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How a Failing Capitalist System Is Allowing Amazon to Cripple America

You can copy and paste from Microsoft Word and its ability to insert special characters. You can also press the Alt key to the right of the space bar, and while holding it press 168 of the numeric keypad.

HI a2plusb2… thank you, but I don’t have Microsoft-----so I tried it anyway, and LOL, I don’t have a numeric keypad either and so I tried reaching all the numbers but my fingers are too short to reach vertically across the top. However, one of my friends has Microsoft, so the next time I am there, I will try it. : )

Do you have an equivalent to Microsoft Word, such as OpenOffice / LibreOffice Writer (That’s what I use), Apple Pages, Linux Gnome Abiword, or any of 12 others? Then check if it allows you to insert special characters.

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HI a2plusb2: this computer was originally my cous’ins, so I am learning about it still. It is very basic though and some of this is all new to me. So I don’t have what you suggest, but maybe later…I will look up the writing apps that are on this one now and see what t else hey have . Thank you again. : )


Riding Portland’s lite rail, trolleys, street cars and buses.
Sorry, but the lighting is better.

Paul Buchheit is one of our more incisive commentators, but I think he is going far too easy on Jeffie boy.


HI economic: I’m not sure what “Billshit is.” Did you mean "Bullshit? And were you referring to computers or ice rinks?

I meant Billshit! I was referring to the quality of his products, or the lack thereof going back to his inability to fulfill a contract to provide an operating system for the first IBM PC, so he BOUGHT DOS (the standard operating system until the late 1980s) CHEAP from the actual programmer who built it.

Bill gates excels at one thing: extracting more money from customers than his products are worth, and fiercely defending his right to do so worldwide. He touts himself as an expert in everything. Aside from his talent as a ruthless businessman, he is not an expert in anything so far as I know. Not all, but a good many people who work on computers agree.

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If you want a job, you work for those wages under those conditions. Most jobs created these days are low paying, no benefits, screw the employee jobs.
Yes we consider all aspects, if they can get away with robbing the rest of us, they will.

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Monopolies aren’t a side effect of capitalism.
They are the point and prize of capitalism.

Why else compete unless you’re aiming for a perfect, total market share?

All these apologists for capitalism still insist on qualifying one “type” of capitalism or another. There’s nothing “failed” about capitalism. It’s doing exactly what it was designed to do. Run a race until there’s a winner. And the winner takes everything.


Yeah capatilism always leads to monopolies.
Why ? Its based on competition and winning and that cimes from what we believe about life .

Our whole economy arises from the dual illusions of Disunity and Insufficiency.

But thats another story .

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ICE will be on your door step demanding to see your citizenship papers.

NO! Because people don’t want to be labelled as a terrorist and be sent to jail. So, they tuck their tail and accept the shitty job. If Bezos is so rich, then why aren’t his employees being paid higher wages? Answer: that would cut into his profit margin. The same answer from every employer paying shitty wages. The average person is impoverished in order for the rich to get richer. There is no “Trickle Down.”

If you have actually been paying attention, you would have answers to your questions. And those answers won’t vindicate rump and the conservatives.

Answer is supply and demand. A warehouse worker, or a fast-food worker, can be replaced by another person paid the same wage.

This truth leads to the socialist charge that capitalists deliberately maintain an army of the unemployed in order to depress wages.
- And it leads to socialist economy-engineering efforts to set maximum work week in order to force reduction of unemployment (and by shortage of workers cause wages to go up), and to set minimum wage.
- France is known for such policies. France must have implemented them wrong, because France is also still known for its unemployment rate > 2x our own unemployment rate.

As for ‘profit margin’, Amazon is notorious for having a thin profit margin, much like most supermarkets, another workplace notorious for low-pay. (But isn’t that a socialist goal, that workers get most of the revenue and the boss gets a pittance…?)

Correct. CapitaISM is the debased modern form of business and markets that have existed for millennia. When I was in high school I was taught that “capital” meant producer’s goods (plant and equipment, in contrast to consumer goods), yet today virtually every time a pundit or even an economist uses the word it denotes simply money.

Many years later I learned that economists themselves shifted the meaning of the word beginning in the mid-19th century (Capital Accumulation Theory). So if “capital” means money, and “-ism” is a belief in or worship of something, “capitalism” is money worship, just as we suspected.

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¿ I just copied his ¿ You could save it to use anytime and where you choose.

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HI economic, LOL You really did mean “BillSHIT.” LOL, well I have never had anything made by Bill Gates anyway. Apple was the first in all the schools too----what happened?

LOL! What happened? Well, Apple products, including the original Mac, the first mass-marketed computer to use a GUI (Graphical User Interface, with a mouse), was just a little too cool for a lot of people, especially in the business world. It was also very difficult to tinker with, and the tinkerers who had powered the PC revolution didn’t like that. Apple products were also more expensive than the DOS based machines (later “Windows,” a cheap dime dollar store imitation).

But it really was the business world, led by IBM—by far the dominant computer manufacturer when it introduced its first desktop computer in 1981, the one for which Bill Gates bought and then sold the OS–that determined which versions of these new-fangled typewriter/calculators would dominate the industry.

In retrospect, it was people like you and the education establishment that were the vanguard.

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The only justice for Bezoes is the Guilloitine. In public.