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House Passes Defense Budget Sure to Make 'War Profiteers Rejoice'


House Passes Defense Budget Sure to Make 'War Profiteers Rejoice'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The U.S. House on Friday overwhelmingly approved a $696 billion defense policy bill—the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)—that critics were quick to denounce as yet another vote for "endless wars" and "Pentagon boondoggles."


Operative word “overwhelmingly”: We should overwhelmingly be out in the streets and ready for General Strikes to be followed by total, Gandhian non cooperation to stop them.


Today is Bastille Day!

  • Does that suggest anything?
  • Enough is ENOUGH!


It really is time for the US government to get their priorities straight and stop the insanity of military increases year after year. Stick a huge fork in the war pig and bleed it 'till it squeals. They can’t afford education or healthcare but the military gets a free ride every year but austerity is the order of the day for struggling folks trying to support their families. It’s reached new levels of insanity with no end in sight. The budget doesn’t even mention the other $4-5 hundred billion not accounted for AT ALL. This includes the intelligence, DOE nuclear funds, and other ‘black’ costs that no one even talks about. The weapons makers are indeed being made ‘great again’ as the rest of the working poor suffer indignities and lack of all types of social support. Things really are crazy as the funnel more resources into the bottomless pit of warring despair.


While education and healthcare go down the tubes, the “war profiteers” continue to make out like the bandits they are. This is just more proof positive that the people just don’t matter to those who currently control the actions and direction of the country. They might as well be pissing on us. Enough should be enough but we just keep taking it. Why? Stories abound about U.S. war crimes, civilians slaughtered, undeclared/illegal wars, lies to justify more wars, etc., etc., but the daily conversation is strangely quiet except for forums like this. I just don’t get it.


Just how many people do you know personally that are involved in politics directly? People may be interested in politics and many will march and protest but the vast majority of Americans have very little connection to what is being done in their name! Progressives are relatively unique because they keep themselves aware of issues and search out varying points of view and perspectives. Whereas most people, if they are even current with events, receive their info from the mainstream press. Poor people do not own the Wall St Journal, the middle class doesn’t own the NYTimes etc. Oligarchy is not democracy.

If the mainstream press were progressive then most people would see things from a more progressive perspective. Ours is a press that is owned and operated by oligarchy.


So true and, until fairly recently, I was part of that majority you mentioned. When I first encountered progressive thinking I didn’t know what to believe. I had to actually un-learn much of what I thought was true after decades of trusting the media and the educational system I was brought up in. I didn’t want to believe that both were dismally defective in their dispensing of the “truth” and I think that denial must affect many. In my case, now being retired, I regret wasting so many years and I’d really like to do more than just going around expressing my frustration. So, I’m always on the lookout for suggestions and I appreciate your reply.


You don’t need to be progressive to report real news. There should be a major dialog in this country about how we spend this money. People should have to defend all this money spent on “defense”. I just read an article about how Sen Harris is this up and coming Senator who might run for president—yet the article fails to mention one thing she really stands for----this vote should be used as a guild about values. And these republicans talk about fiscal responsibility -----what a bunch of BS. But the real issue here is the media for not creating a real dialog on this spending----keep everyone in the dark!
The protests shouldn’t be in the halls of congress but in front on MSNBC,CNN,FOX,CBS,NBC,ABC and the NYT


Good for you, David! Thank you for sharing your journey to the light. I am 70 now, and have become steadily more progressive since I was about 35. It some ways, I think it has helped keep me mentally young, especially as I try to teach and mentor my children, my grandchildren, and their friends as to the truth behind the lies that this system teaches us from birth. I take great comfort in the response of many of the Millennials that I meet. They know instinctively that things are not what they are told, and are generally receptive to other ways of thinking.

I worry for their future in a nation that continues to spend more and more each year on wasteful and unnecessary war-related things, instead of making investments for the future, in health care, education, civilian infrastructure, environmental protection, climate change mitigation, etc. Our so-called “leaders” are, at best, foolish and short-sighted. At worst, they are corrupt, cruel, and criminal.


I can’t offer advice but I think all of us had those moments of epiphany where we realize something doesn’t seem right or something has been left out or somebody is lying etc. For example, a whole lot of people came to realize a hard truth when WMDs proved to be an outright lie. What is disturbing is how over time, some of those people went right back to believing the same liars all over again. Lol.

It takes a lot to face facts sometimes. We all tend to rationalize and engage in denial of the truth when it suits us. I think of how Rush Limbaugh would rant about how drug addicts should be thrown in jail while he himself was a drug addict! Yet over time, he regained much of his audience again despite his hypocrisy. Conservative pundits who got it wrong about WMDs and the war in Iraq, went right on talking like they had never been wrong. They ended keeping their jobs no matter what. Americans don’t have the narrative that we are regularly lied to by people in power. I think ( my personal opinion ) that it is mainly our mainstream media that ultimately is the cause of us being believing the lies and the liars. So if I could make a suggestion…

…focus on the media and the way they skew the facts and don’t ask certain questions etc. It is the Press who creates the truth for most people. They don’t necessarily create the facts but they tell us what those facts supposedly mean which is almost the same thing. The truth may be out there but that doesn’t mean that we will hear about it in the mainstream press.

In America, the loss of our free press is killing our democracy. Would you have ever imagined back when we were young that billionaires and the wealthy elite would openly subvert democracy for their own gain like we see happening now? Or that corporations would be tracking us/survailing/watching us like they were a separate government and that we have no say in any of it?

If the press doesn’t talk about it then it doesn’t really exist for most Americans. You say that you want to do more than just expressing your frustration? I suggest you turn a critical eye towards our corporate owned press because the loss of a free press is obviously changing us but in all honesty the loss of an independent press is destroying us!


That kind of pork added with no foreseeable accountability …Lines a lot of pockets with tax payer cash…Now let us talk about all those so called moochers and takers…Come on you Trump trolls tell me how your feeble minds justify this fleecing of America…And tell us how all them poors are taking us to the cleaners…lol You dickwads cant…without unleashing the GOP Teabagger express II Playbook.Wrote by Palin and edited by Trump … The Rhetorical Scholar Edition of Republican Redundancy and Bullshit, or How to Lie and still look smart on TV for Dummies. But most of them can’t or don’t read so they don’t usually pull it off…Just can’t hide stupid.


Maybe if we call single payer, Defense Care, we’ll get it.


The United States is the biggest purveyor of death and destruction (arms) in the world. We will sell to anyone - both sides in a conflict, if possible. And U.S. taxpayers give money to the buyers to facilitate purchases. Coincidentally, Donald Trump did, at one time, own stock in Raytheon, maker of the Tomahawk missile. $100 million dollars worth of them were rained down on a Syrian airfield in April, theoretically because Ivanka Trump was upset by a gas attack on civilians by President Assad.

It is not known if Mr. Trump still owns Raytheon stock, or if he is invested in any American arms companies. We also do not know what, if any, investments any member of Congress has in our weapons of war. The business of waging war is lining the pockets of a few uber rich Americans. It is also costing billions of dollars that could be used for such incidentals as health care and education. Collateral damage includes hundreds of thousands of lives in the Middle East and millions displaced from their homes.

As a taxpayer, I would agree to paying a few hundred millions directly to the arms manufacturers and eliminating the death and destruction.


The republicans and democrats aren’t afraid to pass this kind of legislation, because they know that the amerikan sheepeople will never declare open season on them or on the wealthy of america, who they work for!! They just offer up more and more shitlogs and the amerikan consumer takes another big mouthful!!! YUM!


Military budget increases,
social safety net cuts,
more desperate enlistees,
sent to death in some new war.
Donald Pig in a Wig’s new war.
Old Armament Anonymous men,
seem to plead freedom, at the point
of a bayonet-armed long rifle & tomahawk.


The hard truth is about 115 Democrats in the House voted for this. Pollsters say Trump voters are very suspicious of The Deep State. Many Progressive voters say they’re very suspicious of The Deep State. There are $700 Billion dollars in this bill as to why those suspicions should be confirmed. Really, how many platinum hammers do they need to tear down the world?
Over time we’ve allowed Congress to nullify our resistance to what amounts to a second, unelected federal gov’t, which is this current MIC/Security & Police State appropriations boondoggle.
We seem to be living in a modern day Sparta, of sorts. Maybe instead of issuing SS#s and cards, the Federal gov’t should just pass out helmets, shields and weapons of death to all its citizens. This latest misapplication of monies to the American gods of war, affirms this Congressional action is truly maddening, and is just spending madness.
My e-mail box is currently full of requests for money from supposedly progressive groups and politicians who are asking for $$$ for this or that good cause or issue. I’m deleting them all. Over the years I’ve given thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to Democratic Party groups and causes.
I’m done with that and I’ve got about 115 good reasons to justify that decision. This bill is just plain crazy.


Can any registered Democrats explain why 117 Democrats in the House voted for this bill?



Sometimes I feel that without war and its profits capitalism would fail.


Yes, as I approach your age and look back at the last two years that I’ve stopped just accepting and started fact checking to uncover the truth, I’m almost appalled at how much wool had to be removed. My initial reaction was anger, at being lied to for so long but I’m just going to channel that energy into something that will help keep future generations from falling for the same BS. Fortunately, our younger generations, as you mentioned and I have a son there-in, do seem to be more able to detect all the various forms of injustice out there. Personally, being older, I want to get to the root of the problem quickly. and, as another poster said, and it is complex, I know, our democracy has become an oligarchy, which controls the press and other aspects of our lives. Shouldn’t we be focusing on changing that? And if so, how?


I don’t know, except for what one of our regulars says: “…massive rolling non-cooperation…”. To me this means non-violent civil disobedience on a massive scale, a widespread pushback against the status quo and its hypocrisy, economic boycotts and living a simpler lifestyle. This will all be very difficult, but could ultimately be very effective.