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House Dems Filibuster Trafficking Bill Over 'Despicable' Anti-Abortion Subterfuge


House Dems Filibuster Trafficking Bill Over 'Despicable' Anti-Abortion Subterfuge

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Blocking an attempt by GOP lawmakers to scuttle through a provision that would deny survivors of human trafficking access to safe and legal abortions, Senate Democrats on Tuesday staged a filibuster against the measure.


Whoever wrote the headline needs to read the article first.

“If Democrats actually vote to filibuster help for oppressed victims of modern slavery…I can’t imagine the American people will forget it,” threatened Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

Notice the word “modern” stuck in there? Ol’ Mitch is very careful to stay away from the subject of reparations.



Yeah, the headline is pretty interesting. Who knew that House members could filibuster? Ya learn something new every day around here!


These Republicans and their Democratic allies make me wish that their mothers had had access to safe, legal abortions.


I can’t say as I’m surprised to once again see my senator, Bob Casey, cavorting with republicans and rubbing shit all over himself.
There are so few liberals left in the senate that you could count them on one hand, and not need every finger.
The conservatives and their big money benefactors are already planning their victory parade. Democratic Senators like Bob Casey and the imbecile Joe Manchin are helping them build the floats.


Sorry but Manchin’s mouth is too full with Don Blankenship’s cock for Joe to respond.



And it’s sat there for 8 hours now.


How can this be “despicable” when Wolfie and his panel of experts on CNN tell us that it was the Democrats’ fault for failing to find the last-minute anti-abortion language that the Republicans “snuck” into the trafficking bill just before the vote. In Washington legislative “ethical” terms, “sneaking” non-relevant amendments into legislation is good and failing to notice the “sneaked” amendments is bad. It’s all just a jolly game played by good old Washington insiders, don’t you see?


CD - u still need to correct the headline.


For these guys the end justifies any means necessary. How does one let their moral and ethical compass fall so low?


Okay Dems, you tried it, it worked – KEEP DOING IT! It just goes to show that those worthless reptoxicons were good for something – teaching the Dems how to filibuster! :smiling_imp:


Excellent, intelligent remark – and oh so right!!! :wink: