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How a Future Biden White House Can End the War in Yemen

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/15/how-future-biden-white-house-can-end-war-yemen


Taking out Soleimani in January was a colossal blunder because like him or not, he was one of the most knowledgeable and effective forces in the region. The fact that Uncle Sam chose to play footsie with the Saudis for so long is a stain on this country that history will not easily forgive. In many ways, Soleimani was actually a stabilizing force in the Middle East, unless of course you were a land-grabbing Zionist. I am not recommending him (or anyone else) for sainthood, but I call them as I see them. The price on his head was for oil and the outdated Carter Doctrine, which climate change requires a serious process of rethinking that the neocons just can’t grasp. We remain fighting yesterday’s battles and are baffled at why our infrastructure crumbles before our eyes as we flex Empire’s tentacles whilst forgetting to eat our vegetables at home.


The powerfulist country in the world has it’s knee on the poorest country in the world----I hope you are right about Biden-------How can the US have sanctions on Venezuela ??? Every American should hang their head in shame for what they allow to happen around the world!


Trump didn’t start the war in Yemen. And he wasn’t in the White House when the US began supporting it. I wish that the next president would end all overseas support of conflicts.

Trade guns for butter. Dream on, huh?

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Don’t neglect the activities of the UK and the EU involvement among supporting Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

The British court has ended the temporary suspension of arms trading to Saudi Arabia because of the Yemen War. The likes of BAE can go back to selling weaponry as normal.

Also do not think the US will distance itself from Saudi Arabia. The recent rapprochement with Israel, if anything, will bring them closer and permit even more arms sales to go through.

Joe is really anti war ??? Say what !! He and Obama continued the illegal wars of the criminal Bush administration for 8 long years. Joe signed on for the war on Iraq for the lies of WMDs. Another ME country has plenty of real WMDs but that is of no concern to peace loving Joe.Whatever the NYT tells Joe to believe, he is on board.

Unfortunately US Foreign Policy and the ambitions of the US Military are to blame.
This guy “U.S. national security adviser Robert O’Brien” is spewing the same kind of unsubstantiated rhetoric that was being vehemently spread before, during and after the war against North Vietnam. Different players but the same game.