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House Progressives Call on Pompeo to Condemn Israeli Demolition of West Bank Village That Left Dozens Homeless

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/17/house-progressives-call-pompeo-condemn-israeli-demolition-west-bank-village-left


What’s next for the Zionists we give billions of dollars to per year?
Railroad tracks, gas chambers, ovens, the final Palestinian solution?
The Nazis have been reborn in the Middle East, and their capitol is Jerusalem.
Who will liberate the Palestinians from their open-air concentration camps?


You said it quite clearly, I second it.


Biden met him as well, and seemed just as happy.


Surely that’s the equivalent of asking a rabid dog not to bite.


It’s absurd, isn’t it? Then again, this seems to be the case appealing to anyone in the US American government. That we need to prepare for mass civil disobedience, General Strikes to culminate in total, non cooperation should be clear enough.


Michael Pompeo: true evil; true embodiment of the Trump agenda and more. Truly of the Authoritarians. This is the future of the Authoritarian Government of the US…Jabba the Hut… True Grinch.

One thing most in Common amongst the Dems and Repubs…True Evil is attracted to Power and Money…and is visible…

So as Biden begins to fill his cabinet from the Authoritarians, the naive will awaken.

We have entered a new chapter in this country, we are headed for very dark times…


Why call on a has been political hack?

Cut off funding to the UNITED STATES OF ISRAEL. Expel all
Congress Members and Senators with dual Zionist citizenship’s.
Well, that may not be easy. When Australia passed a law that politicians
with dual Zionist citizen ship were not eligible for office, they did not have
a forum under their constitution to carryout real government business.

The Zionist Bloc immediately corrected that silly idea. You get the point?

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The American people also need to prepare for civil disobedience regarding, as seen in the link below, Trump’s desire to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities before January 20 and which he will then use as a pretext to declare martial law and use that as an excuse to remain in powqer as president. And as expected, Biden and his fellow Democrats, as well as the mainstream media, are not taking Trump’s threat against Iran seriously.


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Don’t expect this to significantly change under Biden, even leaving our embassy in Jerusalem. If politicians in this country don’t toe the Zionist line, they aren’t successful politicians for very long. Until that changes, nothing will get better for the Palestinians.


photo caption: Heads of State Share Mirthful Moment

Despite the seriousness of the Israeli-U.S. relationship, high officials of the two nations appreciate the humorous side of Israel’s pacification policy.

“Ya’ shoulda’ SEEN the look on that Towel-head’s face when youse guys’ Demolition Derby blew away his house!” U.S. Sec of State Pompeo guffawed to an appreciatively grinning Israeli Prime Minister. “I cracked up so bad I coulda’ pissed my pants!”

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  1. You are not progressive if you are a democrat or republican.

  2. 40 democrats is a paltry number. This means that this matter does NOT matter much to

the great majority of democrat politicians. They obviously prefer the Israeli aggression and

prefer to let Pompeo handle the situation without any protest.


It’s getting the people riled up enough Giovanna. Let’s see what happens Jan 20th. (Or before.)

House Progressive Waste Time Calling on Pompeo to Condemn Anything Israel Does. Fixed that headline for you.

Asking a crook to please make a statement against their fellow crook bestie is laughable. I understand that Progressives are getting statements against injustice on the record - and I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment behind them, but what could possibly come of asking Pompeo to do anything against his own inclination? He is in full support of Israel’s actions against the Palestinians.


Lost cause. why not call on Biden and the Camel to condemn Israeli hegonomy?

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Cronyocracy looks like this, whether centered in Mar a Lago, a central New Jersey Golf Club or the Disnified Gentrified Jerusalem…

The audio tapes of Bibi’s privileged son Yair of a privileged son even woke some of my dear if long misguided (yet always wiser than me in material ways) Israeli family and friends split down many lines beyond the Green Line.

At some point such an audio cue will no doubt catalyze “in the fullness of time” reconsideration by the Trumplican supporters and silent opportunists of what it means that the reincarnation of comic book and cartoon foil RICHIE RICH with not even a fig leaf of Public Interest work, or sustained civic engagement and barely even any tax or military draft deferral charitable sharing, much less any stints in Public Service should receive so nearly half the Presidential votes not once but twice in the 21st Century .

Meanwhile a real Public Servant with a lifetime track record and paper trail of saving more lives than anyone without institutional supports (think of the seat-belt legislation alone) like Citizen Ralph Nader could receive no more than 3% of the U.S. electorate’s support running as a fin de siecle Green Party candidate with the sharpest and wisest female running mate in herstory is what my family used to call as a chorus, "a shanda."

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It might be observed that the Repubs coddle their base while the Corporate Democrats can’t say enough bad things about theirs. It is time for Bernie to bounce and go third party. Calling on a Red to upset their base is a waste of time, rich jews (the donor class) and poor white evangelicals are the base of the Red Party.