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House Overwhelmingly Approves War Powers Resolution to End US Complicity in Yemen


House Overwhelmingly Approves War Powers Resolution to End US Complicity in Yemen

Jon Queally, staff writer

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday overwhelming approved a War Powers Resolution that would require President Trump to end U.S. military support for the ongoing Saudi-led war in Yemen.


Hi Tom Johnson: who wrote that loophole?


Does this action end the selling of U.S.-made armaments to Saudi Arabia?  If not, what’s the point??


Hi Tom Johnson-----both loopholes in every version of the bill----wow, that’s scary. I read that Dennis Kusinich ( sp?) actually read all of the bills—does anyone else now?


This only puts an unknown sized dent in the weapons and money going to Yemen. This is lipstick and choose your pig.


Israel still calls the shots in America.


Refreshing news - moving in the right direction –

But, needs to be approved.

This morning I saw my “new” NJ Dem Representative (replacing GOP Lance) on C-span –
Malinowski. He spoke of working with other Dems to ensure that this shutting down of
government by a president couldn’t happen again. No details.


Let’s hope Trumpinator doesn’t decide to pull Obama’s Libya stunt he used in a similar situation when Congress told him to not attack Libya.

Because that precedent went unchallenged by Democrats.

And it’s just sitting there, waiting to be used.


Khanna’s office(s) should be able to answer your question.


I already suggested an easy way. No new budget, you automatically continue with the previous one. They can fight over all the other, along with a new budget, in the meanwhile.


CD is not reporting the petro-dollar aspect of this war. Alongside Djibouti, Yemen forms part of an important maritime choke point, called the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait (also known as the Gateway of Tears/Anguish), which connects the Indian Ocean’s Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. Israeli submarines can get through to reach the Persian Gulf as well, see image.

In 2013, the New York Times had this to propose about a Saudi takeover and annexation of southern Yemen: “Arabs are abuzz about part of South Yemen’s eventually merging with Saudi Arabia. Most southerners are Sunni, as is most of Saudi Arabia; many have family in the kingdom. The poorest Arabs, Yemenis could benefit from Saudi riches. In turn, Saudis would gain access to the Arabian Sea for trade, diminishing dependence on the Persian Gulf and fear of Iran’s virtual control over the Strait of Hormuz.

Based on the humanitarian crisis caused by Saudi bombing, I don’t think it is realistic to believe the Yemenis would benefit from Saudi riches.


The first loophole is especially ridiculous considering that the US just armed and allied with Al Qaeda offshoots in Syria (and even with our support, they received an ass-whooping from Russia/Assad), and that the KSA is by far Al Qaeda’s greatest source of financial support.

The second loophole was the obligatory “Israel Uber Alles” boilerplate written by AIPAC.


gand –

Of course that’s logical –
It would be stupid to begin an inventory of anything by throwing out the previous list
of essentials – wouldn’t it?

And it seems that our Hitler just also increased the MIC by $100 billion?

Social security needs to be removed from the general budget so the public can see
the duplicity – and in order to force our media to acknowledge the lie of it.

The debt is now $22 TRILLION or $23 TRILLION?

And the Federal Reserve – a private bank – is still profiting by enslaving the American
public to debt.

They are also the ones making the decision as to whether we will have full employment in
the US or not. Congress should be making these decisions based on open discussion on
the floor of the House and Senate. Currently the Fed has reduced employment in US to
52% - though may be a bit higher with rebound? – and they reduce it by almost 1% every year.

We don’t elect the Federal Reserve Banksters – We do elect our Congress … or almost elect
them if we add in Citizens United.


And, Our Founders actually gave us no tools to defend ourselves from criminal legislators.


Yup, can you say Rothschild?
If you get lost talking about the Fed or our faithful congress critters your default can usually be the Rothschild group.
You can Build-a-burger from there.


gand –

Rothchild Family now seem to own the weather channel, as well.

Of course that would be necessary considering Global Warming.

Also looks like pretty much everyone in government now serving under GAG RULES
that the weather channel people also had to sign GAG RULES.

Our government and societies are being run on GAG RULES to hide crimes –
government’s crimes, crimes by Catholic priest pedophiles, and crimes by our President
for sexual aggression against 19 women.

System of Elite/patriarchy will stand until “Christianity” falls.

Both are fascist systems, one and the same.