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How a Canadian University 'Bent Over Backward' for a Pipeline Corporation



The University of Conservatism/Calgary was where Steven Harper was turned from a member of PET's Liberal Party, to a member of the Conservative Party.

They've always been a low-class institution that has a problem with fascism.

I'm surprised there was any resistance to bending over at all. Really.


I don't think this is unique at all. Jordan Cove LNG aka Veresen Inc. and the pacific connector pipeline has established an office at SOCC in Coos Bay Oregon to hand out grant monies when they set up shop. They have been very proficient at making promises and greasing the right palms to get this LNG export facility up and running with no "establishment" opposition locally, in fact this project was hand delivered to Oregon by the Democrats. If HRC wins the nomination this project will likely get the all clear to proceed. Bernie is our best last chance to stop the insanity.The Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG Export will be as devastating to the climate as the KXL would have been, its just not as well known yet.


In my thirty-five years in academia as a student and professor, I saw a lot of corporate influence in funding, some of which was public in nature, but doled out with an agenda. There are still reputable actors, but "follow the money" is an aphorism for a reason. I left the life early because had I wanted to work in corporate (corrupt) America I would have. Unfortunately, corporate (corrupt) America stuck its blood funnel (thanks Matt Taibbi) into academia and it is still decaying to this day. But hey, Go Team!


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