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How America Rising Ties the GOP to the Stalkers Harassing Bill McKibben and Tom Steyer


How America Rising Ties the GOP to the Stalkers Harassing Bill McKibben and Tom Steyer

Ben Jervey, DeSmogBlog

For the past few months, when they dare venture out to the supermarket, to church, or to a climate rally, Bill McKibben, Tom Steyer, and other climate activists are being stalked by a team of GOP-trained camera operators.


Sympathy to all who are stalked by the ruling fascists.
Hypocrisy is not merely an individual action (or actions) that is contrary to a strongly held belief. Hypocrisy is living the status quo, centrist American life while not challenging its stranglehold on us all -while not acknowledging and politically working to overthrow the corruption that dominates us.


From Eisenhower authorizing the CIA overthrow of Iran's democratically elected government in 1953, Nixon's 1972 Watergate break in, to this stalking, it is time for the GOP to be renamed the Murkin Taliban Party.


I suggest filming the assholes back in action as they are filming you and gave friends and supporters film the shit out of their family members too.


Harassment of those whom dare to dent the bottom line of American corporate sacred cows (and the fossil fuels mafia is surely that) by privately funded mercenaries as a precursor to persecution by the FBI has a long and dark history. A prime example of this is the Blacklist era in Hollywood as it was a private body, Red Channels, that started as a management reaction to a studio workers strike.
This is this era's version of the same.


This article further illustrates that Amerika is drowning in its own propaganda.


America Rising Squared (aka America Rising Advanced Research or AR2) has no decency.


Fossil Fuel Fascists are determined to commit ecocide. Worse than Nazi's, they want to kill everything.



If Bill McKibben were serious about global warming, he would be focusing on trying to convert members of Congress to his way of thinking--they are the decision-makers in this society. Of course, given that most of them are under the control of fossil fuel and other lobbyists, Bill would have a hard time convincing them.
Given that what Bill is doing will prove fruitless, and he likely knows this, I am forced to conclude that he is a mere publicity seeker.


Is the term " America Rising" referring to a mushroom cloud ?


Dear Mr. McKibben,

Clearly, AR2 is going to these extremes because you are winning the battle, and the public is pressuring Republican legislators to recognize global warming. They can't stand the heat! The Republican Party has always resorted to dirty tricks as when they "speed boated" John Kerry or ran the Willie Horton ad or distributed brochures with false dates for voting in minority areas. In fact, People for the American Way has a great article, which everyone should read: http://blog.pfaw.org/content/top-11-republican-dirty-tricks-so-far.

Thanks for writing the NYT article. I'm sending you a donation today!


GOP are followers of Mammon:

Definition of mammon. : material wealth or possessions especially as having a debasing influence <you cannot serve God and mammon — Matthew 6:24


This bunch of intrusive maniacs is a 501C nonprofit???

Seriously, with the budget they have?


These guys should take a long walk through a rough neighborhood at night. If the stalkers follow, who knows what could happen.


I would think it might be easier for Bill & Tom to obtain a restraining order from a judge.

That way, if the GOP continue to harass & stalk, they can find themselves in jail !!


There are anti stalking laws on the books. Bill and his family should document the repeated presence of individuals stalking them in different locations using their cell phones. This alone would provide proof that they are being stalked. Bill's family are being harassed and there is no claiming of right wing affiliations by these stalkers. A sexual predator could also claim some affiliation to a group too which in any case does not make stalking legal.

These stalkers should be arrested and then let them claim affiliation to some right wing group because then the group could be sued say by his daughter and family members being harassed.


Go to 350.org and see the work founder, Bill McKibben and co. are doing to draw attention to environmental issues. https://350.org/ This includes organizing and educating activists to petition governments for change, a bit more than publicity seeking. And to say it will prove fruitless is to give up without a fight. Gotta start somewhere, and start we must.



Someone has too much free $$$$$$$$$speech.


A good, common sense suggestion. One of the reasons I read reader comments.