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How an Iran War Was Averted


How an Iran War Was Averted

Ray McGovern

On a recent TV appearance, I was asked about whistleblowing, but the experience brought back to mind a crystal-clear example of how, before the Iraq War, CIA careerists were assigned “two bosses” – CIA Director George Tenet and John Bolton, the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, the arch-neocon who had been thrust on an obedient Secretary of State Colin Powell.


Thanks to Ray McGovern for this great look behind the scenes and to CD for this history of US warmongering toward Iran.

Iran has been one of the key targets for ordinary war mongers with psychopath Israel the most rabid, along with their agents in Congress, and notably Hillary Clinton.

Zionist Israel and their treasonous US lobby worked for decades to "get America into their fight" and destabilize the entire ME - much of their racist agenda has already come to pass with the Occupied Territories nearly all colonized - Iran has so-far escaped the schemes of war hawks and Israeli sycophants! Many US politicians are lap-dogs (to be charitable) to Israeli racism & expansionism and none more important at this time than Hillary Clinton, who pledged craven loyalty to the Israeli agenda at the recent AIPAC meeting. We can expect more baiting and confrontation with Iran if Hillary gets into the Oval Office!

"Hillary Clinton is a bought-and-paid-for representative of the big banks, the military-security complex, and the Israel Lobby. She will represent these interests, not those of the American people or America’s European allies"


Cheney and Bush baked four cookies, one with an "I", one with an "R", one with an "A", and one with an "N". Next they invited the sixteen "intelligence" directors to see if they could figure out what it all meant.

Cue Lee Greenwood in three seconds, barf bag in seven.


One picture is worth a thousand words or so the saying goes.
Without reading a word of the story look at the picture accompanying it and ask yourself who is being briefed?
Who is commanding all the attention of that group?
This "presidential briefing" should have been more accurately called a "vice presidential briefing".
As foul and evil as the CIA and the security state establishment is, there is an even stronger force against which even they are struggling. This is the force that placed useful idiot Dumbya Bush in charge and Darth Cheney in control of things. It is the same force that either owns or will eliminate (at a time and in a way of its choosing) the current crop of presidential candidates.


".. the neocons were deprived of the Iran war for which they had been lusting,,"

"Prominent neocon Robert Kagan has endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president, saying she represents the best hope for saving the United States from populist billionaire Donald Trump, who has repudiated the neoconservative cause of U.S. military interventions in line with Israel’s interests."

Neocon Kagan Endorses Hillary Clinton

Neocon hope blooms eternal.

"The fact is that Clinton has generally marched in lock step with the neocons as they have implemented an aggressive “regime change” strategy against governments and political movements that don’t toe Washington’s line or that deviate from Israel’s goals in the Middle East. So she has backed coups, such as in Honduras (2009) and Ukraine (2014); invasions, such as Iraq (2003) and Libya (2011); and subversions such as Syria (from 2011 to the present) all with various degrees of disastrous results." Robert Parry (same source as the section above)

If Clinton wins they'll get their wish.


I am pleased that through the articles and the feedback, CD and its posters really have established just what a neocon Hillary Clinton is.

What we have had in Iraq, Libya and Syria is absolutely awful. Iran would have to be worse, because it could resist operation "shock and awe" militarily, where Iraq could not, so long as nuclear weapons are not used (Something Hillary Clinton has threatened to do). The only way to beat such a resistance is heavier bombing and worse violence. The resulting insugency, if nuclear weapons are not used is probably something that the USA could not overcome even over a period of six years. Petraus put a regime of death squads and torture centres into Iraq. How much worse would have to happen in Iran for the USA to win this.

But I can just about see it already. I may not know all the tricks, but I know these tricks.:-

  • Secretly trained and armed insurgencies are discovered in the victim country and then the government therin puts it down in a bloody massacre (How would the USA deal with a foreign armed insurgency with its borders?).

  • Rupert Murdoch will draw attention to the resulting massacre or perhaps to a possible future massacre that the county's leader is perpetrating on "his own people". He raise the level of propaganda by a factor of ten and the other commercial networks will join in, with special propaganda based to demonise the country's leader, based on fabrications, hearsay, false flags, and also the truth that would otherwise be ignored for other "allied" countries.

  • And then it will be Hillary's moment of glory to establish herself as a war president and to shine for her backers, the Israelis, the oil corporations, the MIC, not to mention ithe 60% of the citizens who will wave the flag in thrall to the propaganda.

  • Perhaps with a direct invasion to save the world from WMD, and lets not forget Iran's bogus nuclear threat to the world. This will result in 3 million deaths and 6 million refugees. Though the official count will ignore DU sickness etc, and have the official count at just 30,000 - about the same level as official USA serviceman deaths.

  • Or perhaps declare a "no fly zone" and "humanitarian aid" and proceed to bomb the country for 6 months co-ordinating with well supplied insurgents, as happened to Libya and may or may not have been avoided in Syria. (might need to bomb for 18 months in the case of Iran)

  • Or beginning with a series of high level assassinations (e.g. Iran's Mosagdegh) and backed up with a quick overthrow and imposition of our bloody despot such as the Shah, for whom we had no objections to his nuclear weapons program.

  • Six years later the insurgency will be still ongoing, and since the USA supposedly "owns" it now there will be military surge to bring the country under control.


This article did not make the point, but pre-emptive war is a war crime.