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How America's Ego Could Save the Planet


How America's Ego Could Save the Planet

Paul Buchheit

In October, 1957 the U.S. suffered a crippling blow to its pride when Russia's Sputnik soared 500 miles into space. The response from the White House was to call it "a useless hunk of iron" and "a silly bauble in the sky." But for the first time American Cold War superiority came into question. David Halberstam called Sputnik’s success "a kind of technological Pearl Harbor." All America was stirred up, determined to fight back, especially after Sputnik II, a month later, sent a dog into space.


“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
--Albert Einstein

Now what do we really expect from a "Reality TV" president-elect?


I think we should expect more dire news about climate change over the next several years. This news should be more influential than any lies about climate change from Trump, who has little credibility outside of the far right gang that brags about creating their own facts and have lagely abandoned an important concept which most of call the truth.


Such exciting prospects for the future! Now, if we can just look past the present system we have in place, we can cooperatively work to bring about this global plan for human energy consumption! To the SUN!!!


Here's an article about 100% renewable energy world-wide by 2050 by a scientist at Stanford Univ.
: https://www.wunderground.com/blog/JeffMasters/comment.html?entrynum=3534


I've always been surprised that American militarism wasn't a greater driver in the renewable energy sector. What's the first rule of warfare? Cut off the enemy's supply lines. Who do we consider our enemies? The Middle East. What is the Middle East's greatest export? Oil. Right there it should make renewable energy attractive for the Trump crowd. It would be like the new war bonds or victory gardens. Renewable energy would be a tangible thing Americans could do to defeat their "enemies." Tapping into pride is one thing, but tapping into hatred and xenophobia seems to be a limitless resource. Plus, it's an argument that negates the potential negative stereotypes of being called a "tree hugger" or "do gooder" while appealing to people who consider themselves tree huggers and do gooders. It's a win/win.


Paul Buchheit is always able to make sense out of hopelessness and tragedy.


That's actually what the US did. all that fracking and shale oil brought prices down to about $30 per barrel until it wasn't profitable anymore.


"Unfortunately, Trump may not have the intelligence to recognize that he should act. And the forces behind fossil fuel make progress unlikely"

Trump's intelligence will have nothing to do with it. If solar or "renewables" are really cheaper than fossil, then pure capitalistic greed will take over. If you can generate a renewable kWh for less than a fossil kWh and sell it at the same price then enterprising investors will do it, whether Trump or anyone else has the intelligence or not.


What makes you think that the planet CAN be saved?!


If Dr. Wasdell is correct in saying (http://www.apollo-gaia.org/Harsh%20Realities.pdf) that an increase of 2° C, above the pre-industrial baseline, “was implicit by about1978” (i.e., was already “in the pipeline” almost 40 years ago), there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to have any optimism for the human future. After all, we are living in the period of “the sixth extinction,” and the UN has reported that EVERY DAY 150 – 200 species are going extinct!


Is it sense or nonsense, rather?


Fracking has got to be the most bass ackward inside out excuse for claiming any advancement in any way shape or form. It was the fincialization mechanisms not the technology that finally had any effect.


When the US finally collapses under the weight of its own hubris, the world will be a better place. The downside is that by the time this actually happens, much irreparable damage will have already been done.


I agree but the problem is that we need to go much faster than will happen based on market forces. Simply leaving it up to the market will not work and has not been working. That is why a carbon tax or something like it is essential. This is a climate emergency and we have to play favorites which means we have to favor renewables. Speed in transitioning away from fossil fuels is what it is all about. Capitalistic greed cannot save us. We must use our intelligence and quickly get the result that we need.


Everything cannot be based on 2C. It is very likely we will pass it. While there may be no reason for optimism there is also no reason to give up. Nobody really knows what will happen past 1C. The only smart thing to do is not give up and keep trying. Things might turn out better than the more dire predictions. If warming cannot be kept under 2C then we need to keep it from going beyond 2.5C and so forth.


Well, global warming didn't really pan out as its proponents were hoping so i guess all those cool (no pun intended) ideas weer put on the back burner. If things were to really heat up (here o go again) we'll figure out way. My guess is nuclear fast reactors are gonna be the first choice. They were already tested, they can produce power day and night, wind or calm and give us constant base load without having to cover several square miles of land with panels or windmills.

And here's where i usually mentions that my solar array provided me with 101% of the total energy i used lat year. Still had to be connected to the grid, as i only get 8-10 hour of production per day but the meter was counting backwards most of that time. :grin:


I know. I know.... I've been saturated in all this "bad news" for too long. A little positive thinking is much needed. Who knows? Perhaps our "belief" in better days ahead, could promote such?!