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House Oversight Chair Says 'Grave Concerns' Trump Team Trashing White House Records

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/21/house-oversight-chair-says-grave-concerns-trump-team-trashing-white-house-records


We’re goin to need special courts and special prosecutors and special grand juries to clear this pile of crap


Jokes on us. These incompetent boobs probably didn’t keep any records. Or if they did they’re written on paper towels, bar napkins, or on the back of business cards.
That being said however, there has been a rather dark cloud of smoke over DC for weeks, the likes no one has seen since Iran-Contra. Just like poor little Fawn Hall, every intern and lackey of the Trumpies has spent the last month burning up every paper shredder between Pennsylvania ave and K street in a frantic effort to destroy and all pieces of paper that have writing on it.
In the end it may just have been more efficient to follow the British example from the war of 1812, and burn the whole place to the ground.


“House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Carolyn Maloney expressed “grave concerns” Monday that the outgoing Trump administration “may be disposing” of presidential records in violation of federal law.”

What I find ironic is why would Trump dispose of his presidential records when he claims he won the election?


No news here. The GOP has been serially getting away with “violation of federal law” for at least a half century. The GOP is counting on Biden following Obama’s “look forward, not back” to enable their crime spree to proceed unhindered.


Any good criminal regime will hide or destroy evidence of their crimes. I would guess this has been going on since 2015.


Well it ain’t over till it’s over. They still have the keys

Good bye, democracy.

They are like a certain foreign embassy burning all their papers before the Pearl Harbor attack.


The solution is simple. I am sure the law assigns the responsibility of preserving to records to specific public servants. If the records are no there prosecute them and put them in jail. But that won’t happen because democrats an republicans cover for each others criminal activity while in power.


“habit of ripping papers and throwing them in garbage or on the floor
—to reassemble pieces with Scotch tape.”

“existing laws may need review and revision to strengthen oversight and compliance.”

“needs to be constantly reminded what the law is and how he must comply with it,”

It’s official now, I’m OCD, these 3 lines keep running round and round in my head.
PLEASE make it STOP! I want off NOW!


Can someone pleeeease check on the original Constitution, if missing, start in POTUS potty!


Yup, the whole place just might go up like the Branch Davidian compound.
I suppose if you’re in the White House on January 19 and you smell kerosene, get out before they lock the doors.


He has torn up and thrown away hundreds of thousands of citizens his office is capable of and responsible for protecting, Humpty Trumpty can not scotch tape them back together. Aiding and abetting, giving support and comfort to the enemy, an enemy that he uses to dispose of thousands of essential PEOPLE daily.
Don of the Dead climbs the charts of slaughteriety and may yet find himself in the company of most virulent mass murderers. It would surprise me more if he actually doesn’t keep a Trumped Tally.
I’m fine if we are keeping score of his Grand Opus Criminalis, Capone went down for taxes, but if the pages in question do not even so much as draw blood from a paper cut, thankyou but I will find entertainment from trivia elsewhere.


Or the Reich stag


NMOE (No Mention Of Empire) so no reason to read. Just move along folks, nothing here to see.

Or, hey, you could:


The way I see it, it will be clear to investigators that records have been destroyed.

Someone will talk to save their skin.

Examples must be made of these felons to prevent records destruction in the future.


We better hope Twitter’s servers don’t mysteriously get wiped by “the Ruskies/Jinese/Iranians/North Koreans.” They’re the only records that will be left for the Trump administration. Maybe all the unemployed can be given jobs taping together shredded documents.


and as usual, one person very low on the food chain, will take the fall.


Can Trump do us a favor on the way out and lite the White House on fire?

Well, dealing from the bottom of the deck is how he wins.