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House Intel Report on Edward Snowden Dismissed as 'Laughable' Smear Attempt


House Intel Report on Edward Snowden Dismissed as 'Laughable' Smear Attempt

Nika Knight, staff writer

The U.S. House Intelligence Committee on Thursday released an unclassified summary of its report on National Security Administration (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, who exposed the agency's mass surveillance operations in 2013, in which the committee roundly condemns Snowden as "not a whistleblower" and a "serial fabricator."


Republican Devin Nunes of California chairs this committee. Has anybody ever heard of this guy?

Democrat Adam Schiff is the ranking member. A huge Hillary supporter. Hillary hates Snowden and so Schiff did her dirty work.


Clearly, Edward Snowden, can tweet his distain for the House Intelligence Committee's report; & movie-fans can cheer for the "Hero-Whistle Blower" hiding in exile; BUT, Snowden stole the Crown Jewels of U.S.A. national security secrets. Snowden has been living the good life in Russia for over two years. It is reasonable to hold him responsible for the damage that he has inflicted. Let him have his day in court.


After watching Washington DC political theatre for six decades I concluded that 90% of DC politicians and media are serial fabricators...they rarely let facts get in the way of the stories they serially fabricate.


Washington has a long history producing factual and unbiased reports.

When a President who sought peace is murdered in public the report into his killing is widely accepted as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When 3000 people are murdered on 9/11 this report also uncovers the guilty and leaves no stone unturned.

If you cannot trust your own government who can you trust??


The comic timing is priceless. After reading "House Intel Report on Edward Snowden" --pause-- and the report on the committee's revelation of Snowden as "serial fabricator," one can only guffaw.

No disrespect intended for the 3 Stooges, but you'd think they're in charge of the House Intel Committee. As you point out, Ray and munkey1, there are too many instances over decades of questionable/ immoral/ illegal practices and results from this committee.

Thanks to CD for Snowden's responses.

For over a year I've been looking forward to seeing this Snowden movie, so I hope to catch it this weekend as it plays in both Dubuque theaters.


The US government is so full of liars and cheats that anything they put out, such as this report, is immediately suspect! Is there even one Congressman you would personally trust? Just one? As far as senators go, I trust perhaps Warren and Sanders. That's it!




Most decent people in the world can easily tell the goodies from the baddies, and Edward Snowden is a moral colossus compared to all these trained monkeys in Congress and the MSM. God Bless Oliver Stone, Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, Sibel Edmonds and all those good guys who are the real deal defenders of Human Rights. I would like to join Oliver Stone with my own screenplay for a short alt. version of Snowden White:“Snowden White & The 7 Moral Pygmies” (Fairy Tale & Gothic Horror) By Brothers Coke-Grime & Mary Shell-Shocked

Starring Jill Stein as the Princess, The Donald as the Evil Clown and Hillary as the Wicked Queen

(Coming to a Polling Booth near you…)

Opening Scene: Evil Queen Hillary is admiring herself in a magic mirror.

“Mirror, mirror of Wall Street. Who’s the biggest of all cheats?”

The mirror cracks with an M and makes a noice like a duck….

“Dammit! The Donald?….But who is most likely to be elected President?”

Aerial drone footage of Jill Stein with happy, smiling, cheering millions!

“OK I get the picture. Time to do a deal with Donald…”

Scene ii: Forest of Junk Food outlets. Snowden White is being led by an evil clown (Trump) dressed like Ronald MacDonald who intends to kill the beautiful princess with junk food. Trump thinks the princess attractive: not Hispanic, not Muslim…maybe Eastern European? However, he gets distracted by a huge Cheeseburger; Snowden slips his grasp and escapes….

Scene iii: Aspen Forest. Snowden White is stumbling through the forest when she finds a concrete nuclear shelter. She opens the door and finds a little cottage interior and 7 tiny little beds etc. It is home to 7 intellectual and amoral pygmies called the Neo-Cons. She cleans up their mess, then in the distance we hear singing… “Oy vay! Oy Vay! Its off to work we go. We work all day…” etc.

Scene iv: Unfortunately, with mass surveillance and drones everywhere, it isn’t long before both the Evil Clown and the Wicked Witch are at the door. “Look. We know you don’t like junk food, but you might like a juicy apple? Choose one. They’re both poison so it doesn’t matter which…”

Scene v: The 7 dwarves put Snowden White’s body in a glass casket. They all had a soft spot for her as she reminded them of their mommas. Some day my Prince will come. Would you belive it? Prince Bernhard of Brooklyn arrives and lets Snowden White “feel the bern”…!!!! Great clouds of green smoke and bright lights until…Until…Out of the smoke emerges the Jolly Green Giant.

The 7 dwarves run away shouting: “Oh no! Dr. Sanders-Stein Monster”

(I might have been suffering night fevers when I wrote this so I need to up my meds). Oliver, its yours should you wish to unseat the mighty Disnae Think Corporation.


A new screename as well joined just to add his comment to the article. It almost like his statement was prepared by the same Committee that gave this pathetic report.