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House Passes Medicare Reform Bill, But Critics Warn Beneficiares Will Pay the Price


House Passes Medicare Reform Bill, But Critics Warn Beneficiares Will Pay the Price

Jon Queally, staff writer

As leaders of the Republican and Democratic Parties in the House of Representatives were congratulating themselves on passing an actual piece of legislation on Thursday, critics of the bill aimed at restructuring Medicare payments to providers are warning—despite the feel-good mood provided by the bipartisan achievement—it will be the elderly and low-income beneficiaries of the program who will ultimately pay the heaviest price if the proposed changes bec


How can any elected member of either the House or Senate even think of reducing Medicare benefits to someone in need of care young or old, infirmed, disabled? After all, they were elected to REPRESENT THE BEST INTERESTS OF THEIR CONSTITUENCY. The repug “compassionate conservative” is oxymoronic. Not only are members voting for cutting “entitlements” (abhor that term as those that consider themselves “entitled” are the members themselves), they do so in such an uncaring, cavalier manner…not unlike shouting “get a job” to a homeless possibly mentally ill veteran. There is no compassion…only mean spiritedness and paying homage to their major (corporate and multi-cum-billionaire) donors…regardless of party affiliation with the repugs the most nefarious. Seems the prevailing mindset is s long as the lawmakers (??) in Congress have theirs, then to H_ _ _ with “the other.”


The neolib, neocon plan has always been geriatric genocide. They never had any intention of making good on the promise of medicare. Grifters and murderers all.


More evidence that this morally bankrupt system–because it exploits the most vulnerable while lionizing the greedy-- needs to be replaced by a socialist one.


Why is “reform” almost always de facto

Spelled with a “d” … ?


Congress’ constituents are now Big Business. Esp since people decide they dint’ need to vote until the “perfect” candidate came along.
We got into this mess one brick at a time and we’re going to have to get out of it the same way. Turning up at EVERY election is of paramount importance, even if you don’t vote for the governor or presidential candidate or if the election is stolen or whatever.
We need to show them WE CARE.
And it’s NOT going to happen overnight


Now we’ll know who killed Grandma.


“Boomers” used to refer to people born post WWII. Now it refers to their health care plans.


The Constitution of this country was written to give things to its people and not to take things away from the people. The Constitution was crafted to take care of the needs of the people through the taxes that they pay. They were to be represented by the paying of their taxes. This taxation was to meet the needs of the people and needs were to be addressed, and remedied to make the nation a better place in which to live, prosper and raise the next generation. Somewhere the management of the Constitution has taken a far right turn and now the country is heading for a cliff.

If we do not get up off of our lazy arses and get in these fellows faces….that being both the Republicans and the Democrats…and the corporations to whom they are beholden then we are going to lose.

If they want a revolution then they should just keep doing what they are doing. Do the dumb shites now in power think that it cannot happen here in this country? Stand by.


The elected representatives are merely representing those who bought them their offices by supplying them enough money to manipulate successfully the low information voters.


The Constitution was constructed by members of the propertied ruling classes (mainly slave holder James Madison) to maintain themselves in their privileged places. That was why it was planned and written surreptitiously so opposition could not develop until the tools for propagandizing it were developed and in place dressed out with all sorts of charming rhetoric.


Seatower, they are doing just the OPPOSITE of what the people want… that would be an EXpanded Medicare to cover the increasing costs of health and care of America’s elders and then finally, Medicare for ALL to boot an EVIL profit model parasite off the backs of Americans in poor health.
Anger is justified and let them know they are a HUGE FAILURE as leaders of this country!

Also of concern… not one word from CBS, NBC, ABC to bring the REAL NEWS to the people, so that all may have the facts of such deliberate action that will impact American families. So to the compromised corporate media- Hey, David… Charlie… Lester… all you “news” people— YOU FAILED the FOLKs and do harm by not reporting what is actually happening so that the people may respond in a timely way (read disagree.) Cute little stories about nothing. WORLD NEWS? The DEPTH of foreign policy and the truly dangerous consequences of our leadership actions NEEDS to be covered, dammit. We have a huge news problem in America.


If those “news” people hadn’t failed the folks, they wouldn’t have their jobs, just like the politicians they flatulently cover.


Yes, manipulating the laws, while withholding news to prevent the knowledge of their actions. Tragic!


Sure… but we need to condemn it now and again-- they need to see their names in print and their broadcasts declared frivolous nonsense.


"Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she hoped the compromised bill “will be a model for things to come.”


One of the purposes of this bill is to increase the cost of Medicare A & B using ‘means testing.’ On it face, that sounds innocuous enough, but the real purpose is to make Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage - the private option) seem more appealing, thus paving the way for more and more seniors to pick private insurance companies and slowly drain original Medicare until it can be completely ‘outsourced.’

Don’t buy it. This bill is a travesty foisted on us by the Rethugs and the Democraps. NO DIFFERENCE. They are motivated only by the Unregulated Capitalists who are now allowed to pay them in secret without limit.

Just another example of how Unregulated Capitalism creates only inequality, poverty, environmental destruction and total perpetual war. I think we need to give Socialism another look. Why do you think the corporate media treats that word as if it were a profanity?


Most civilized nations have either single-payer health-insurance run directly by government or a nationalized health care system. Those that have nationalized health care system spend less on health care and get better results, at least partly because they also have nationalized higher education that they consider an investment in a well-trained workforce and a well-educated citizenry. Even those that have private enterprise health care with single-payer insurance get better results for less money than we do. We have the most expensive health care system in the world and results in the bottom half.


Nice try but as our world stands today it is a given that the people of this country…so far are not considered slaves or non-property holders. We are taxed and we pay taxes. It is also up to US to enforce the laws of this land.


You’re clearly right. How do you think we can do it?