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How a Supreme Court Ruling Could Embolden Police Retaliation Against Political Speech


How a Supreme Court Ruling Could Embolden Police Retaliation Against Political Speech

Jacob J. Hutt

"If the probable cause rule becomes law nationwide, retaliatory arrest lawsuits—a primary tool for deterring police misconduct—will become much harder to win."

protester and police


Government to the people, by the whores for the rich.


It sure is getting cold. There is a chill in the air, blowing down my neck. The conversion of the web recently is one example. Now this. Baby it’s getting cold outside, burrrrrrrrr. What? You can’t hear me, my muffler is blocking my mouth and nose from all that cold air.


Heh Ditton - just how cold is cold ?

Glad to see a sense of humor alive and well.

Yes - ill winds everywhere right now.

This article is necessary, I suppose, but it seems to me like trying to fix up the details on the Titanic.

Here in Calgary there is the promise of a chinook for New Year’s Day - but I do not see the warm winds of positive change blowing in the political or judicial landscape as yet.

There is a saying that goes something like:

‘The only thing worse than not enough police is too many police.’

Hope you have a good New Year’s Eve Ditton,



It would be interesting to read what thinkers have to say about why normal babies grow up to enjoy suppressing their families, neighbors and friends for sick people who are afflicted with incurable insatiable want.

How do rich crazy people who will do anything to anybody to get more secure the allegiance of normal people?


Fa on First also takes a look at two other cases coming up in February on Famously First amendment rights.

-1: The right of government agencies to garnish employee earnings for its union whether they belong or not
-2: this case on the “no probable cause” rule
-3: a First Amendment challenge against a broad ban on button, badges, and t-shirts at polling places in Minnesota. The ban doesn’t just impose criminal penalties on voters who wear campaign-related insignia like “vote for Bush” or “vote for Gore” (though that would be bad enough), but also bars voters from wearing any apparel that promotes a group with a “recognizable political view,” (hmmmm… wonder if that includes a former prez turning up at the poles for his own wifey’s pole dance. Sound bitter? baby, its COLD outside))

Yo. Donchano that only wiggly fingered PR people can have ideas.


Seems to me you don’t have it as bad as we do down here. In fact I’m kinda jealous of your political climate right now. Canada looks like sanity land right now, geez.

Cops…warning, the police are armed and dangerous…my brother had that painted on his car during the late 60’s :slight_smile:

You’ll have that chinook and be in Fat City Many, cheers to you and yours :slight_smile:


There are reasons why Canada looks more sane:

  1. The US does the heavy lifting protecting the continent.
  2. The US owns most of Canada, or controls what it deems necessary, so we pretend a lot.

But in fact, Trudeau is an Obama clone, and does what he is told, and despite social democrats in charge of British Columbia and Alberta, we are going ahead with yet more pipelines and needless big dam construction (Site C) - and everyone here is entirely on board with suburbia, the middle class, fantasies about money, and the belief in a never ending growth on a finite planet.

If you believe in a middle class - then as surely as God made little green apples you have bought in to an upper class and a lower class.

Once in that position - hypocrisy is the name of the game, and the separation from reality which characterizes the populations of all western democracies is set in stone.

Lincoln believed most in the Declaration - not in the constitution, which is saying quite a lot given the fact that he was a superlative lawyer.

‘That at some point in a distant future, the chains would be lifted from all’

Hint - we’re not there yet.


Further Ditton, and you might be fond of this, the remake, second edition of the classic Yul Brynner movie “The Magnificent Seven” is in my opinion better than the original, and my favorite character is the lone Comanche, whose elders have told him that his path is different - and that is OK.


:slight_smile: …I can I.D. with Yul :slight_smile:

I had this romantic vision of Canada from years of listening to Grody, what can I say? Now you poked a hole into my dream of there being a place to escape to, darn! Guess I’ll have to keep liking for Heaven on Earth…hehehe


Garrett…what profound questions. Your point is well taken. I can think of many examples within the small circle of people I know.


The normal people are not normal - they are wannabes.

Embedded in the societies of all western democracies, normal does not exist.

It takes a life changing experience of awesome dimension to make the space for self-realization - and even then it doesn’t usually do this.

‘When the student is ready - the master will appear.’

Rarely, a ‘divergent’ is born - avis raris - usually an artist.


There is a place to escape to - yourself - your convictions.

“Know ye, now, Bucklington? Glimpses do ye seem to see of that mortally intolerable truth; that all deep, earnest thinking is but the intrepid effort of the soul to keep the open independence of her sea; while the wildest winds of heaven and Earth conspire to cast her on the treacherous slavish shore.”

  • Moby Dick, author Herman Melville


I’m not sure I agree with the comment that the US does most of the heavy lifting. If you mean the corrupt back end deals which involve land stealing and\or corporate protection through war I agree. If you mean as a benign instigator of ‘world peace’ not so much. I see the US is dragging Canada down with it. I’d rather unhitch Canada from the vile World Dominance Tour America has been on for several decades.

Also agree that Trudeau, like all Liberals, has talked from the left and mostly governed from the centre and centre right. A dismal failure IMO but still better than the Reform-A-Cons.


The corruption you speak of is real - and as far as I can see is present almost everywhere these days - as a way of life ends on planet Earth.

But there really are bad guys out there, as there have always been. It is not only the United States that has practiced expansion, control and domination.

James Kunstler ends his 2018 forecast like this:

“For 2018, it’s full speed ahead into the long emergency.”

And I think that is accurate enough for all of us.

This is going to be the era of ‘Less is More’.

Happy New Year