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House GOP Passes Budget That 'Should Not Be Allowed in a Humane Society'

The Koch Brothers plan to rape and pillage our country is in full swing-
These people have no shame what-so-ever-
At what point will the people decide that they have had enough of A government that no longer has their best interests at heart?


More money stolen from the working person and funnelled into uber-wealthy tax-havens to fund untaxed inheritances for the future aristocracies of Ameristan.

Until we elect non-millionaires into Congress, people who even have callouses on their hands, or diseases to treat, or mother-earth respect, we’ll continue down this path of ever-increasing suffering.


Wonder if we will even have elections again?


I empathize with your concern, and hope you’re wrong.

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We need to keep working to make sure gerrymandering is illegal, and that we retain the right to vote, for EVERYONE, And re-elect and elect Democrats in 2018.


“These tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations will ultimately be paid for by cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, education, disability services. . . .”

“[I]n a Humane Society”? That ended decades ago.

A premeditated, ideological, behind closed doors, Sinister Goal:
Drown it. Suffocate it. Override (all of) it. Ruin it – completely.

Be assured, the Dominoes will Fall – but more than they expect.


There may not be a lot left after 10yrs-----THE THEFT CONTINUES AND THE PEOPLE SLEEP! SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


…a least I know how I will die…so long, it’s been good to know ya…

Both sides are in on the swindle, a government for millionaires and those aspiring to become millionaires by doing no actual work for the people they swore an oath to represent. It doesn’t get anymore criminal than that.


These exact reasons now unfolding in real time led to my nervous breakdown late last summer. I see I wasn’t wrong. However I’ve learned to better deal with impending doom with my new mantra: How I learned to stop worrying and embrace global disaster. Sincere apologies to Stanly Kubrick. RIP


I read that the date could be Friday the 13th since October 13 is some kind of nationalist day in North Korea. We shall see. You are right, attacking NK is starting WW III with China and Russia – and the US will probably lose. She’s not the military giant she has imagined herself to be. I read an interesting article on how sophisticated China and Russia’s weapons in space program is. They have been far excelling the US in Mathematics and Science – the US has been dumbing us down to her own peril.


Good for you olhippy. I try and remember that his world is not our real home. It’s a temporary school.

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The Republicans love to pretend that Trump is a rogue but he is the arch-republican corporate sponsor! They let his billionaire’s (thick skin) lack of empathy take the heat without batting an eye and close ranks on these inhumane attacks on the American people. Cuts to Medicare to pay for more tax cuts for the rich is not patriotic. Republicans don’t care because later they’ll pretend it was all Trump.

Time to start calling The POTUS by his true affiliation >>> Trump the Republican!


I don’t think we’ve had real elections for about 20 years now.


Attention Trump voters who work for a living: You are all chumps.


When did things get turned around? The USA fought to be independent from taxation without representation. Now, we are OK with the government taking more and more money from THE OTHER GUY. WTFH? Too much forced charity. Workers struggle while slackers get food stamps, medical care, section 8 housing, etc… I realize SOME people can not take care of themselves, but the line of PERSONAL SELF RESPONSIBILITY has moved way too far, IMHO. Some people actually think they should get paid by the government to take care of their own sick relative. Where does this thinking come from? It is way past time to end the FREE RIDE. Just because someone chooses to have a baby, it doesn’t mean the rest of us has to support it for the rest of its life!

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The House is not acting in a humane and rational manner so neither am I.

Will someone please order a firing squad and dispose of these traitors.

This is not Russia.


I think you’re right-- North Korea is not suicidal. This reminds me of how Israel says Iran will attack it with nukes if given the chance–again, in this instance, Iran is not suicidal.


Can you provide A link to this claim?
I have found nothing…
You do know that the MIC literally lives off of fear don’t you? The “Soviet Threat/Communist Conspiracy” of the cold war was mostly bullshit to pour our tax dollars into defense and overthrow fictitious “Communist” regimes throughout the world…


You have to wonder why all the attacking- it has to be about profits. At any rate- is it even valuable to live anymore/

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