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How American Cities Were Reduced to Esper’s "Battlespace": From Falluja to Minneapolis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/03/how-american-cities-were-reduced-espers-battlespace-falluja-minneapolis


Sans propaganda, there would be no modern wars*.
Sans the assault on education, propaganda would have no effect.

*at home or abroad

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I am not sure why the author focused on Bushes wars and stopped at the Presidency of Barack Obama who expanded those wars and accelerated the process of the Militarization of the police.

These are not Bushes wars or trumps wars. These are American wars which that country has been waging for over 90 percent of its history. That legacy of “always war” is something Bush, Obama and trump add to.

Juan Cole was backing the assault on Libya and the destruction of that Country. He referred to those Al Qaeda members fighting Qaddaffi as liberators. He suggested those opposed as being isolationists and claimed a major crime against humanity ongoing.

In other words depending on whether a Republican or a Democrat president, this guy is pro war when it his guy in charge. When Bush wanted his war on Iraq, the reasons used were lies. The same thing happened with Libya and Juan Cole jumped on board with the lies.

Here is some of his spiel claiming a better and freer Libya would arise. Note how he claims the Western nations had no interest in the oil wealth and were there to support human rights.


This article points out how the lies used to justify the war on Libya greater then those used to justify war on Iraq.


Another fraud claiming to be on the left and speaking for them… If Biden gets in and launches a war on “plug in country here” Cole will be in support once again.

 I'm sure, that all those heeding Pope John XXIII's plea 

for universal peace based on the human right to justice
(April, 1963), are grateful to you and applaud your post.

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Obama covered his ass by reducing the amount of surplus military equipment he gifted to police departments under 1033 rule.

Of course, by then that military gear was being doled out by the DHS, so Obama was just performing his usual bait and switch. Many liberals, like good little blue team pom-pom girls, cheered the bullshit.


This, has all been possible as a result of the American People overwhelmingly enabling the 536 individuals, primarily from two corrupt political parties, to make this our reality.

Many of us have been part of the problem, enablers to the Duopoly over a period of decades, allowing the destruction of our Democracy, the militarization of those who are there to protect and serve us in our cities.

We the People must make better choices in who we want to represent us in WashingtonDC, choosing people that are dedicated to equality for all citizens, not primarily the 1% and the corporations.

Taxation, healthcare, police reform, drug wars, all these things must be addressed with equality as the most important element in mind.

Reform of the Duopoly in my opinion, will never occur until there is at least one or two more strongly competitive political parties representing a major portion of our citizenry.

The continued support of the Duopoly parties at this time, is a recipe for an even bigger disaster than we already are facing.


Indeed. Those that rail against the militarization of the Police forces when a Republican in charge then are silent when it a Democrat doing the same thing, are part of the problem and not the solution. Few things bother me more then those double standards.

Whenever I see a headline now that Has the words “Trump” or “Republicans” in it along with some point on policy , I expect that double standard even before I read the body of the article.

This is not Journalism.


The article link by Rachel Grant about Fallujah is worth reading to really get a flavor of the purely psychopathic military mind and the same mind in the presence of writer Rachel Grant. Actually it is very hard to read, or I should say, I found it hard to read, just because it is so twisted and murderous.
But worth reading and keeping, as evidence and as a reminder, lest we forget about the true military, and now police, mind, such as it is.

Expect to see the white phosphorus, depleted uranium and torture used on protestors any time. Trump destroys our country and costs lives daily and there’s not a single member of the government, military or law enforcement brave or patriotic enough to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country against a dangerous domestic enemy.