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How a Weaker Iran Got the Hegemon to Lift Sanctions


How a Weaker Iran Got the Hegemon to Lift Sanctions

Gareth Porter

Now that Iran nuclear deal is completed, the attention of western news media and political commentators is predictably focused overwhelmingly on the opposition to the agreement within the US Congress and from Israel and the Saudi-led Sunni Arab coalition.


My question would be why the US and the West had any “concern” for a nuclear program that their intelligence agencies were telling them had no weaponization component?

Was it that the warmongers would use Iran’s upscaling as proof that an attack had to be carried out, the insanity of which was the true concern, thus prompting negotiations?

I’m frankly flummoxed.


Hey ‘daddio7’ - People who hold sick, anti-intellectual, psychotic, hate-driven, propaganda/mind-controlled and idiotically America/Israel-centric views like yours are actually in the very middle, RIGHT NOW, of being steam-rolled by history. You’d know this if you had spent any time in the Middle East including Iran, which I have, and if you read up on the intelligent commentators on this issue. But instead, people like you parrot the imbecilic bullshit coming out of lying mouths like that of the Hannity imbecile on Fox Lies & Neo-con Propaganda, in America. It wouldn’t occur to you, would it, to leave home occasionally, i.e. off the North American continent, and get yourself an actual world view, would it? No, of course not, because narrowminded “American exceptionalism” clowns like you believe that when you’re American, who needs a worldview? Sweet Jesus, are people like you ever in for a shock! The salvation of what’s left of your country will not happen through your kind of hate-based ignorance, ‘daddio7’.


Just one of the multitude of details you’re clearly ignorant of, ‘daddio7’: Iran is not the one with ‘Middle East terror operations’ -that’s Israel; ‘ISIL/ISIS’ - a proud product in very large degree of your U.S. government’s terrorism operations in the Middle East; and that all time terrorism champ/US ally, currently terrorizing the Yemeni people, Saudi Arabia. Iran is the victim of M.E. terror operations, Einstein, starting with the U.S.1953 overthrow of Mossadegh. U.S.-led sanctions against Iran ever since then and considerably ramped-up following 1979 are real, actual terrorism operations in the Middle East, conducted by YOUR government. But of course you’re one of these conservative halfwits who is mind-controlled with this idea that by definition your country couldn’t possibly be conducting any terrorism operations, isn’t that night? But now I’m done with you – because attempting to throw any intelligence or truth your way is clearly pissing in a windstorm, isn’t it?


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