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How a US Army Whistleblower Revealed 'the Apparatus of a Police State'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/13/how-us-army-whistleblower-revealed-apparatus-police-state


Important story, thanks to the writer. And deep gratitude for Mr. Pyle’s courage to fight his generation’s version of this criminality.
It is remarkable to me that we are not outraged over the amount of data that is collected on us all, our own government treating us all like criminals in need of constant tracking and monitoring. It’s inhuman. It’s unethical. It’s unconstitutional. And it only serves to protect the criminal activities of the ruling elite, who have, as a result of their mad desires for wealth, power and control, made the whole of the U.S. an open air prison.
This overthrow of the constitution by or ruling elite is perhaps our greatest tragedy as a nation. And I pray that we wake up to it soon. Because, unless there’s a concerted effort to de-throne those who create and use technology against us in these ways, we’re doomed.


". . . we forced them to promise they wouldn’t do it again, which isn’t worth much.”

Right. Right. Right.

Now they can use “private” corporations to do this kind of thing. Not that they have stopped using the NSA and other agencies. The so-called Patriot Act is nearly a bank check to continue this activity.


Well, they have to go to the FISA court to get permission to vacuum up data.

To look up the FISA court, consult your dictionary under R for “rubber stamp.”


It important for the people in the United States of America to recognize just how far back this goes. This fascism started long before Donald Trump and will not end when Donald trump gone. One can not claim to be against Fascism in one breath and then in the next suggest the USA return to Fascism. The real problem with Donald Trump is that his narcissism has openly exposed the fact that the US became a Fascist State many years ago. Getting rid of him and putting those rose colored glasses back on changes nothing.


The spy agencies and Facebook were made for each other. The CIA’s venture capital front end (forgot the name offhand) which put money into Facebook and the contracts for Amazon and Google brought us surveillance without trench coats or sweaty-palmed “agents” hooking alligator clips to telephone leads in the basement or on telephone poles.
Facebook is an addiction. And a massive data-mining operation. Never assume the personal “controls” are really either personal or controls. What a gift to the spying agencies of the world. No more dead drops or secret miniature cameras or the other paraphernalia of spy movies. No midnight blood letting and knifes in the back.
Just nerdy, overanxious creeps in intelligence pods listening in and watching on our personal surveillance taps (“smart” phones). The next post you make to Facebook feeds this monster and you really, really didn’t need to make it. But, you argue, it is so fun, and convenient and I managed to make contact with someone I hadn’t seen since … - taking iSoma.


In 1969 a local police officer in a San Francisco Bay Area suburb resigned taking photos and information with him that confirmed that the feds had deputized local police departments to complicity in “the apparatus of the Police State”. He had several glossies of me participating in Viet Nam moratorium marches and police accountability marches. At least the local cops were equal opportunity killers there, killing blacks, whites and Latinos (labeled Chicanos back then).


I nevber knew about Caot. Pyle. i thank him for his bravery. Is he still with us? I’d really like to see an interview.


after that failed they made allegations that he had fathered illegitimate children (“to which I replied, ‘I’d love to meet them, can you arrange that, please?’ ”).

I never knew about Mr. Pyle, and he is truly one of the great American heroes. But seeing the grace and humor in that response, I love him.


Truthtellers of the World, Unite!


If they go to the court at all. The FISA court is a façade for the American people, much like calling the CIA an intelligence agency is a facade. I read a story back around 1999-2000 (before 9/11), written by a retired AT&T tech that worked in their San Francisco routing building where most of the west coasts phone traffic went through (this was when most people used dial-up modems). According to him he was allowed into a locked room that was off limits to most AT&T employees where NSA had tapped all of the lines, and was pulling information from US citizens in the US. He had to repair a piece of AT&T hardware for them, and that was the only reason he was allowed in. He wrote the story because he was appalled that they were getting away with spying on our citizens, on US soil, something that at the time was blatantly illegal.


Sarah, Pyle and all of the contributors above.
Let us begin about 1905
We listened in to phone calls and read all incoming and outgoing mail of suspicious person.
WW!, we upped the surveil for sabateurs. German heritage became a negative for the first time.
1920’s and 30’s continued the watch on commies, pinkos, political enemies.
WW2, you should know all our efforts by now.
Korean war era, red scare = FBI goes all out aginst commies. Using rumors, they destroy very innocent peoples who had contact in their past with a real communist. A dorm roomate, for example.
A brother-in-law for another.

1955 to 1965 FBI continues
KKK gets infiltrated.
KKK faces US army protective massive force (bodyguards) at one Alabama county where little old black grandmothers marched from their church to the county courthouse. The kkk were 13 deputies in uniform and armed and standing on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse. 25 years later learned that this county was settled by immigrants from north central europe, three religions, and none believed in slavery at all. First folks to hide runaway slaves in that zone.

The sheriff was elected and there were no jobs there back then. So he hired his nephews. Did not want to take a chance on losing an election if the blacks voted.

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I learned so much writing this story and share your gratitude to Chris Pyle.
What’s deeply hilarious is how insidious and complete the loss of our privacy and data rights are. When I published this piece at The Progressive, they ask, of course, if you can promote it on your own Facebook page. As a person wanting to share this story and a writer trying to build a platform, or as any person trying to keep up with friends and nearly all business websites–you seemingly MUST have a Facebook account.
But I don’t, and won’t. So I appreciate your reading this story here.


And then ask yourselves how many citizens know what the FISA court is, and how it functions.
I had never heard of it before researching this story, and I am educated and try to follow the news.
We are now at a point where our systems are all so complex that it is seemingly impossible–particularly if you are desperately trying simply to stay employed so you can keep insurance, and/or caring for children, elderly parents, or other family members or friends–to understand them. This is part of the problem.
Thank you for reading. And thanks to that AT&T tech as well.


Christopher Pyle is an enthralling interview subject, he is entirely pragmatic and yet has a wonderful sense of humor. To see an interview in which he tells more of the story: search Pyle and “difficult dialogues” at YouTube.
And thank you for reading.


We rightly speak of corporations, but the less formalized incorporation of organized crime is particularly suited to alphabet agency manipulation and operations. Its clearer criminality makes individuals more vulnerable and allows it to provide skills and talent more closely related to paramilitary and underground operation.

Organized crime is an essential part of the operation of a police state, and a police state is an essential part of the operation of organized crime.

Prevailing social conditions create habitat for these operations like open garbage by a woodpile creates habitat for rats. Essentially, because economic inequality grants power of decision to self-interests apart from the community, it lowers the value of and respect for productive work and raises the value of and respect for every bribe, including those spoken of as rentier economy, hack work, and lobbying.

Together, iniquity and regulation offer opportunities for extortion. Police and violently criminal organizations foster these conditions and take advantage of them. This does not mean that police do not generally sincerely enforce some understanding of law nor that members of crime organizations do not hold to some code that their small group regards as important, only that these are the operations of these structures overall.

This operates more smoothly when government can pretend to legitimacy. One way to accomplish this is to afford it some actual legitimacy by allowing the relatively honest tradespeople ungraciously called “useful idiots” to function. And the funny thing is that criminal and other capital-driven organizations tend to do that in their direct activities wherever their own particular business interests are not involved.

Crisis comes because all the macroparasitic refusal to upkeep the system eventually kills all effective pretense of legitimacy, and things become unstable in something like the measure of their corruption.

We live in interesting times, it appears.


Recon –

The FISA Court is already a violation of the Constitutional right to privacy –
It happened because Nixon was so deep into taping journalists and all of his
enemies - even Kissinger – that they weren’t willing to shut it all down –

And then along came Obama to NOT fight the W Bush expansion of it all –

BERNIE SANDERS knows what he is doing – we are fighting fascism and must
stay centered in that understanding – it’s basic fascism –
and they have quite a GIFTED new leader in Trump with the potential to be a new Hitler.

This also has to be understood –
As Sen. Frank Church warned us as a result of his investigations into CIA –
Church’s warnings were especially in regard to the then rising NSA –
and now we have the NSA spying on all Americans every day – 24/7.

Since the 1970s, in his work as a professor and writer, Pyle has taught generations of students to think about individuals’ rights, the rule of law, and American history. He recently retired from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, and he is now working on a book about money and politics and the “ways in which the Internet can be used to manipulate people’s political opinions, and to destroy the whole concept of truth.”

In many ways, Pyle believes, “We’re in a much more dangerous situation than we were in 1970.”

Elites wealthy will continue to expand the MIC/Intelligence … right into Martial law.
They will continue to militarize our public servants –

We have more to do than simply change the Dem Party – this entire fascist system of
MIC/Intelligence needs to be ended – with all of these wars.

Are we really up to it – not without a lot of help from a dedicated NEW Congress/Senate.
And fully dedicated candidates and leadership like Bernie Sanders’.


I agree, if you really want to get pissed about the FISA court, look up cases brought by or against ordinary people trying to protect themselves or their privacy, it’s a total kangaroo court, that almost always rules in favor of the intel agencies or law enforcement. Average people shouldn’t waste their time hiring a lawyer, they are almost always excluded for “National Security” reasons. It’s truly a joke, and not the fun kind.


The problem is even bigger now, many of the big tech companies are becoming a private entity extension of the Intel community to skirt around the few protections the people have over them, but fall outside of the law with private corporations

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And we also have Edward Snowden’s warnings to us about spying
and its capabilities – this isn’t about freedom; it’s about enslavement.

And if you look at what is happening in America, from the time of 9/11 we
have pretty much caught up with the plans and future of the Third Reich
from the point of the Reichstag Fire –

The playbook after than seems to show that right wing has modeled the next
moves as Hitler did – ending democracy in Germany – with their termination
of all citizens’ rights – MUCH AS THE PATRIOT ACT HAS DONE HERE.

Trump seems to be every day modeling himself more and more on Hitler –
and the effects on the nation and especially his followers seem to be the same –