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House Republicans to 'Green 20': Climate Denial is Free Speech



CORPORATE FREE SPEECH: The CEOs of 7 top US tobacco companies swore under oath before the US Senate their belief that nicotine was NOT addictive (April 14, 1994). No surprise that fossil fuel companies want to maintain the fiction that CO2 emissions do not warm the atmosphere.


What in the heck does "unprecedented effort to investigate and prosecute climate criminals." have to do with suppressing "free speech"? In fact, I would say that we need a little more free speech, considering the suppression of whistleblowers in the fossil fuel industry.


People from both parties would do well to remember the wise words of the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan who famously said: "You are welcome to your own opinion, but not to your own facts."

Spreading lies should not be protected by free speech.


Yeah, equating lying and fraud with free speech is rich although expected of these "representatives".


And the lie is?


Here is some free speech:

100+ New Documents Highlight How Oil Industry Studied Climate and Delayed Solutions




For names of committee members, see: https://science.house.gov/about/members


Not to be snarky but if we take care of the ReThugs first we'll be well into the next century.....Lots of bad blood out there. Yeah, there are some fairly phkd up Dimocrats also.


"The G20 announced in March it would go after "high-funded and morally vacant forces" that have stymied efforts to combat climate change."

Look no further than the corporate clowns populating the House and Senate.


The one in question is concerned with denying that climate change is a man-made problem.


I apologize in advance for introducing some rationality to the CD readership's almost Lord of the Flies-esque self-feeding rage-fest that consumes even would-be allies like Nader and Warren...


Last I checked, Obama, Clinton and other Democrats acknowledge the need for global warming action, have put in place regulations and policies to take such action. Yes, they are inadadequate - but at least a start and infinity percent more than a Republican would do. The only reason we have any wind and solar development in the USA at all is Democrat-authored pro-renewable tax policies and programs like the Clean Power Plan - do you know that? Democrats have also never harassed and hounded and slandered and threatened with arrest on preposterous charges Green organizations or climate scientists like Republicans have.


The Democratic party is vile in lots of ways of course, but the above facts are facts. Sorry of they are inconvenient.


Those elected officials should be voted out. There is clear bias to where their campaign money is coming from. This is special interest in the highest form. The AGs of these states now have evidence to turn the Exxon investigation against Exxon.