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House Passes Defense Budget Sure to Make 'War Profiteers Rejoice'


Pelosi, Hoyer and the MIC: you can see where the money goes and who benefits pretty clearly. As an example; California has Democratic supermajorities ( almost ? ) in both state chambers and their Congressional delegation is about the same %.
To paraphrase The Eagle’s song, " Wecome to the Pentagon Hotel California. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave ".
And, here I thought wealthy Californians had to travel to Las Vegas or Reno to hire a certain, specific type of adult entertainment.
Don’t even get me started on Hoyer’s state of Maryland. However, the slime of Washington, D.C. spills out all over that region. What else is new?


Good one, KC! “Defense Care.”


Let’s not forget that the pentagon has been required to undergo an audit by Congress since the 90’s and has been unable to do so. The fact that Congress has continued to increase military spending despite the military being unable to be audited is a disgrace. Don’t vote for any idiot that has asked for an audit, then gone on to increase military spending.


Don’t trust the mainstream media.


You are probably right. Capitalism as it stands in the U.S. would likely collapse in on itself. Though in the long run that might not be a bad thing. Especially since it seems like it is going to collapse one way or another.


Aside from substantial donations to their campaigns which is direct… the gifts by lobbyists etc., the Military Industrial Complex forms a hybrid with the Congressional Defense Realtors Complex to make sure that defense industries are located in their states. It is a Congressional variation on the old scratch my back and I’ll make sure that you get an all expense paid fact finding trip to a spa in Samoa where they will scratch yours routine. In states where significant defense industries are located, guess which members of Congress always vote to increase the military budget? Democrats and Republicans!


There once was a time when Kings and powerful nobles would squeeze the peasantry mercilessly so as to be able to afford an extremely expensive suit of armor etc., hire ‘Black Companies’ ( mercenary soldiers) and build castles and such. The yearly visit by the ‘Stomp the peasants’ tax collectors was of course hated by the long suffering peasants.

Those who paid the taxes didn’t like their version of a Military Industrial Complex!

Those who could avoid paying taxes and who benefited from the peasants not being able to avoid paying taxes, did like it.


Can any registered Democrats explain why 117 Democrats in the House voted for this bill?
Because Democrats are every bit the war mongers Republicans are. Obushma’s drone war, invasions of nations that aren’t threats to our security, and assassination of US citizens with zero due process, are three clues. Obomba prosecuted more whistle blowers than any other president. Edward Snowden is exiled in Russia because telling the truth in Amerika could get you the death sentence. Julian Assange is stuck in the Ecuadorian embassy in Britain because the US wants him dead for telling the truth about the crimes our government committed. Not a peep from the Dems about the CRIMES he reported on. “Collateral Murder,” among other damming evidence.
An establishment Democrat in California SHELVED the universal health care bill that would have saved millions of lives and millions of dollars. Truth is, the Democrats are every bit the corporate shill war mongers the Republicans are. They just tell more lies about it. When members of Congress can outright own stock in the corporations they vote to give money to, the systemic corruption is nearly impossible to change.


I appreciate your suggestion and think it’s a good one. If I learned one thing as a technician it is that if you want to fix something you have to understand how it works. (In the case of the media, any fix would have to include extensive upgrades and improvements!) I may have to restart my cable subscription, which I cancelled in disgust a while back, just to keep tabs on what is being said and not said. The later is what I find so aggravating. A lie by omission is still a lie. So, yes, I will be keeping a critical eye on these things and will also be supporting and spreading the word about the independent sources we so need to protect. We are fortunate that the internet is still free and open, for the most part although, apparently, that’s not forever guaranteed without a fight, either.


I agree with that regular poster and I think that’s what I’m trying to get at, having witnessed what it took to end the war in Viet Nam and get the Civil Rights Act accomplished. But this is different because we are ALL being victimized by institutions we once trusted in a “boiling frog” fashion allowing many people to lead quite comfortable lives while the erosion of rights and abuses of power just continue on. That indignation people feel when their own safety and security are threatened isn’t widespread enough yet, apparently. When enough have reached that point, I agree 100% with the non-violent but massive type of actions you have described, barring the election of some genius of a real leader or real leaders in the near future!


Thank you. A very revealing documentary. I was aware that this goes on but was surprised at the scope of the problem. My awakening continues.