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House Probe Into Trump's Failed Covid-19 Response Shows "Unprecedented, Coordinated" Political Interference

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/02/house-probe-trumps-failed-covid-19-response-shows-unprecedented-coordinated

Trump and Covid… this may be a way in which Trump can leave office without losing the election, without losing, without losing face. He may have been given a choice…Either You Lose by a Landslide, or you leave by not being able to serve… The PTB are foreseeing great chaos if Trump loses and he chooses not to leave office… Proud Boys… no need to Stand Down, but Be Ready… I have my dog whistle for the hounds…

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Willingly sacrificing 200k + citizens for political and/or economic interest is a Crime against Humanity.

It should really be treated as such.


I wonder if Trump could be a reincarnation of Nero? Nero fiddled while Rome burned; Trump tweets while America burns literally, in the West, and 200,000 Americans die from Covid.


There should no longer be any doubt as to the depths of fascist depravity this administration and the cowardly Republican establishment are willing to plumb.
They are intentionally spreading this disease. They know it will affect mostly urban, liberal and Democratic demographics. The federal government is now defending the 17 year old murderer Kyle Rittenhouse whose mother actually drove him to Kenosha to murder left wing protesters. Trump is openly calling on the most vicious neo-fascists, the “Proud Boys” to “stand by”.


Close but Trump is the offspring of Caligula and Nero.


Yes, the evidence is that Trump and Kushner saw the stats on who was dying from COVID primarily–blacks, Hispanics, the poor, the elderly, Democrats.
So they decided to cull the herd, getting rid of people who vote against them.
Guilty of negligent manslaughter if not homicide.
Prosecute and execute if the conviction includes death penalty.


You write that:

“They are intentionally spreading this disease. They know it will affect mostly urban, liberal and Democratic demographics.”

I am not sure if that is true as it would seem that the people who would be most susceptible to this virus would be those individuals who attend Trump’s rallies without wearing a facial covering.

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This whole trump plan of “playing it down” continues to appear criminal. Can’t wait to see trump in an orange jumpsuit ranting “it’s a hoax, it’s a hoax, I want my mommy.”


Yes, some of us know, but many do not want to accept that possible/probable scenario/reality. Crazy, and very uncertain times are coming.

Let me count the ways: war criminal, murderer, rapist, serial cheater (a fav), eco-destructor, wildlife genocide, racist, bigot, planet destroyer, liar, cheat, grifter, not a nice person, all-around MF…feel free to add to this list. Dying from Covid is far too good for this monster. He needs to lose everything, go to prison along with his family (both sides) and enablers. If Biden were to pardon this monster, or do the “We need to move on”: BS, he needs to be removed from office immediately.

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For a detailed timeline of Donald’s knowing, willful crimes against the American people this long article does a day by day analysis of the murders committed. ~https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/08/trump-coronavirus-deaths-timeline.amp

There was no rational reason to lie, why did he?

The Trump Admin. is openly endorsing “herd immunity” approach to deal with the pandemic. The WHO is publicly opposing that policy very vigorously.
Trump will kill millions of Americans and the corporate media particularly Fox will make at least 40% of the public rally behind him while he kills them.
Donald trump is a philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler.