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House Just Used 'Dirty Trick' to Reward Big Oil, Batter Climate Efforts


House Just Used 'Dirty Trick' to Reward Big Oil, Batter Climate Efforts

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Today's vote in the House to repeal BLM's wasted gas rule was a win for the American Petroleum Institute, the Koch Brothers, and oil and gas CEOs, but it was a loss for the American people."


Since the Senate is a part of der fuehrer's rubberstamp Reichstag, its passage is foreordained.
CORPORATIONS ARE DEATH!:skull_crossbones:


Only one problem: To the corrupt, Orwellian, leaders that have done a fossil fuel coup of our government it is just the opposite:

Fossils fuels are their life;
Corporations are their health.

I wonder how long before they succeed in killing us all! I cannot imagine what this nightmare will look like in lets hope, 4 years... let alone 8!


It appears the Trumpster and his gangsters are running a criminal enterprise straight out of the White House, complete with a so called democratic congress, police, military, and judges running cover for the Trumpster gangsters as they go about looting the countries cash registers, and incarcerating dissenters. Who said that crime does not pay?


i detest myself for being unable to contradict you

i just dont want things to be that way---but they are


Frankly, I doubt that we will get two years and another election to drown the bottom-feeders. They've waited and planned for this moment for years. Barring a miracle (such as a national uprising), by the mid-terms it will all be over.


YEP! Sure looks that way.


...and its 5,6,7 open up the pearly gates. Well there aint no time to wonder why...WHOPEE we're all gunna die.


For certain if you give up.


We have already lost the battle against global warming continuing unabated for the next 50 years...absent human intervention. If global industrial society cannot withstand, or we cannot prevent, exponentially increasing global temperatures over the next 50 years, then industrial society will be subject to the dystopian future that will certainly arrive. It will be dominated by societal unraveling and chaos. We should immediately stop practices that exacerbate global warming, invest in technologies that can be implemented to reverse it, develop the energy sources that will be necessary to power the global warming ameliorating technologies and harden our technology developments against the chaos induced by the increasing temperatures that are almost certain to come.

Increased methane releases will surely add to the burden of the gasses we have to remove from their atmosphere and their release will accelerate the warming of the planet. Save removing Trump and his Republican climate denying minions from office, greenhouse gas reduction hopes will be pummeled. We need to focus on both resistance to this administration and cleaning up the mess they are almost certain to make. Protesting against the proposed decreases in science education and research funding that Trump cabal proposes is a first step in assuring the tools future generations will need to begin cleaning up the mess will be available. Hardening scientific and technological advancements against temperature driven societal collapse is another matter; not unlike the attempts to preserve society against the black death in the fourteenth century. We must develop the technology now, while the energy and civilizational structures are still in place to make it happen. We must build the fortifications necessary to preserve the technological advances we can make through the looming chaos so it will be available for future generations to implement.

Make no mistake. We are fighting a rearguard action whose primary purpose is to hinder further damage and create and preserve the tools which will allow the fight to be carried on by future generations.


I just read an article in counterpunch that came from arctic-news blogspot that has a number of reports from qualified scientists giving a 50-50 chance of extinction of humans by 2026. I've seen reports of 2030 as a watermark but this is gloomy news indeed. I think the timeline is more toward the end of the 21st or early 22nd century that things will get dicey but I won't live long enough to see it play out. Even mainstream scientists won't use these numbers, funding and all, but with Trump's band of insane psychotic clowns on the big gas pedal, things just might get very bad, very fast. It's really too bad for the supposed future generations that we didn't do enough now to insure their survival.


The Republicans are also killing the Clean Stream Rule, a common sense regulation denying the dumping of waste by businesses or residents directly into American streams. Pruitt will be worse once confirmed, indeed they may abolish the EPA. They already are trying to censor all scientific data released to the public by scientific organizations specifically regarding global warming. Oil and gas have been running our country for ages. Onasis who ran the world mafia when alive sold arms to both sides of WW II, sold Turkish opium to South America, moved the world's oil on his tankers and shipped the Kennedys' liquour during the prohibition, bought the Liberty Ships after WW II for pennies on the dollar and killed his enemies. The Roosevelt brothers also ran heroin from the Golden Triangle all controlled by Onasis. JFK gets assassinated. Onasis gets his girl and the Pentagon. I know it's disappointing but the wealthiest have always made business deals wilth America's enemies. Not too much has changed. America had electric cars in 1914 and again during the Sixties but Oil and Gas had the technology destroyed. Exxon just became Secretary of State. America has been privatizing Iraq's oil for almost 14 years and we overthrew Iran in 1953, Operation Ajax, to reprivatize Iran's oil nationalized by Moahmmad Mossadegh in response to Britain reducing Iran's profit to 16 percent and treating them with racist contempt after WW II. Iran provided oil and gas to the US and all our allies during both WW I and II through British Anglo-Iranian Oil, today's BP. It was founded about 1908. Truman refused to invade Iran but Eisenhower did it in 53 and we replaced Mossadegh with our dictator the Shah of Iran who died during the Carter Administration. Eisenhower lamented his decision and you can listen to his farewell address about the military-industrial complex. Ike golfed. Iran revolted and has been pissed off about it for decades. Oil and gas run our world, hence Keystonse and DAPL pumping tar sands oil the Republicans know releases much more carbon and increases warming. Oil and gas, fracking have to be stopped to stop global warming. It was 122 in Phoenix last summer. When enough cold water from the caps melts and changes the temperature of the Gulf Stream so it stops the conveyor belt of warm water up the Atlantic Coast and across to the United Kingdom it will be game over on Planet Bozo as we and our children know it. Also. The frozen tundra is melting. When a peat bog melts it releases methane gas, enough scientists are trying to create a methane digester. Good luck America!


Your assumption is that there will be other generations to follow. This may not be the case.


Agreed there. It is discouraging though, the constant feeling of "one step forward, two steps back". Still no matter how discouraging it gets we have to keep moving.


We need to keep fighting for earth and live simply. Oil and gas are not clean energies. Also population explosion is the biggest source of pollution. Google zero population growth.


Pray for a Giant Meteor. That will relieve all our suffering.


Ah strange it is when you are old and have been doing what you suggest for probably longer than you have been alive. Already had my kids. Two kids from two adults. Zero population growth. Have been protesting for our mother earth since the 60's. So was your family a zero population family? If you lived with me you would out of here in days. Wanting all the convenience of modern life. Its a simple life.


I think one about twice or perhaps three time the size a diesel locomotive and tender would do the job, especially if it fragmented and about a third landed on Wall Street.
* The main rock should hit DC. Right in the middle of the "State of the Union" would work out just about right. Not so many stragglers.
* Ah well, "to dream the impossible dream..."

  • Corporations are DEATH :skull_crossbones:


I read a lot of comments that what we have to do is rebuild and support the Democratic Party and they'll fix everything.
* I see a few apparent Republicans saying the same thing about their party.
* Frankly, trying to help either "Party" is like trying to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to a rotting corpse. The Oilagarchy has used the duopoly to put up a pair of sock puppets, a red one and a blue one, and We the People get to decide which sock puppet rules us this time. Under every puppet, the Oilagarchy gets wealthier and more powerful. I think this may be the last time they'll need sock puppets. They now have everything they need except Full Spectrum Domination of the world through Military and Financial means.
* The crazed fool they have maneuvered into power may well have put them on the road to that goal, meanwhile keeping faith by rolling us back to the days of the Robber Barons in under two weeks. He has trashed the Constitution that he promised to protect in his first day on the job and has continued to stomp on it with great glee every day since. The Oilagarchy is pleased, but a bit troubled as their current sock puppet is too crazy to be reliably controlled. Eventually they'll retire him out as too stressed or something, or a simple call to the CIA followed by a tragic accident or heart attack will do the same thing.
* The core of the Oilagarchy consists of approximately 800 individuals and families, 80 of whom own 40% of the world's wealth and they want it all before they die and most of them are old men in their 80s.
* They love war because of the unimaginable profits from it. The CIA et al. get much of their profit and power from fomenting strife amongst nations, supporting terrorist (freedom fighters) against their own government (usually if the government is at all liberal) and the arms merchants sell to all sides at enormous profit. Then, due to the threat, they get to sell even more expensive weaponry to the Pentagon, such as fighter planes that do not work, but ever more are ordered at hundreds of millions of dollars each.
This link is apparently a transcript of what Trump said at the Pentagon. If you read it, note that the cost will be made up by cutting entitlements and services like health care, Social Security, help for the elderly, housing and food for the poor.
* We're in a heap of trouble if we let this go on much longer.
* Corporations are DEATH :skull_crossbones:


Out of here in days- what does that mean? I am older two, and I guess had less than zpg because I do not have kids.