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How American Racism Has a Cost for Everyone

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/02/how-american-racism-has-cost-everyone


Hey y’all, checkitout, it’s all good! This is a brilliant interview from the great Bill Moyers, imho. Though his protege Winship compulsively underwhelms in the scriblings he spews, it’s nice to see the master still has his chops. Sometimes, when Amy Goodman (the best interviewer around, imho) is having a hot streak, she finds a subject who needs minimal prompting. Maybe she learned that level of polish from Moyers. A couple interview excerpts, perchance to whet your appetite for reading the whole thing:

The central story at the heart of my book, Bill, is the story that was replicated in countless towns across the country, where public swimming pools that had been financed by tax dollars– we used to have over 2,000 in this country, these sort of grand resort pools that were the heart of communities. They were ways in which the government was sort of committing to a high, almost bourgeois quality of life for working and middle class people. It was bringing together, you know, white folks of different European ancestry and immigrants and having them sort of all meet in this social commons of recreation. They were often segregated and whites only. And when in the 1950s the country began to require, often through the courts, that these pools were integrated, so many towns across the country, and not just in the South, decided to drain their public swimming pools rather than integrate them.
I wanted to figure out where the story came from. And so I looked back in the history and saw how powerful and important it was to the coherence of the white American story in the United States, to our democracy, to the republic, to our foundational economy. And then how this idea of the zero-sum, of a zero-sum racial hierarchy had been sort of reanimated generation after generation, always by people at the top of the social and economic hierarchy.

[Edit] It’s not quite all good. It turns out McGhee’s book isn’t available until Feb 16, 2021. Dammit!


I know you didn’t like the article by Winship. and I agree that Bill Moyers is the standard bearer of this journalistic group, but each have made notable contributions.

Reading the article in question, there was one part that gave me a chill, something I always notice as some consider it a stirring of the kundalini energy. I didn’t reread the article but I was curious about the affect it had on several people.

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The part about draining the public pool – such a powerful, tragic metaphor at the core of McGhee’s book. That part feels so inhumanly arid: The universe must be sterilized, every last inch, to protect from undercaste contamination. That’s the USA I recognize – the one I grew up in – alright.


Ok thanks. I don’t think we have gotten to the bottom of this ideology that manifests in various forms through out known or recorded history. I think this corresponds to low rates of behavior, not the sweeping epics of yore. I remember the social stresses too. Isn’t this proof that somethings have changed.

2020 should conclusively prove to everyone that everything constantly changes – now at a pace of climatological and epidemiological transformation far beyond anyone’s powers of prognostication, let alone control. Yes, something has changed. Substantively, the “this” which changes everything, in Klein’s parlance, could be called 2020.

Quite frequently (not from you, from others in here) we hear curmudgeons telling us “nothing will change.” These people must have been sleepwalking all year, imho.

A step-cousin in-law (or something of that nature) we ran into on a family hike told us that, in her office, they’re betting on “2020” becoming a swear-word. “Sorry, I’m just feeling totally 2020’d today.”

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This just came to mind, thinking John Lennon was right about this as a person that examined change, musically and socially. It is difficult to let some things take there place in history and moving on with new understanding.

When it comes to prognostication, that would certainly require more than one person and I’m sure there are few details, only possibilities.

Thank you, but I get stuck too. I use to sleepwalk when I was a kid but I out grew it.

I spent some time with my native american friend and a close relative and watched them play virtual 3D football. It was funny as hell. It makes me dizzy.

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I hear “Bill Moyers” and tears start rolling down my cheeks. This interview with Heather McGhee just proves my point. Progress is good!


I am so very grateful for the great journalists of our time, especially Bill Moyers, Chris Hedges, Amy Goodman, John Pilger, Greg Palast, Matt Taibbi, and others
such as they, who give us an alternative to the “Conventional Wisdom” which inundates our corporate-controlled messaging apparatus.


This interview is so enlightening for me, and explains what went wrong in the rest of the country. When I left the Northeast in 1973, things seemed “normal” there in the race relations arena. Living in the
Deep South then, one expected conflict with racism and the area didn’t disappoint, but in certain areas (like here on the Gulf Coast) race relations have evolved tremendously, not perfect or finished, but much, much better than 1973. At the same time these relations disintegrated around the rest of the country, and I was dumbfounded as to why.
Bravo Mr. Moyers and MS. McGhee.

very well thought out criticism and a lot to mull over. I just want people to know that there is a disturbing new scheme which people need to be aware of, it takes this horrible situation to a new level and having gone through something similar, its likely to make a lot of people physically ill. We have to make people aware of it because its beyond the pale whats going to be done. Please be aware that the future that we thought was promised to us was actually being promised in writing to others. We’re completely unprepared for whats to come, which will make 2008 look like nothing. The cause is the same instrument. I beg people to realize the system we live in and things is the government is actually an increasingly indebted shell thats been stripped of the power people would need it to have to fix all these things, while debts have been created that we owe to other countries in our jobs, this is how totalitarianism works. here are multiple layers of lies that instantiate multiple stories and multiple government offices and even governments, a promotion in the fake, powerless, visible government is often a sign that somebody has fallen out of favor in the real government, We’ve fallen for a big trick. Look at how rich people protect their assets from creditors, its like that. Insteadof doing their jobs, they are acting to us, and trading away (itsniot giving) the future to oligarchs, rich people from poor parts of the world. Yes the ones who oppress the poor there.

How can we argue with them “helping the poor”, right? Cough

It has been a huge sham. And we have fallen for it. Please wise up. And stop falling for their truly evil divide and conquer scheme. Our shared values are far more alike than different, we should see that when we compare them to those who our overseeers are colluding with elsewhere. The creeps who are stealing our country and planet are all as contemptuous as can be of democracy. We need to realize its not us, any of us, its THEM who are the crooks. Have some compassion for others who are being kicked out of their homes. That will be us soon, we need to help us ALL keep our rental apartments, trailers, homes, jobs whatever we have invested our lives in, which otherwise will be stolen, torn down and/or redeveloped in large numbers soon, decimating both Democratic and Republican communities and tossing millons of voters out of cities. We all need one anothers help when they come for the good jobs, and then when the banks start taking our homes the next year. Immigrants will be hurt tremendously just like the rest of us, replaced by temporary workers who owe huge debts to the body shop firms and get paid wages that would be criminal under other circumstances. The backroom deals that allow this have to be dismantled, not foisted on the country by stealth.

Don’t be naive idiots and fall for the political class’s lies, we are smarter than that. They are their own disinformation sperers, their own russian bots.

Their WTO has got to go. The developing countries have been hooked in by a con artists scheme that is unconscionable because its traitorious. Its got zero legitimacy., Dont let them get that FAKE legitimacy by continuing the big lies and pushing the nation out of the country, and replacing us with other sleazy rich people like themselves. That country will have so little honest creative joy it will self destruct leaving us all with nothing. Rich and poor. Any idiot should see that. This is what the founders of this country feared the most its happening, and we’re being conned like never before. A house divided against itself cannot stand. The last several Administrations have all been crooked because of this scheme to steal the planet. This is our last chance. Reject the global grab.

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most of your “journalists” will never expose the false flag of 911. The touchstone of America’s foreign policy of eternal wars.

As a physicist, I knew the towers were not going to fall, despite the lame-ass empty-head narrative from CNN. Then they came down. Blowing sideways (Hello, where was Newton?) without physics, but what the hell it’s CNN. Forget my education and get my indoctrination–NOT.

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