicts of interest and not investigate. Com'on. People may have been dumb enough to elect this guy but certainly Congress should be smart enough to investigate. If they don't we certainly will know what is meant by dumb and dumber. I would rate the Republicans five dunce caps if they fail to investigate this five Pinocchio president-elect.


O M G ! Dems with backbone? Who knew?


Trumpf is being openly contemptuous of Congress because he intends to try and end run them by ruling the country via Social media. Let Congress investigate him, he's already told the world he couldn't care less what they do because he's above the law now and has been advised that a Pres. cannot have Conflicts of Interest. Or is it that he can't be held liable for them in any event. Of course being the psychopath that he is it never even dawned on this guy that maybe just maybe having all these endless Conflicts and appearance of conflicts might be a bit unethical even immoral? Nope, he doesn't care because the only thing he does care about is making money and he doesn't see that it should be a problem that he uses his offices in DC as just another acquisition that has to make a profit. I like that he has said that the people that voted for him don't care that they all know he had this situation so what's the BIGLY deal? The truth is it's just part and parcel of the two vastly different realities we live in now. For Trumpf's following, of course, he's going to profit as President they don't care about that , as long as he follows through on his promises to them. I believe even after he doesn't they'll forgive him and blame us for his failures.


If we are unable to reverse the results of the election either through a recount of votes or the electoral college casting their votes for Clinton, everyone should everything possible to get Trump impeached starting on Day 1.


There is a petition to members of the Electoral College to vote for Hillary Clinton, even if the voters in their region chose Trump. Not due to pro-Democratic party forces, but because of the conflict of interests that Trump is unwilling to surrender, plus his lack of governing experience and ineptitude.

Sign here: https://www.change.org/p/electoral-college-electors-electoral-college-make-hillary-clinton-president-on-december-19



Now that the whole DNC ship is going down, let's re-arrange some deck chairs and do nothing...

Click here <-> to see what I mean:


This isn't about dumb and dumber. This is part of the whole set up. Republicans scammed the voting public of both parties with the intention of getting a rubber stamp prez . Their voter suppression crimes kept the legislature firmly in their grasp so they get to say, fraudulently, that they have a public mandate and should follow through with whatevercraplegislation is on their docket. Cleverness is not the same as intelligence in my book, but their ilk don't go in for nuance. We could be stuck with this brand of politics well into the future. They care nothing at all for the people of the nation or the Earth. It's all about profits for them and those who are in on their scam. They're going to bring this nation to its knees and that's where they think it belongs. It's modern feudalism for these corrupt little kings and their fiefdoms. They'll call it something else AynRandianfreewillian...but they and their friends will be calling all the shots. Anybody who could use a little attention from the community at large will have to say they want to be good religionists of some western european denomination to get a handout or handup. Forget about separation of church and state even if it is constitutional. Whoever we voted for, a very great many of us are going be wishing that the 2016 election just kept us running in place instead of speeding down this precipice. We're at the mercy of some pretty scary people. DT's just one critical chess piece. The game is on.


For damn sure--- more of us here in the US want to be up there now, and anywhere else but here, for others.


And Drumpf only wanted a bigger, and bigger brand to get back on Reality TV, or whatever else--sell ties made in China--but not to be prez. That job will be up to Pence. It is just a matter of time.

That was and still is the plan. Just wait and see.

Then the real shit hits the fan, or hits the wall, to see what sticks in GOP policy making, now that they own all of congress.


How about some "urgent, rigorous, change" in the Dem Party leadership and direction, not just the same old faces and sell-outs that supported HRC, contributing-to, and by their actions or failure to act, all but "engineered" the rise of Trump & Co?
Nancy Pelosi a case in point, a Dem Party loyalist and flag-waver for whoever pulled the strings - years of warning-signs and mid-term slaughter, but no real change! Clearly, IMO, the entire Clinton/Obama crime families and their operatives and sycophants must go or there will be no change and Trump, along with his right-wing administration will continue to gain power!

Obama is still serving corporate greed and profits over people, but ignoring all the issues progressives and environmentalists (among others) are urging him (good luck with that) to take in the last days of his pathetic tenure - a failure and sell-out from giddyup to whoa!.