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How Anti-Choice Groups Push Message "Directly Into Women's Phones"



What we have to remember is that RELIGIOUS groups are generally pro-choice.
We just don't hear about those groups.

That doesn't include fanatical religious groups however, like Evangelicals.

Meanwhile "pro-life" fanatics have been identified again by the Southern Poverty Law
Center to still be connected with White Supremacist groups. This has long been
known by feminist groups who at one time appealed to the Supreme Court to use RICO
laws to stop these groups and their violence at women's clinics -- arson, bombings, and

Some may recall that at least two murderers of doctors at women's clinics were ID'd
as being connected to White Supremacist groups.

Also keep in mind that Pope Francis has told Catholics to stop the "obsession with abortion."
Pope Francis is following in the tradition of the beloved Pope John XXIII who gave Catholics
Vatican II which confirmed members' right to freedom of conscience, free thought and free will
and told Catholics to use their own conscience to decide for themselves whether or not to
use contraceptives. Today 99% of Catholics use contraceptives.

Because these right wing "obsessed" groups cannot win the debate over abortion, they must
resort to intimidation and violence.


Actually Pope Francis recently stated his support for the Catholic Church's ban on contraception.


Turtle --

That's not the same as telling Catholics that they need to end the
"obsession" with abortion where he was obviously referring to fanatics
within the church.

As I said, 99% of Catholics use contraceptives.
And just as many Catholic women as any other women have abortions --
everywhere that abortion is legal -- and then, too, they also travel to
other locations to secure abortions -- i.e., from Ireland to UK, for instance.

Vatican II made the church a democracy for many Catholics.
For those who want a dictatorship, they can also have that.

But I think Francis delivers some mixed messages --
probably because the right wing cult within the church still fighting birth
control, abortion and Vatican II is still active.


Ain't technology Grand Guignol?


Or perhaps Theatre of the Absurd?


Technological surveillance by private groups and individuals is still surveillance, no matter how you cut it. It is the state of being for an entire generation. The word "privacy" is beginning to lack all meaning as surveillance becomes a way of life.

It appears we also need the "Right to Privacy" spelled out in the Constitution.