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House Progressives Call on Members of Congress to Sign Single-Payer Pledge


House Progressives Call on Members of Congress to Sign Single-Payer Pledge

Julia Conley, staff writer

Less than 24 hours after the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act was defeated in the Senate, two progressive representatives challenged all members of Congress to take a pledge committing to advocate for single-payer healthcare.


Many Congresscritters HAVE BEEN “standing up for single payer in public appearances and statements”.

The pledge we need from them must include them VOTING for single payer.

“I don’t have the votes” was the most frequently uttered phrase by then House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid during 2009-2010 when the Democrats controlled the White House and both Houses of Congress.


Exactly. “Standing up” means Jack. Their actual vote (for something that is not a watered-down piece of feces) is what matters.


Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has urged adoption of a healthcare bill that guarantees “stability for the markets.” Translation: Continung a for-profit healthcare system – the fatal flaw in Obamacare – to keep private insurers happy. Absent pressure from below, including massive civil disobedience, this is what the Democratic bigwigs will seek to pass.


There are 40 or 50 of these pledgers who pledged not vote for the ACA unless it included a public option.

But they voted for RomneyCare in the end anyway. These pledges aren’t worth a damn.


Recall then House Speaker Pelosi in March 2010 admonishing Congressional Democrats to “vote for the ACA so we can see what is in it”.

Its the rule, not the exception for Congresscritters’ votes to be based on what lobbyists direct them to do. They rarely read the legislation they vote on.


Haven’t most Republicans taken the Grover Norquist pledge never to raise taxes. Sounds like gridlock to me.


Just like the California democrats who campaigned on Single-Payer and then refused to support it when an actual bill was introduced!
So, how many readers will pledge not to vote for phoney politicians?


$49 Trillion − $32 Trillion = $17 Trillion wasted, most of which goes into the pockets of the executives of the Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies and the Fat Cats who own them.  That’s ONE THIRD of the total cost being wasted just to satisfy the blatant greed of the Korpocracy . . .

IIRC, every one of the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives – not to mention a good number of those in the Executive Branch – have taken a pledge to support the Constitution of the United States.  Since many of them ignore this almost daily, they should be able to ignore the Norquist pledge at
least once in a while – like when voting to save our Republic by eliminating Gerrymandering and save our economy by improving Health Care and Social Security.

The problem is, how do we know when they’re phony?  Bernie’s record of accomplishment goes back far enough that it predates a lot of today’s on-line and MSM bullshit, but how can we evaluate all the relative newcomers?  Whom can we trust??


Is there a reason why it’s called “Medicare for all”? I thought Medicare part A was an 80/20 split for inpatient services, with the patient on their own for supplementals. Is that what people are calling for, or are they actually calling for single payer?


There are many in the Democratic leadership who are against single payer. Those are the people who need to be weeded out of their jobs!