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House Dems Launch New Efforts to Force Trump to Disclose Tax Returns


House Dems Launch New Efforts to Force Trump to Disclose Tax Returns

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As the deadline approaches for Americans to file their taxes, House Democrats are launching new efforts to force President Donald Trump to disclose his tax returns.

The latest, filed Wednesday, is a "discharge petition" put forth by Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) to require the president, future presidents, and presidential nominees to release their tax returns.

Eshoo tweeted Wednesday morning: "It's about time that @realDonaldTrump's taxes saw the light of day."


Dems as usual are late to the game. They couldn't have forced this issue before Trump was 'elected' by the electoral college?


The should keep pushing this. Trump has too many questions swirling about hie presidency. His supporters apparently hold him to no standard at all. Apparently for a large segment of the US population there are no minimal criteria for being president. As long as the candidate cannot be labeled as being part of the establishment. That is only disqualifying criterion.


I would rather the DC Democrats get on board fighting for single payer Expanded Medicare for all or stopping the war(s) with Syria/China/Russia certain individuals in our government seems to be itching for, or protecting immigrants from having their families split to smithereens.


Hot tip for the Dems: quit grandstanding and figure out how in the world your "demographics is destiny" and "slam dunk" assured campaign lost to the most unpopular presidential candidate in history. It will serve you better than continuing the Clintonesque "not as bad as Trump" nonsense.


trump had the help of an unfriendly foreign power to get elected. He also had the help of the Fox propaganda machine and the KKK and people like you. His tax returns ARE important because they will reveal his crooked business dealings.


I'd say it was people like you and the DNC randomly insulting Democrat leaning voters for their insufficient obeisance to the party line that had way more of an effect in electing Donald of Orange, eh?


Imagine if ll Americans were as "smart" as Donald Trump is - and none of us paid our taxes - just imagine!


If Trump by his example leads us "little people" into temptation not to pay taxes, so that the Treasury is unable to pay Trump's presidential salary, nor the salaries of billionaire cabinet members, nor even the salaries of Trump relations in top-level government posts. . . . Oh no! What then?

The billionaires I know, contrary to common expectations, are acutely aware of every last dollar. Would Trump and top officials then walk off their jobs?

Should we CDers prepare to take up a collection--?


It occurs to me that voters opt for non-establishment candidates because they can't help but notice how badly the establishment has done by average Americans.

Income inequality, anyone? Job creation that yields part-time and contractual work instead of full-time employment? Militarized policing? Endless war?

Well, gee whiz, why would voters want an alternative to that?


Another typical load of Democratic Party Bully Poo Poo from the Nth Power Of Irrelevancy. So instead of introducing a bill to ... say ... reform a Medicare System where seniors are denied care and preyed upon 24/7/365 by for profit insurance companies the Democrats once again fall upon their Swords Of Misdirection. A system where one cannot complain about the duplicitous "coverage" by one of these companies without such complaint being run through the insurance company to first be decided upon. A system where it is perfectly legal to refuse to cover a senior for 4 months simply because the company chooses to and there is no recourse to get back the hundreds of dollars in fees and the hundreds of dollars in health care costs incurred as a result of such a company's deliberate inactions and/or actions. Wait a minute the Democratic Party's donors want more profit from government and they share virtually the same Wall Street Donors as the GOP wing of our Wall Street Owned One Party System (WOOPS!). This, like the big bad Russians Are Hacking, is just another diversionary tactic to keep those who still hope against the tarnished Democratic Party word for hope self-destructively identifying as Corporate DLC New Democrats from pulling back the curtain and discovering that we are all controlled by the Gizzards Of Wall Street. This is the kind of wasted effort that belongs in the Market $tream Media and not on a site whose readers can discover in the MSM the abundance of this kind of fluff about trumpeters in a teapot. Just as silly as the non historic occupation of the White House by an orange minority. Still say Dumpster John should have picked John Boehner as his running mate. Then there would have been continuity in succession: One Untanned Orange Man replacing The One And Thankfully Only Orange Bloviator.

A Democrat Congressmember and an Independent tourist were overheard in the capitol rotunda:

Democratic Congressmember: Well Trump is better than Bush was.

Tourist: How? With Bush we only needed a can of alphabet soup to translate his mutterings. With Trump we need the complete volumes of Unpublished Fairy Tales With an addendum of The Musings Of Tyrants Throughout History just to translate the teleprompter before the words actually shoot into his fermented in wig glue brain and out his mouth into the Alfred E. Neuman Compilation Of Bizarre American History.

Congress: A place no longer in danger of being taken over by We, The Rabble. Dear Mr. Jefferson, you, your successors and assigns should have known that We The Inmates relegated to your Founders' 1% System were never going to be able to take over the House much less any other branch of government. You should have known that The American Sheeple would keep electing politicians who would rather charge against Windmills Of Fluff And/Or Irrelevancy rather than do any substantive work on behalf of The American People - NOT nice to angry their donors.