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How America and the West Got It Wrong in Yemen


How America and the West Got It Wrong in Yemen

Jeb Boone

A Saudi-led coalition of several Arab countries launched an aerial assault in Yemen that involved over 100 aircraft engaged in strikes for four hours late Wednesday night.

The target? Yemen’s Houthi rebels.


Before one can call any project a failure, one must understand what its goals are.

Calling the “Yemen Model” a failure because it has resulted in endless turmoil in that country is to assume that it was intended to do anything else.

The truth is that the “Yemen Model” has been a roaring success because fomenting that very turmoil has been its purpose all along.

The weapons makers win again.



Yup, another “success” for the “if you can’t steal it, break it” brigade. US “foreign policy” in one easy to understand phrase.

Exactly the same as the Ukraine, Syrian, Libyan, Iraqi, Afghan, Yugoslavian, Columbian… well you get the idea… “model”.


Now they have their eyes on Russia and Venezuela.


Is this part of a series called ‘How America FORCED the West to get it wrong in the Middle East because of OIl and Israel?’