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House Republicans Torpedo Effort to Force Release of Trump's Tax Returns

House Republicans Torpedo Effort to Force Release of Trump's Tax Returns

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a vote Monday night almost exclusively along party lines, a measure to force the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to reveal President Donald Trump's tax returns was blocked by the U.S. House.

In all, 229 Republicans voted to help Trump keep his tax returns secret. (Roll call here.)

"This is despicable," tweeted Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.):

Thanks for the coverage. At least it’s another rung on the “getting tired of protecting him from himself” descent into the cesspool. Let’s just hope the GOP lawmakers hit bottom before the country does.


229 Republicans just proved they are so intimidated and corrupt that they would rather protect their standing with Trump than let the American people see his tax returns.


BINGO! Just wishful thinking at best.

I doubt if any of the Republicans in the House know for sure about Trump’s ties to Russia but probably most suspect the worst and assume that Trump’s tax returns would blow the scandal wide open so they are choosing to along with what certainly seems to be a cover-up. Would Trump refuse to release his tax returns and try to interfere with an FBI investigation of his connections to Russia if he had nothing to hide? Seems very unlikely.

(and @Shantiananda) Uh, no. It wasn’t a new law, but a resolution under a law on the books for 90+ years. From the article:

From Lexis/Nexis:

About Simple Resolutions

H. Res House Simple Resolution
S. Res. Senate Simple Resolution
A simple resolution, H. Res. or S. Res., is a proposal that addresses matters entirely within the prerogative of one Chamber or the other. It requires neither the approval of the other Chamber nor the signature of the President, and it does not have the force of law. [emphasis added]

It would not have required Senate action, let alone the President’s signature. It’s called checks and balances, but our government is unbalanced. Deal with that.


Thank you Justice Scalia.

By their own hands they become complicit to, and responsible for, the enormity of trump’s evasions and the American people will soon see the charlatan nutter for what he is and represents! The GOP are the parent and determining factor in all of the trump regime’s loathsome and destructive actions - they determine whether anything will pass or not and now own his regime’s agenda with all its soon to be further realized depravity of purpose and criminal conduct!

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Aren’t you just a tiny, tiniest bit curious as to what the hell is in Hair Twitler’s tax returns???
Just a little? Come on admit it.

Fling all that “pathetic whining liberal” BS all you want. I want to know what donnyboy is hiding and it could be oh so many many things…

The slippy-slime is going to be on the Gee!Oh!Pee! when the truth get outted, and it will be outted.

Had this same group of GOPers been in office during Nixon’s administration, the Watergate Investigation would never have made it to first base, much less become a major story in presidential politics and American history.

Most candidates/presidents since FDR have released some or all their tax returns. However, they are not required by law to do so. If Trump doesn’t want to release this information, that remains his choice until/unless the laws are changed.

Considering that Trump’s taxes are worked out by some of the best legal minds that money can buy, it would defy logic to expect any “gotcha” information to be discovered.

Actually, yes, many people feel their tax information is personal. Those in political office are not required by law to provide the public with this information. Tax returns of the rich are prepared by very good attorneys, and it would defy logic to expect to find any incriminating evidence in them.

When previous presidents did choose to release their tax returns, the public responded with a collective yawn.

Everybody here at Common Dreams: Just remember what Trump said during the primary season when you are communicating with Derek…Trump proudly exclaimed…“I love the poorly educated.”

That says it all.

Actually, see the whole point of this article: There’s a 1924 law that allows Congress to require the IRS to show anyone’s returns. Rep. Bill Pascrell couldn’t get Ways and Means to do it, so he tried a Simple Resolution. If they had spines, it would have been the equivalent of a congressional subpoena, no longer his choice.

And “illegal” isn’t what it’s about, but emoluments and conflicts of interest that make him unfit to govern.

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And why is that?

I find it very strange that you, of all people are are treading very close to being apologist on this issue.

I apologize for my comment regarding your intellect, Derek.

Our abilities to reason and understand the necessity to examine Trumps taxes, seem to be different.

You are entitled to your beliefs.

Just when I thought they had a chance … http://thehill.com/homenews/house/322169-two-republicans-sign-onto-effort-demanding-trumps-tax-returns

Over a million signatures … care to add one more? https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immediately-release-donald-trumps-full-tax-returns-all-information-needed-verify-emoluments-clause-compliance