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House GOP Quietly Moves to Kill Comission Charged With Securing Elections


House GOP Quietly Moves to Kill Comission Charged With Securing Elections

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid national outrage over possible foreign interference in the 2016 election and President Donald Trump's own lies about so-called voter fraud, House Republicans on Tuesday quietly advanced two bills that "could profoundly impact the way we administer and finance national elections," watchdogs are warning.


It can't possibly get any worse, at least until tomorrow.


What the FUCK!


The right wing in the US has been doing stuff like this in countless countries around the world. Now, since they know that we are approaching the end game here, it’s come home to roost, and the Democrats (who also have largely supported this internationally) are their primary opposition. So, we’re screwed.

It’s obvious that they are using a blitzkrieg strategy, overwhelming everyone (including the general public) with horrible, horrible bills and policies. The reason they get away with this, in addition to the Democrats being the opposition, is that their followers don’t go to sources for information that tell them what they are actually doing. It’s amazing though that everything, without exception, will make things worse. If they tried to intentionally destroy everything, they’d do exactly what they’re doing. Only 26% of the country now identifies with their party, and what they’re doing is (or would be if people knew) deeply unpopular, so it’s rule by an unpopular, authoritarian minority party.


And the GOP blessing of Sessions will accelerate the nationwide push to disenfranchise the vast majority of minority voters who historically have voted for Democrats. They will literally shoot holes through the Voting Rights Act to make it as hamstringed as the EPA. Gotta make sure they are safe in their districts for the midterms...by hook or by crook. They will look to their fuhrer to continue with the rampant cycle of fear...of the other, bombings, missiles attacks, etc. in order to keep the DJT base hiding in their caves while preparing for the invasion only to come out to vote for the people who will do all in their power to NOT REPRESENT THEIR (THE CONSTITUENTS") BEST INTERESTS. Ignorance and fear...what a lethal combination for the future of our nation.

Cabrones, ladrones, demonios...todos.


Democrats do nothing about it and republicans ban it, what's the difference?


Well, maybe we have had the last election. That would explain it.


The enormity of overt destruction of American society by the trump regime and the GOP R'Cons just gets more and more infuriating! One betrayal or undoing of democratic institutions and our republic after another - I know this is making activists of millions, but what of the people who drank trumps Kool Aid/Fool Aid? Do they even see the threats; are they even aware they have been snookered if they only have the MSM or tweets as "news" sources? This will get very ugly......................


Whatever they are, they aren't a monolith. I am guessing that some have had their minds destroyed by right wing propaganda, I know a few people that are in that group. Some just hated Clinton and rolled the dice with him. Others might not be paying attention and some are probably regretting voting for him. Wait until the actual policies are put in place and people feel their impact. I am guessing the last group will dominate. However, if the Democrats pick a Booker like clown to run against him, look out. Cause they seem to be lemmings.


Haven't people been saying this for decades now? Gosh, it'd nice if either of the two parties gave a damn.


Let's see now, judges are bad/fake, the media is fake if it's negative, they've taken over the schools and after years of gerrymandering and voter suppression they go after the EAC. The agenda is clear, to destroy the government. It's fucking treason. Why are people in power jumping on this right now? The whole repug party is a hate group with the intention to kill the government and as Bannon believes, bring chaos and destruction for this. the Fourth Turning. Is he following a cult? WTF If this country keeps normalizing all of this we are genuinely screwed. Are we going to sit back and let them take over the country?
Where are the Democrats, the judges, the cia and fbi. This is a hostile take over, duh!


They will make the election such a mess the people will be disgusted and then they can do away with this broken system, just like they do every other agency. I saw this coming. It's a freaking coup.


The TPP would have destroyed our rights, liberties, health, welfare as much as what the Republicans will be doing to us--there is no difference! Voting today here in ABQ for APS School Board and CNM School Board. Koch Bros. are trying to take over our school system here, too!


How often do you need to be told? The Russians didn't hack the election!

The Republicans did.

"Before a single vote was cast, the election was fixed by GOP and Trump operatives.

Starting in 2013 – just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP–controlled states."

Full expose: http://www.gregpalast.com/election-stolen-heres/

Come on CD, a little reality, please??


Well, their followers consist of two groups: The 1% (very well educated and caring about nothing but getting massive tax breaks and rights for their corporations)... and.... the most uneducated in our country. Those uneducated aren't even aware of all these bills that the GOP has been passing. They don't have the mental abilities to to process the fact that the GOP is creating a dictatorship, and usually can only respond to our complaining with "shudup Snowflake! You lost! Get over it!".


I agree. The TPP was bad and I'm glad it was overturned. But Trump will create something MUCH worse.


Yes indeed.


Can you say "Rogue Nation" yet? My Senators run and hide when groups of citizens try to meet with them, so the people of my state have been stripped of their representation in Washington. Perhaps other nations of the world will come to our aid and apply sanctions until the Republicans let go of their choke-hold upon the Rights of the PEOPLE?


Surprise! Surprise! We will have to have the United Nations and Jimmy Carter step in and oversee our voting process.

I blame the Democratic Party for not doing anything about anything for the last two decades. They are worthless and have been for too long and I just can't any longer stand with Thom Hartmann my drummer to get inside the DNC locally.


The democrats are where they have been for decades, nowhere when it really counts. I blame Obama and Democrat party.