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How a Yale Academic Trolls the Liberals on Trump's Looming Reelection

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/31/how-yale-academic-trolls-liberals-trumps-looming-reelection


Amid this interesting and insightful analysis is a glaring omission that tends to undercut Lofgren’s assertion that Trump is hardly a shoo-in come November.

That glaring omission is Trump’s woefully inept, stumbling, corporate-owned, and grab-assy opponent, Sleepy Joe Biden. That glaring omission is made even more important because the d-party nomination of Biden is clear indication that they plan to repeat the strategy of 2016 – run a centrist, hope to peel off Repubs (especially women) in the suburbs, and essentially bank on disgust with Trump being a good enough substitute for a platform and nominee that inspire voters.

But sure, lots could happen between now and November. Just ask Hillary.


The Wall Street Journal may be the Lamborghini among Rupert Murdoch’s vast fleet of Yugos, but as ever, it’s imperative to take a test drive before plunking down your cash.

Okay, so I might wait till the Dino convention before “plunking down cash” to see if the powers that be do a switcheroo, but otherwise I’d say the odds would have to favor Trump 2 to 1 at least.

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Thank you for pointing this out Skeptic Tank.

I hope Common Dreams has a feature article on the fact that there are still primaries taking place and an election with Bernie Sanders still in the running.

MSM and even Common Dreams are not addressing this given covid-19 and trump’s increasing level of insanity overshadowing all else.

We have an article featured in CD on the pandemic being patriarchal today yet . . . just about all media (except a few sources like Glenn Greenwald and Democracy Now) are ignoring this:

Glenn Greenwald


“It’s shocking - truly - that not a single cable news host who has interviewed Biden has even dared ask him about these sexual assault allegations - disappearing Tara Reade - which is why I’m always grateful for the integrity and independence of Democracy Now”


A history professor in Canada, Christo Aivalis------ CD commenter carl marks brought him to my attention---- is doing an excellent job of pointing out Joe Biden’s serious issues that few in MSM are addressing:

"Joe Biden was on MSNBC earlier today, and once again his dementia and cognitive decline was on full display as he failed to give clear answers to straightforward and crucial questions. And while Bernie Sanders supporters have long warned about Joe Biden’s weaknesses as a candidate, it is telling that many mainline journalists and Democrats are putting forward Andrew Cuomo as a potential replacement for Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee.

Many anti-Bernie Democrats are getting buyer’s remorse over Biden"

There needs to be a front and center articles that break down the facts of what is happening with this upcoming presidential election and what primaries remain.

And I guess everyone is just going along with NO DEBATE between Biden and Sanders. How can that be acceptable?


Note also that Dubya 41 lost in 92 because Ross Perot get a lot of his votes, not as a result of any events during his POTUS term.


I’m not a physician, but I believe there are dementia drugs which can slow cognitive decline in its beginning stage. I imagine there are also boosters to increase energy levels (“Joementum”) and perhaps separate boosters to recharge the brain… but here again I’m no physician.

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As I said before, I wouldn’t be surprised if the MSM is saving the Tara Reade story until election season gets in full swing so they can explode it into the headlines for a ratings bonanza. Then we can all watch Sleepy Joe call Tara a liar and Hillary call her a bimbo.

And if the MSM doesn’t do it, Trump certainly will.
He’s not one to let hypocrisy get in the way of finger pointing.

As for Bernie, his 2020 repeat of the Mr Nice Guy routine got him to the same position as 2016. That, and the sad reality of how effective the d-party has been at lowering the hopes/expectations of their haplessly/willfully ignorant base doomed Bernie from the start.

Of course, buyer’s remorse over Biden was inevitable. Nonetheless, the d-party elite would prefer a Biden loss to Trump to a President Bernie Sanders, so – mission accomplished.

On the Cuomo front, I wouldn’t rule anything out. But Trump is already running an ad featuring Cuomo praising Trump for his help during the pandemic.

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Buttigieg is busy lining up sinecures at think tanks and an MSDNC show.

Klobuchar is throwing a stapler at someone.

Warren is standing on Biden’s lawn holding a sign reading LIZ 4 VP.

Hope that helps.


Lol!!! We must continue to find humor (albeit dark) in these times.


Matt Taibbi named the likely drugs Biden used in his recent edition of “Useful Idiots.” It’s on YouTube.

Who is trolling whom? What is the point of this article? To reassure liberal Democrats that a corporatist candidate like Biden can win in 2020 because progressives won’t vote for Trump?

Mike Lofgren is whistling in the dark. Progressives won’t vote for Trump, but that doesn’t mean that they will vote for Biden. Many progressives understand that after rigging the 2016 nomination for Hillary, the Dem Party elite is now rigging the 2020 nomination for Biden, or, if it becomes necessary, for Cuomo or anyone else whose name is not Bernie Sanders. Trump is bad, but realizing that the “Democratic” Party is destroying our democracy is worse. I’ll write Bernie in, and I think many others will, too.


The way to defeat Trump is to nominate Bernie. Half of the country has not even voted yet in their “Democratic” Party primaries, and Bernie can still win. Go to berniesanders dot com forward-slash call (CommonDreams doesn’t allow the posting of links) and make some calls for Bernie to voters in the states with upcoming primaries. #NotMeUs!


Actually, Mike was a long time Repub staffer.

He’s a good writer. But sometimes when he admires trees, he misses the forest.

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Well said, I’ve seen conservative polling which clearly shows the long term trend of young people in this country, becoming ‘increasingly left leaning.’ Add the fact ‘associated progressive policies’ receiving solid backing across all lines, clearly present a societal majority in favor of liberal solutions.


You’re right, something is a foul. Biden simply isn’t engaged, perhaps he is no longer capable, which is my take. Due to failing mental faculties Joe Biden lacks the ability to lead at this critical moment in time.


I discovered Mike Lofgren back in 2011 when I read his stunningly honest appraisal of how the republicans became radically corrupt - by design. His article ‘Goodbye to All That’ allowed many of us to understand, our growing hatred of the GOP was well placed, because the author was till then a conservative republican. Through the writing of this man, I also gained perspective on the egregious failure of the democratic establishment to stem the rise of radicalism in this country. Mike Lofgren provided some solace by his foundation of experience in DC and his no holds barred honesty and integrity. We need people like Mike Lofgren in the GOP, because what passes for the new normal of American politics will send us down to defeat.


Lofgren asks what is responsible for Trump’s success with voters in light of his mishandling and even suggests that mishandling of this crisis favors Trump’s re-election. I suggest that this only appears to be the case but Trump’s continual favorable ratings are due to another reason but one also associated with his inept mishandling and that is confusion and fear.

People (notably many in Trump’s base) are still confused and that confusion breeds anxiety and the office of the presidency not the occupant of that office calms the anxieties of those still confused. Not everyone understands things as well as does an erudite Yale academician. Those people are looking for someone who reassures them and who appears familiar. Trump is a greedy capitalist and has made it seem like everybody else in the race isn’t. People understand greedy capitalists! They are familiar to most people. Even though Trump may impose a tariff that hurts farmers, they may not understand his reasoning but they sort of assume that it something America needs because Trump tells them that and he is the capitalist just as they are. Trump’s decisions do not gain Trump voters but the collateral familiarity of these measures seem more easily understood by people. They don’t conceptualize about capitalism or socialism… give me a break! People don’t really know what is what at present. Trump was impeached but he is still there like nothing happened? They don’t really get it. Trump did crappy stuff but somehow that seems to have all disappeared temporarily? What is what and who is who and who is what and what is who?

Trump rides on a wave of confused incumbency at the moment. Most people usually have very little idea of what their government is doing or why. The truth is that most people are just not used to the idea of their paying so much attention to what it is that the government does. Their paying more attention recently with the Impeachment Hearings and the Democrats’ race for the nomination and such has left people paying attention more and getting more confused because they’ve tried to not be confused and that hasn’t worked for many. Trying to understand things so as to not be confused but if that doesn’t work then they are not only confused but have more anxiety as well. Trump is a capitalist and capitalists, at least, they know.

Trump rides on a wave of confused incumbency. Too bad for us that he is confused as much as anyone. All he ever wanted was to be more greedy. He also never paid as much attention to the government as he does now either. He and his base are both anxiety ridden and confused and Trump’s high ratings … show it.


they will send creepy 'ol joe into the ring NO MATTER WHAT.
he’s been out of the limelight doing push-ups and getting into fighting shape.

there are NO primaries left.
only races they’re waiting to hand to joe.

operation HRC 2.0 is in full swing.
nothing left except getting drumpf his permanent crown.


bernie can win huh? apparently, you don’t understand capitalist control of corporatist dims politics and rube american minds. while i wanted bernie to win, he failed at the being able 2 major things. delivering the youth voters he promised and winning the black vote in the south (namely south carolina). had he done either of these things, he would’ve been the nominee. but alas, for some reason, he wasn’t up to the task. just like against HRC. the 2 things he should’ve realized after the last time…but you go a head and keep on fighting and wishing for bernie. cause…

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I think there are a few things going on to make this the most spectacularly messed up election cycle I’ve witnessed in my 6+ decades. I wish the DNC would stop trolling it’s own party. Thinking Biden could beat Trump in the first place reveals the large gap, between what they think voters want and what voters actually want, is light years wide.

I couldn’t believe Joe Biden even threw his hat into the ring. I think DNC insiders convinced him to run, which is why he entered the race so late. Had he entered earlier, a whole lot of the former contenders would have likely not run, or been convinced not to run.

I was gobsmacked that Biden came back from the dead to become the frontrunner. So desperate was the DNC to “defeat Trump,” they completely ignored all the analysis on the electorate, particularly within their own party and left leaning voters. DNC heavies started putting the pressure on candidates to drop out and, lo and behold, a mass exodus from the ballot occurred just before Super Tuesday–all of them endorsing Biden. Heaven only knows who promised whom what, but the result was most definitely meant to deny Sanders the nomination. Then the pile-on of superdelegates (elected officials) began, which is supposed to be a no-no (that includes AOC, friends). The stench is getting fetid.

While all that was going on, the MSM was incapable of writing one nice thing about Sanders without reminding everyone that he’s a socialist and not really a Democrat because he did nothing to help Hillary win (a flat out lie). I read one nice article in The NYT on the man, rather recently, after months and months of banging away at him. The DNC did nothing to defend the man at all, likely encouraging their friendly press contacts to keep up the great smear job.

Next up the suggestion Cuomo become the nominee. In the realm of truly bad ideas, that one occupies a big piece of real estate. New York is in it neck deep, and they need a competent person in charge to see them through. Cuomo appears to be doing a better than average job under very difficult circumstances. If he were to abandon NY to run for President, his luster would surely tarnish, and the people of his home state would suffer for it. I haven’t even mentioned how undemocratic that move would be.

I’m not surprised that Joe isn’t getting much attention in the media. Who cares about the election right now, when Americans are dropping dead like flies. The media is glued to COVID-19 and Trump gets the press cuz he’s prez. States are pushing back primaries. The whole thing is a mess.

On top of all that, the ms-media is super lazy. They have lost many good news hounds. They wait for press releases to land on their desks; they will always go for the easy story. (At least it keeps Biden"s blunders down to a manageable size.) The press should be castigated for not investigating his sexual abuse charges right now.

This was always going to happen with Biden. Before he became the frontrunner, the DNC line was that the country needed a nice moderate who wouldn’t rock the boat. Well now the DNC’s got a boat that ain’t rockin’, could even be sinking.