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'Housing Is Healthcare': Evictions Have Exacerbated Covid-19 Pandemic, Research Shows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/housing-healthcare-evictions-have-exacerbated-covid-19-pandemic-research-shows


Evictions are traumatic events. I have experienced them myself but it was not during a pandemic. This should be viewed as a crime against humanity.

I can’t help but think of Dorothy Day who worked tirelessly on behalf of the poor and homeless. She pointed out that US America has hearts "as cold as its pavements".

Consider getting ready to organize virtual meetings where we can come up with a collective vision of the kind of society we actually want–as in Small Is Beautiful without fossil fuels. Also, get ready for disruptions.

One immediate way you can help is to neutralize McConell by volunteering to contact voters in Georgia.

Contact Fair Fight or Vote Nurses Values Political Action Committee, ~www.votenursesvalues.org


In Columbia doctors have developed an innovative cardboard box hospital bed that doubles as a coffin.

Just WTF is government for if not to safeguard those in need in times like these? I don’t balk at paying taxes because I believe in the greater good. Moscow Mitch, go to Hell, yesterday.

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Americans, thank you for your service to The Corporations.

Please leave your keys at the front desk, here is a box for your personal belongings.

Good luck in your next country/planet.

Hoovervilles are apparently going to make a comeback. Only this time they will be filled with angry, heavily armed, starving people.
The 2020’s are shaping up to to resemble the 1930’s. The 1930’s ended with the rise of worldwide fascism.


Are these reusable…?

I think the idea is for them not to be. So as to not transmit the virus. Also its cheap.Families don’t have much money are in many cases facing the loss of a primary wage earner so on the verge of disintegration and the last thing they need is another bill.

and a funeral seems to be required to not have the body in attendance. COVID-19 victims are probably cremated more often than not.

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There are innumerable important differences. in the 1930s, Roosevelt had a lot more freedom to make policy to deal with the Great Depression than Presidents have now, even though its always going to be declared an emergency. That said, Trump did with Coronavirus, if somebody was quarantined, and unable to work and had no insurance, not even the crappiest kind, and has been tested as having COVID-19 they said they would pay.

Similarly now they have such things as insurance for job loss, people have access to job loss insurance. So unfairly competing with job loss insurance - especially if its offered internationally sounds like it would be forbidden. Just like with health insurance.

We cant unfairly compete with business, we cant crowd out the cheapest providers, if they exist.

However if people are truly destitute and have spent down whatever assets they have, have no income, we are n ot crowding out other services, especially if we make it a debt people must pay back, one thats not discharge-able. dun it against their estate if/when they die, absolutely insist they are destitute to get it, and make it a felony if they hide income, claw back the aid and then rebill them at the uninsured rate back to the beginning of their policy.

Just like theyudo with health insurance.

Look up Centrelink i Australia. Thats all because of GATS, even though they would never comnnecct the two So we changed the world,. we literally chnged the world with our benevolent trade deal.

Tough love.

Like NAFTA for the rest of the jobs, really, thats the plan.

But if they are dying and cant work, the system wil, work its magic on them. it will likely be okay and go unchallenged. Even though it violates the staus quo existing in 1998 we are supposed to follow.

If they ave no income absolutely no income and have a potentially fatal incurable disease, how could any politician say no?

Trump was able to help them legally and we have not been dragged before the WTO for that. Most importantly, India hasnt sued us yet on THAT, yet, although they have been pushing for the Trade Facilitation Agreement on services which covers some of that territory, especially included health insurance benefits (government) portability. See, they want our poor insured people.

How embarassing it would have been for the GOP and the DEms to have to admit they traded our right to regulatge healthcare to the American people 20+ years ago and didnt tell us all that time.
But they didnt, they kept the issue out of the worlds eye.

after all we are THE WORST IN THE WORLD. What a stroke of luck for us, huh? (/sarcasm)

That’s because the relevant trade instruments give them the freedom to do things as long as it is a real emergency, like pandemic certainly is, AND they are not intended to evade their terms, but the problem is that one doesn’t have to read much to see that virtually all the New Dealy kinds of things that have been proposed by our politicians who seem in many cases to assiduously maintain the plausible deniability, assuming we never signed any of these things explicitly do. So no go. We cant do those things, not unless we want to violate literally hundreds of rules we wrote ourselves and many would say forced on others.

And so we also traded those jobs away, if they are subsidized.

This will help prop up our friends in the Third World.

Not only do they have these evictions going on , but more and more cities make homelessness a crime by arresting people for vagrancy and loitering if they sleep in parks or on the streets.


If we had no hotels in 1995, if housing was completely noncommercial like healthcare in your Canada, we could continue doing it today without being brought before the WTO or violating WTO rules. However, TISA, I think we would have to make a big production of carving it out because otherwise the Obama Biden TISA would likely bar it along with everything else that hadn’t been carved out, even though its literally impossible to carve out services that have not been invented yet. Man they are slicker than slick. Sure is a great time to be rich and a horrible time to be poor! And this is the Demogops. the good bad guys.

Eviction is a cause, not just a condition, of poverty.

Often, evicted families also lose the opportunity to benefit from public housing because Housing Authorities count evictions and unpaid debt as strikes when reviewing applications. And so people who have the greatest need for housing assistance—the rent-burdened and evicted—are systematically denied it.

One in two recently evicted mothers reports multiple symptoms of clinical depression, double the rate of similar mothers who were not forced from their homes. Even after years pass, evicted mothers are less happy, energetic, and optimistic than their peers.

When Congress passed the Fair Housing Act in 1968, it did not consider families with children a protected class, allowing landlords to continue openly turning them away or evicting them.

Eviction must be considered a traumatic rejection, a denial of one’s most basic human needs, and an exquisitely shameful experience. Suicides attributed to evictions and foreclosures doubled between 2005 and 2010, years when housing costs soared.

Every year in this country, people are evicted from their homes not by the tens of thousands or even the hundreds of thousands but by the millions.

  • Matthew Desmond, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City

Grapes of Wrath – all over again –

Also, a bit quiet at the moment re ACA health care at Supreme Court –

When will that bomb hit – or even Roe?

then they come for white people!

You mean “Trumpvilles”