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How a Progressive Message Won House Seats


How a Progressive Message Won House Seats

Robert Kuttner

In my election-eve column on Tuesday, I suggested that we take a close look at Democratic candidates who ousted Republican incumbents, to see where a progressive message worked. Here are some early verdicts.


The Republicans campaign 24/7/52 and the Democrats must do the same. As a progressive independent while I certainly want more than the Democrats are able to offer (they are, after all bound by corporate cash given the current environment [but go Beto, go–you are a hero]), they are the best I can hope to effect any change. I’d love to see more parties in the mix, but not at the expense of watching the Republicans unravel more of the New Deal. The youth vote was vastly improved over 2014, but they need to be even more vested in their future. Democracy needs the PEOPLE to mobilize and STAY involved.


Do remember that the dow jumped close to 600 points since the election results announced. The 1 percent does not seem all that concerned on seeing this “progressive Wave”. They seem to think it will be “Big Business as usual” and that those dollars will keep filling their pockets.


While 12 Democrats might have won in Republican districts advocating Medicare for all and the like , 12 of the “CIA Democrats” running for office all won seats. These are EX CIA or Military people wanting en even more “robust” war on terror and confrontation with Russia.


Exactly. Many on the left predicted violence if the Dims won big – like both houses of the Kabuki Congress. Now with the usual corporate “leadership” in the House to neuter the crazier Rethug fascists in the Senate, all is good in KorporateLand.

The status quo, though a bit noisier, has been firmly upheld and the Duopoly sheepdogs (Rethugs) and sheepherders (Dims) will duly keep the sheeple (who actually broke from the pasture a bit this time around with a giant protest vote).

All Good. Tweet Out.


This is a good (and sane) discussion of the mid terms from the Real News.



The progressive message and strong support for the issues that matter, _did matter_in the election, but the DP entrenched establishment still will not really change their corrupt, craven, complicit MO of failure and weakness.standing up to the depravity of R
Cons and Der trumpenfuhrer…Dems must forget the BS “bi-partisan” sellout mantra rubbish Pelosi has lived by, and is now pushing! The R’Cons and trump have zero integrity and they lie at will, destroy all before their malignant evil little minds…and that is what you want to be “bi-partisan” with??? BS! Either stand-up strong and fight or get the love out of the way!! ALL you sellout DINO
s get the message!


In the “good riddance” column we have McCaskill, Heitkamp and Donnally. On the “unfortunately they are still around” side we have Manchin and Menendez. A mixed bag in sweeping out some of the Republican-Lite trash from the Democratic Party while also re-electing a corrupt bottom feeder. At least McCaskill doesn’t have to worry about being labelled one of those “crazy Democrats.” Next order of business, new Democratic Party leadership.


Yes, let’s get Pelosi and Shoehead( Schumer) out- they are passe’