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House Dems Introduce 'Groundbreaking and Much Overdue' Bill on Palestinian Rights


House Dems Introduce 'Groundbreaking and Much Overdue' Bill on Palestinian Rights

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) said "Congress must not turn a blind eye" to "the unjust and ongoing mistreatment of Palestinian children living under Israeli occupation"

young boy watches on between two Palestinian


well, their careers may be pretty short now, but hey, at least they showed up! Cue AIPAC operatives in 5, 4, 3, 2,…


Bravo! ow if the Congress lap-dogs can be made to see the wisdom of ending our lap-dog status toward Israeli extremism!

For far too long our nation and Congress have been manipulated by the treasonous American pro-Israeli lobby and extremist Israeli settler/expansionist/Zionist wing.

The PTB in America from BOTH parties, have chosen for us some very destructive foreign allies, notably the Israeli - Saudi axis of racism, war crimes and general evil, also allowing overt subversion of US foreign policy NOT in our best interests!

If there has been a foreign power manipulating and subverting our politics, it has for-sure been the Israeli lobby that has played a big part in fomenting US ME/NA wars, ala “let’s you and them fight”, regime change in nations that don’t tow the Israeli or extremist US line, and acting against positive American interests costing us dear…


The good news in this is that for the first time in memory a few U.S. Kongress-Kritters are actually recognizing that some Palestinian children (those in the West Bank only) actually have some rights.

Clearly this is because the vast majority of the world is now admitting to the fact that the Zionist government that was created by the West to rule Palestine is an illegitimate apartheid state.

Just as clearly, this is an effort to obfuscate that fact.

The bill itself is a hypocritical joke. First, it is “morally” based on a Geneva Convention Rights of Children article that the U.S. has never recognized. Second, it does not mention the rights of children outside of the West Bank - like Gaza and the rest of Palestine.

Third, its enforcement mechanism calls on the U.S. Congress - a bastion of anti-Zionism - to separate suspend the portion of billions of military and corporate welfare to the apartheid state that is used to oppress Palestinian children. Lawyers, accountants and lobbyists are already getting in line to parse out that one, for huge fees of course.

Typical “progressive” Dem legislation in the Kabuki Congress.

It’s a bit refreshing for its rarity nevertheless. It’s like a relatively interesting commercial on Super Bowl Sunday.


After The Patel Incident in England maybe the onion of AIPAC will be peeled some, in the U.S. This is where our MSM fails, in foreign policy coverage concerning the Likudites machinations in the MENA.


You are spot on…AIPAC will squelch this move post-haste!


I applaud this, purely for the rightness of it. But as stated previously by others, it is going nowhere. AIPAC has more of a stranglehold on the crony cretins in Congress than even the NRA, and that is saying a lot. Most could in all fairness give loyalty oaths to Israel rather than the U.S., their abject devotion to that other country being far greater than to the one they allegedly represent. But - bravo to these 12 Congress-people in any case.


This assumes that the media, including much of the “progressive” media is independent.


So children have rights but other people don’t? The quotes of the leaders state that all people have similar rights. But the bill only covers children. Granted, the leaders quoted spoke of all people’s rights, but why wasn’t that in the bill?
It always amazes me when we try to justify stopping violence when our soldiers are hurt, or when children are involved, but the rest, oh, they’re just the enemy, non-beings. The enemy is someone’s hero too. And those men and women, somebody’s moms and dads. Just the other side of the coin.

Stop all violence and abuse. Peace.


Whatever! I know that picture of the baby left cryng in the middle of the road helped stop Vietnam better than all of the pictures and numbers reported dead of Vietnamese people.


The BDS response would have been most appropriate against the terrorist apartheid Zionist regime of Natanyahu.


BDS,BDS, BDS is the answer!


This bill will encourage more killings of grandparents, mothers and babies. However, since they will be mostly Israeli and Jewish, I guess these “House Dems” could care less.