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How a US Army Whistleblower Revealed 'the Apparatus of a Police State'

I’m not sure most realize, that Trump truly idolizes Hitler, and his book, Mein Kampf, is most likely one of the few books Trump has ever read in his lifetime.

If you think this would change under Biden/Harris I’ve got a couple of bridges to some swamp land you might be interested in. #NeverBiden.


58,000 names on the Vietnam Wall with no accoutability for the war criminals that lied like Henry Kissinger and many others who were cheerleaders for their murders… proves your point.


Seems to me the feds let the private sector corporations do the spying and they give the info to the feds because the private industry can share on us without legal restriction.

We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE-------and all this technology is only going to tighten the noose.

Trump in an interview gave a green light to extra judicial killings of people on the left-----I think Trump ordered his goon squad to murder Michael Reinoehl.


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These forces thrive on violence----the police—the military-----politicians-----Trump is calling for extra judicial killing of people on the left-------non-violence real PEACE----these violent forces become powerless.

The US being the biggest arms dealer in the world----sending this violent sickness around the world.