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House Republican Whip Rep. Steve Scalise Among Those Shot in Virginia


House Republican Whip Rep. Steve Scalise Among Those Shot in Virginia

Common Dreams staff

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), the majority whip of the House of Representatives, is reportedly among several people who were shot in Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday morning after a congressional softball team practice became the target of a still unidentified gunman.

CNN reports:


A lot of crazy people out there.


Thoughts go out to those that got injured and the Congressman.


Why the surprise? People think they can continue to brutalize other people without them fighting back? The only surprise is that something like this has not happened sooner.


Put people under various pressures over an extended period of time and anyone can go crazy.
Combine this with a society where more and more is taken away from the middle class and poor and given to the wealthy and you have the anticipated result.


Congress has time for a Baseball Team?


Too bad. Nothing we can do about guns in the USA. But the fact we have so many damn guns makes us the safest place in the world, right?



Go, NRA!!! Steve Pearce was interviewed, a member of the “Freedom” Caucus. So much for freedom. Guess you never thought it could happen to you


This shooting tells us that the time to step back, think clearly and respond with reason has past – it is time to just get stupid; or so it seems reading the public comments on websites from The Hill to The daily Caller.


The guy had a long beard and was described as " older ". Probably a Iraq War vet who was worried his PTSD, from nine deployments, wasn’t going to treated because tax cuts for billionaires are more important than the new Trumpcare.


I abhor violence, in the street, in the war, in the home, and from those who are supposed to protect and heal us.

There are those who try to justify violence, but I see no suitable justification.

What I shudder to think about now is what comes next, namely more police, more surveillance, more false arrests, more in jails, all leading to more violent outbursts from all sides,
and eventually, eventually, martial law.

Hey, dontcha know that elections are awful darned expensive. …Is that what is to be cut next?


Spoken like another Trump guy with a very selective memory. Are you AG Sessions by any chance? Can we just say he’s mentally ill. Try that once.


The brutalization is, domestically, the tens of thousands who die due to inability to pay for healthcare, the thousands who die in unsafe workplaces, vast wage theft and decline of the working class at the hands of the bosses. But outside of the US borders, the brutality gets much worse - millions dead from US military brutality only since the 1990. Many are now dying in more severe and frequent droughts, heat waves and storms from US climate brutality too.

All this has been enabled by the utterly corrupt US politicians from both parties to be sure - but the most brutal ones leading the process being the Republicans.


You can start with efforts by these monsters to destroy Medicaid. And all the social benefit programs you take for granted were products of liberal thinking political movements. Name one damn program–one–intended to benefit the all rather than the few proffered by so-called conservatives. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Especially since all social complaints from the right in this country ultimately reduce to racism. Am I calling you out as a racist? Yep.


Are racial taunts and racial slurs opinion? Or, are they ignorant and dangerously slanted characterizations, based on blind hate for people of a different race or gender, etc.
Could we just say he was mentally ill?


Sure something could/should be done about guns here in the United States; make them not so accessible. There are far too many people here in the United States who have access to firearms who have no business being around firearms in the first place, and we are now witnessing the net results.

More extensive and intensive background checks need to be authorized and performed, to make sure that if the names of people with histories of substance/alcohol abuse, mental illness, anger-management issues, etc., appear on a gun-dealer’s computer, that they don’t get access to them.

More to the point, if our various lawmakers (from the President on down) had the gumption to stand up the the bullying tactics of the IRA and the Gun Lobby and pass stronger, more affective gun laws, we’d be way better off.

The United States’ dependence upon and evolvement around firearms exists at an extremely heavy price; more deaths/maimings as a result of firearms–i. e. the highest per capita in the Western Hemisphere.


Don’t yunz think it would be best to wait and find out the who, what, and why of this guy before we go making socio/psycho/politico pronouncements? And then we’ll have to judge what we’re being told is accurate or not.

What we do see is the intermingling of two American pastimes.


Wait a minute. Members of Congress have time to play baseball in the middle of a work week? At their pay-rate? So much for my tax dollars at work. (I’ve heard that a lot from repubs.)


Ouch! No matter who the victim(s) of a random shooting is (are), this particular shooting, like other mass shootings that have occurred all too frequently here in the United States, indicates that not only are there far too many guns being manufactured here in the United States, but they are far, far too accessible, and the importance of stronger, more affective gun control laws cannot be emphasized enough.

My thoughts go to the people who were injured in this shooting, and in every shooting, whether they’re ordinary private citizens, politicians, or law enforcement people.


Us lefty’s take our share of shit from you Contards, too.