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How a Government Censored an NSA Whistleblower

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/15/how-government-censored-nsa-whistleblower


It’s freedom of speech, as long as you don’t say too much.
(Neville Brothers)


Applause again for Thomas Drake, who is standing up for the rest of us again.

It’s time for a letter to these Cybercon people. They’re not the only one’s watching.


"Democracy Dies In The Darkness When Absolute Power Corrupts."


He was going to save the government billions of dollars by exposing waste, fraud, and abuse" ?

Shame on him! (ok, irony)

And they are cutting food stamps and medical coverage. What a place!

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Democracy and Liberty die to thunderous applause.

Condolences to Thomas Drake for the abuse and suffering he endures for a great cause. The price is so high that most cannot/will not stand up and speak for democracy and justice. Good luck to him - may his health and well being improve and a truckload of money appear on his driveway.
The notion of ‘freedom’ in America, as in many other faux democracies, is a bad and cruel joke with malicious intentions. Corruption is well institutionalized and in no danger of being uprooted by mainstream politricks.
Whistleblowers should be honored, rewarded and promoted.

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