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How Activists Are Responding to the NYPD’s Attempts to Thwart Black Lives Matter


How Activists Are Responding to the NYPD’s Attempts to Thwart Black Lives Matter

Peter Rugh

The New York Police Department has reportedly been giving young adults free tickets to screenings of “Selma,” and last month, on Martin Luther King Day, officers with the 81st Precinct in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood even drove a group of local teens to see the film, which depicts the historic march for v


There is no question that the system uses armed manpower to keep people “in their places,” and that apart from the “witness of tokenism,” racism still runs rampant.

I think it’s important to connect some dots here. The treatment of Blacks is not all that different from the treatment of Muslims, Mexican Americans (“illegal aliens”), Native Americans, and many women and children.

Any person or entity that challenges patriarchy and its long-established bodies generally presided over by Anglo-European males of ($) means can be described as a Terrorist. Chris Hedges and Glenn Greenwald were quick to notice that the loose language of the N.D. A.A. itself invited that conflation.

How much easier is it for corporate elites to brand anyone who opposes their deadly practices and soulless profit-mongering as Terrorist than to be called to account, themselves?

The inversions of Law, Civil Liberties, and unchecked Power are now legend.

Just as Cowboy-Indian alliances have formed to challenge the rapacious Tar Sands/oil pipelines, groups of former antagonists are bonding together to take down The Beast.

Just as its agents inside the MSM relentlessly paint Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi, and now Putin as “new Hitlers” while they, themselves, embark upon wars of aggression, the narrative now is always that which turns the victim (or target) into the terrorist/perpetrator.

With a media absolutely captured by these same dark Deep State Interests, the public at large hears no alternative narrative. Only those who look for news accounts in less conventional places gain a truer version of both current and international events… particularly those that are a direct result of U.S. intervention.

The times are dangerous. Still, when Justice, decency, Truth, and law become THIS inverted, truly The Center cannot much longer hold.

Watch for falling debris!