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House Finance Chair Maxine Waters Wins Praise for Prioritizing Public Policy Over Raising Wall Street Cash—and Corporate Dems Are Miffed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/09/house-finance-chair-maxine-waters-wins-praise-prioritizing-public-policy-over


I expect the rep. that voted for to not be a money whore. That’s why they got my vote. In checking on my rep. the other day he has not taken any money from the NRA, a Big Plus in my book. The repug. Senator from my state received over $227,000.00 from the NRA, as an example of a money whore that sells their soul so people can go bang bang your dead in your local mall.


House Finance Committee is a FIRE cash cow … a money laundering scheme to funnel loot to other career politicians thru PACs. It is not like you will find a check with Jamie Diamonds name on it… or one of the many insurance execs. Maxine’s sudden political confession of faith is more due to her token opponent making note there are some ethic skeletons in her closet. Her fellow neoliberals
are ‘miffed’ because they will not have Maxine scrubbing wall street smell off the loot before it gets to them.



Committee members expect the chairperson to accept ‘contributions’, aka bribes, and distribute them to the members. Isn’t that a felony called ‘money laundering’? Aren’t the members ‘accessories’?


You beat me to ‘money laundering’, but it was a photo finish! ( - by two minutes - slow film in my camera!)

Corporate whore DINO Dems - the clinton/obama wing - are a huge part of the problem - they maintain the influence of big-money and its death-grip on our “elections”. by participating not fighting!

Their support for continued corruption and subversion of government by vast wealth, dishonestly sold as :“free speech” by scotus, makes them complicit tools of the crime, and continued subversion of American politics!

Working to secure wealth to run for office, rather than legislate for the people IS the freakin problem!

Who needs RepubliCons to screw us when DINO Dems do their jobs for them?


“D.C. is sick,” added Jack Mirkinson, deputy editor of Splinter News. That says it all!


Purely coincidental … you rightly note the more criminal aspect of dirty money. I was making note of the rotten smell.

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I think I remember meeting Maxine Waters something like 1972 at Evergreen U, Olympia WA. I remember she railed against the corruption of corporations, using Levi as an example. It was heart felt and durable. I am so glad she remains consistent with the values of people against corruption…

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Con. Waters still has some splain’ to do over a few of her rather funky recent votes. " Making sausage " is a tired old meme; way past its due date, given current conditions.
We need new lines, drawn up and clearly visible to all, stating no more influence peddling . No more lines in the drifting sandpiles of Congress, which feral cat-like critters can use at their pleasure.

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It’s what I mean when I insist that they are not all bad. We shouldn’t jump ship because of a bunch of rats scurrying about.

It’s long past time to kick the Republicans OUT of the Democratic Party!

And they can Take Obama and The Clintons with them,

Chris Hedges

Let’s be clear. The Democratic Party under Bill Clinton transformed itself into the traditional Republican Party, and the Republican Party moved, was pushed, so far to the right it became insane.

In a interview reported in the Hill, Obama admited:

“… back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican,” he told Noticias Univision 23 in a White House interview.

Raising money means selling government services to the highest bidders. It’s legal bribery the main reason why people have no power in the USA.


Wow! What an article this is: Especially, the last several paragraphs.


Maxine Waters wouldn’t be a ‘fish out of water’ in China, but one of the ruling benfactrs of the nation. No wonder Pope Fancis called the Chinese a very wise people. Though I think he is sometimes ambivalent about centralsed planning and government. Would Christ condone the systematized greed of capitalism, while disparaging the systematization of nurtuning the common weal ? Seemingly, the latter can be done, even without the benefit of Christian teaching. How much closer might yet greater consilience with the Christian Gospel, bring us to God’s kingdom…

I never cease to marvel at the way socialism is routinely, not disparaged, but demonised in the US, sometimes even by people who you would normally credit with a smidgeon of sense.

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I’m a fan of Chris Hedges but I am not sure he got it right when stating Clinton’s move to the right drove the Republicans to the extreme. A chicken or egg situation, did the Republican move to the extreme under Nixon and Raygun force moderate and liberal Republicans into the welcoming arms of the Democratic Party?

…Clinton’s move to the right drove the Republicans to the extreme. A chicken or egg situation, did the Republican move to the extreme under Nixon and Raygun force moderate and liberal Republicans into the welcoming arms of the Democratic Party?

Both. The Dems were already moving rightward and that accelerated under the Clinton/Gore DLC. Now, every Republican moving into the “D” camp is hailed by the “leadership” as a victory, when all they really wanted was to become the Republicans and get their hands on that sweet, sweet cash. Look at “Liberal” MSNBC - Nicole Wallace, Joe Scarborough, et al. Republicans who destroyed their own party now destroying another. So, why did Trump win? He at least lied about his “populist” views, while the Republicans (I mean, the Democrats) just said (and keep saying) everything is just fine. There is only one party - the money party. One wing manipulates its base with “its those brown people’s fault!” while the other wing manipulates its base with “there’s nothing wrong except the other side demonizing those brown people!” When it comes to economics - to class - they are virtually indistinguishable.

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Well I’ve been told that Corporate State Democrats were voted into being. Otherwise, if the voters hadn’t made them do it…heck, they’d be all about Medicare for All and stuff.

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I voted for Wild BilI. During his reign I can remember laughing at some of his moves and saying “He out Republicaned the Republicans again.” At the time I laughed because he beat them at their game. What didn’t sink in until years later was that it all meant a continuous push to the Right, and, that that wat a bad thing.

About Republican going insane…Remember the venomous Newt?

Keep in mind that nearly 75% of the time our ‘elected’ officials are in their D.C. offices, they are fundraising. That is what they do once elected. They don’t give a rat’s ass about us (with exception of a few good leftists who have ethics and empathy).

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If only you could clone Maxine Waters.

(Sarcasm) Those poor Laotians…
It is almost literally enough to make you weep.