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How Ageist Is Too Ageist to Be Published?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/10/how-ageist-too-ageist-be-published

That ageism is alive and well shouldn’t be news to anyone over the age of…40 in this country and it only gets worse as your looks change.

The point with elections as I see it is to elect someone who has a record of actually doing good work for his constituency and being able to connect that with the world and the future both.

It’s easy to talk a good game. And people become ill and die at all ages. Selecting a candidate that fits the bill is about more than youth and talking a good game.

3 most famous potus of 20th century:

FDR in a wheelchair had a perhaps unmatched record of action in dire times

JFK, iirc in constant pain, started peace corps, space program, inspired young to participate.

Reagan deliberately turned political economy upside down for next 35 years while napping and then slipping into dementia.

this is an easy one.
ignore east coast analysis for this real issue.
simply check out the family histories of the candidates parents and grand parents.
how long did they live.
did they maintain their mental / emotional / intelligence ?

Of course, people in their 70s or 80s are too old to take on a nigh pressure job of any kind. No one wants a surgeon of this age to operate on them. No one wants to consult a lawyer of this age. If we have family members of this age, we hope for their good health and ability to live independently, but we all worry about them traveling or being alone for long periods of time. We know that they tend to stick with old ideas and ways of doing things, and many have trouble driving or mastering new technologies. The idea of an old person taking on a job like the presidency is ludicrous, as evidenced by the senile rages of our current chief executive. (Fair disclosure: I am the same age as Mr. Trump)

An older person may not be able to solve a novel complex mathermatical proof as quickly as a younger person in a contest, but this is more than offset by their experience and judgement capabilities. If I needed a lawyer, I’d certainly want one in their 70s with 50 years of experience. And as long as the surgeon’s still has steady hands, I’d also want my surgeon to be older too. In my profession, civi/geotechnical engineering, all the most respected anuthorities in the field are in their 70s or older.

Disclosire I’m 63.

What bullshit. The NYT article - written from an arrogant millenial-tech-field perspective, totally missies the fact that the most important thing a head of state needs is not the ability to derive Shroedenger’s Equation, but judgement borne of experience. One only gets that with age. So yes, age is a positive qualifying factor for a US president.