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How Bernie Sanders Can Kill the 1%'s TPP Trade Deal


How Bernie Sanders Can Kill the 1%'s TPP Trade Deal

Robert Naiman

The DC press says it's getting down to the wire on a possible vote in the House on fast track to substantially pre-approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other pending trade deals, with a vote possible as early as Thursday.


Does Bernie have a copy that he could leak?

I have heard that the document can only be read in a secured location, a location run by the CIA or some other security agency. And people allowed to read it cannot take notes out after being there. Any notes have to be left there. And for a while I don’t think that even staff could attend.

Could he filibuster??

Suppose he did leak the document, it could be a huge risk. The corporate media has never given the proper treatment of the content and implications of the document. And there is so much deception that makes it easier to criticize people. Look what Obama did to Elizabeth Warren when he challenged her to provide details, which if she had, could land her in jail.

If he did leak the document, it could sink his presidential campaign.

We need some heroic action. Maybe wikileaks can get the document using the $100K reward.

These “trade” agreements make it clear that the corporate coup d’etat .has happened.


Signed. C’mon, Bernie, let your people know!


Actually, I think leaking this piece of crap would almost guarantee that he was voted in as president – there are so many of us peons who would move heaven and earth to keep this toilet paper pact from being signed into law and Bernie leaking it would force me to seriously consider voting for him … how many other peons feel the same way?


I think the author of this article (Robert Naiman) pointedly asking Bernie Sanders to publish the text of the TPP is way out of line! The petition to publish the TPP is addressed to all the members of Congress, so why put the onus on Bernie? Right now, Senator Sanders, by fact of his running for the nomination is already putting himself on the line big time and he has many of us backing him! Bernie has never stopped informing the public about the ill intent of the TPP as well as spreading the truth about all the other issues which effect the citizens, a valuable service! To call him out by name is doing nothing more than exposing him to the nasty undercover workings of the current administration and Mr. Naiman should know that! I support Senator Sanders for the presidency with all my strength, and think that Mr. Naiman should apologize to all of us for this stupid stunt! Shame on you, Mr. Naiman, I always thought you had good sense, but I was sady mistaken!


The problems associated with today’s utter dependence upon long-distance driving are mirrored in globalization which serves manufacturers shipping the longest distance. Just as absurd traffic undermines other fundamental modes of urban/suburban travel, the global economy undermines the more important local, regional, state and national economies.

Here then is a basic outline for reducing fuel/energy consumption in future economies. Drive less, fly less, truck and ship goods around the world less. No doubt, Big Oil, Auto and Boeing would rather cities remain places citizens seek vacations elsewhere, only to find more of the same demoralizing traffic and rural campground RV, jetski and snowmobiles a rumbling desacration of nature. Visit Central American ancient pyramid Cholula, convenient Walmart parking only a block away!


YOu are so right! Who besides the president is supporting this anti-American action? Are all the politicians owned by billion/trillionaires?
I am going to call my congressmen even though they have done nothing for me. I am also going to call the White House.
We thought it was bad enough as it is, but this will be a total coup.
The one world government is now stepping up the the plate.


I have gone to petition sites that show the items where petitions have made a difference in the outcome.
I think that when congress receives enough phone calls, Some Do listen, and Can be change
the outcome.
I don’t have any way to know that with This case, but if we at least give our views to those bills they deal with.
So without gaurantee of change, I do it because;
What else Can we do?
plus we can vote, but less than 1/2 of us Do vote,
except with the bills like This in which we are given no vote.


One of the worst excuses to be made for our oppressors, for the meatpuppets of the One Percent, is that if they fight, they will be assassinated.