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How a Biden Win Can Sink One of Mcconnell's Top Priorities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/31/how-biden-win-can-sink-one-mcconnells-top-priorities

Oh, at first I thought you meant trump installing one, two, or three more SCOTUS right-wing nut case 40 year olds. Yeah, that would be really great for pretty-much all fuckin life on Earth!
I can get behind public financing of elections, but - the Devil is always in the details.

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So Biden said something in 1973 regarding the Public financing elections and thats a reason to vote for him in the upcoming elections?

Donald Trump said he would save Social Security.

Pay less attention to what a Politician SAID and more what he does when s/he in a position to do something.


One of the millstones around Nixon’s neck (pun intended) is that he was largely beholden to David Rockefeller, who had set him up pretty well in NYC for a while and surely collected and contributed cash for his 1968 run. He had favors to repay as do most politicians–but his were Rockefeller-sized favors.

The fact is one of them will win and the only question is which is more an existential threat - trump & co have done far-more life-threatening and evil shite in the last 4 years - I watch what they do and say.
biden has shot his bolt, and the people around him, while corrupt and supportive of the status quo Corporate States of America is not in the same league of evil and stupidity as trump. So which and why? Why do you seem to prefer trump & co over biden & co? - we must fight whichever one wins and the system/players behind them regardless.

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To be fair, he was saying that in 2019, and now in 2020 as well. I am not a Biden fan, but if he were to pull that off, we would all be so much better off. As some say - hold his feet to the fire! I
I cede your point about what they say versus what they do, but, according to this article he has been saying this for five decades…


I feel like Charlie Brown about to try to kick the football, with Biden in drag as Lucy.


I prefer Green or People party over either. If Biden gets in there no incentive for the Democrats to ever move left and the left is silenced again.

It has been the silencing of the left via LOTE voting that has led to Fascism and I can not see more of the same as a solution. The Democrats will not take the left seriously until they realize they NEED them and that their votes have to be earned.

The question YOU have to ask is “If I vote Biden how will he act to improve the lot of the working class, end militarism , get M4A , address Climate change and wealth inequality , and end the surveillance state ALL of which are aspects of fascism”. If nothing gets better then why does he deserve the lefts vote?

He is not Trump does not cut it.

Go to the 14 aspects of Fascism. 12 of the 14 were there under Obama and I suggest 12 of the 14 remain with Biden. That does not mean “Trump is better”( He hits 14 of 14). It only means the DNC are not a solution and it is solutions you want and now “Nothing will really change”.

Now Here in Canada I have been voting Green since the 1990s. In that time my vote might well have helped the Conservatives under Harper win over the Liberals but that does not mean I voted for Harper. I voted for the Green Party. The responsibility for Harper gaining power was all on the people who voted for Harper.

The reality is there was little difference between Harpers Conservatives and Martins Liberals. By voting Green I ensured environmentalists kept a voice and those that voted NDP ensured the left kept a voice. We have a stronger left here in Canada due in part for that reason and now Trudeaus liberals are looking at many of the Policies of the Green and NDP parties to call their own.


Wait…wait…if you’re a Canuck, what gives you the fucking right to tell Americans who to vote for?

I am a progressive. Progressive causes such as protecting the Environment and ending war do not stop at borders.

The United States of America bombed the shit out of Iraq. Are you suggesting no one else in the world should be concerned but Americans?

Capitalists do not recognize they move their money around as they see fit so as to generate maximum returns. They go to foreign Countries and lobby their Governments to pass legislation favorable to them. They lean on the US and other Western Imperial Countries to depose Governments not friendly to them.

What gives you the right to claim only Americans should have a voice in these issues?

Those peat bogs burning in Siberia , those forests being removed in North East Alberta , that plastic the Oil Companies want to dump in Kenya , affects everyone. Global warming is not going to say “Oh I will ensure Sweden not affected because they elected an Environmentally friendly Government”

Greta Thunberg has gone to the USA and Canada imploring them both to clean up their acts when it comes to the Environment. Is it your claim she should just be silent? When Helen Caldicott calls for the Nuclear powers to disarm is it wrong for her to call for Americans and Russians to vote for leaders that will disarm?

I have every FUCKING right in the world to post here and every fucking right in the world to condemn the US war machine. Who gives the USA the fucking right to bomb Syria?

There have been Americans critical of Justin Trudeau and Harper before him and their roles in sponsoring Coup in Haiti or promoting the tarsands oil as “ethical oil”. There have been Americans critical of Morrison in Australia and Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom. I do not recall a single person native to those lands on these boards claiming “They had no fucking right”. That appears to be something unique to Americans.

The entire fucking world is affected by who US voters select as President. Just ask Iraq when Bush elected or ask Vietnam when Johnson elected. Ask Iran since Trump elected. The earth is something we all share, it does not belong to just Americans.


You “I’m a Progressive, but I Won’t Vote for Biden” people seem determined to get Trump reelected.

This seems to be a wide-spread talking point, but I don’t get why we on the left would ever - should ever be silenced again with a biden win? We need to increase our loud opposition, no?

The entrenched corporate DP will never “take the left seriously”, that’s not what this year is about, IMO. And no, biden does not "deserve’ the lefts vote, and that also is not what this is about, but we will surely be more able to fight against fascism and white supremacists both trumps and bidens, under biden and especially people biden would bring with him rather than trump - I think that is a given, I mean just look who trump has put in power!
Its clear the Clintons and Obama screwed all the people including the left, and there was some opposition but never enough.
I am fortunate enough to vote in a solid blue state and can vote Green without any question, but I see the need for a biden win, as trump is a deadly threat to far too much.

Marianne Williamson said last evening: “Biden isn’t going to fix anything, but he will give us a pause in the action - what donald trump has done to this country over the last 4 years is donald trump holding back, if we give him a second term, there will be nothing holding him back” trust me it can get a lot worse!" I think so as well!
And BTW Williamson was brilliant last night!

With trump we get nothing, with biden we get time to organize and much more .

I don’t think anyone on the left thinks biden will bring solutions, but it will bring a short respite to get busy really fighting and organizing for a mid-term election.

I remember that election. Many people were voting for Harper not because they agreed with him, but because they wanted to punish the Liberals for the corruption of that party. Harper brought in many harmful policies for Canada. There is something similar at work now. A desire to vote Biden because at least he will do something about this virus…But let us be mindful of other harmful policies he might introduce. Both Canada and the US need to break out of the duopoly for any real change. GO NDP! Go Greens/Peoples’ Party!


Trump was already elected once. Maybe if you were more willing to listen to other peoples as to why this happened you would not have a Fascist president.


In that election it important to remember this. Harper replaced Paul Martin as PM of Canada. Paul Martin was a Liberal but had taken the Liberal party far to the right and this made worse by all that corruption.

Harper takes power and yes he hurt Canada but he was replaced by Trudeau who had in fact taken the Liberals back to the left. Now that does not mean the Liberals suddenly became Socialists by any stretch but unlike the Democrats in the USA who keep going after Republican votes , Trudeau tried to appeal to the left so as to take votes from the NDP.

The point is this. In order for the left to be heard in the USA they have to be able and willing to take their vote elsewhere. If they just surrender it to the Democrats because “They not as bad as the Republicans” nothing changes.

Now In Canada there are more votes on the Left. Canadians tend to be left of Center but I would suggest that there more Americans on the left then people realize and the pool of voters on the right is smaller yet the Democrats insist on fighting over that smaller pool. They are either idiots or they are simply owned by the Corporations and do as they are told.

Neither of which deserves a progressive vote

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Thomas Ferguson, academic, released a paper on the 2016 campaign that found the candidate who most relied on private contributions over $10,000 was Mitch McConnell, with 80%. Pelosi was second, then H. Clinton with 60%, then Trump with 58%, and at the bottom Sanders, 4%. I don’t remember the title. “How Money Won Trump the White House” probably. The top-richest one percent own about 40% of all wealth, and they buy the law-makers, who refuse to raise their taxes. Under Eisenhower the 90% marginal tax rate on individual income in excess of $1 million was the law. Eisenhower, a Republican.


Wish I could give you 10,000 up votes! Well said!!!


Uh, reality check. Trump was NOT elected. The American electorate elected HRC President of the US to the tune of 3,000,000 votes. It is emblematic of the degeneracy of American politics that she doesn’t seem to recognize this. Trump got the job, of course. But not because he was elected to it.

Mmm hmmm. Whatever happened to “nothing will fundamentally change”? What if the DNC says, OH HELL NO!

Uh, reality check. Under the rules of the election, Trump WAS elected.

You can speculate all you like about what would have happened under different rules. But all parties knew the rules going in. They can’t cry about them if things didn’t work out for them.

Also, Clinton was proved a very sad candidate if that was all the vote she could muster against a pathetic candidate like Trump. I wouldn’t brag about her number of votes. I would be embarrassed by it.

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