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How Bernie Sanders Can Win the Black Vote


How Bernie Sanders Can Win the Black Vote

No one should underestimate the ability of Bernie Sanders to turn skeptics into supporters.

The race for the Democratic nomination will test Sanders’ ability to win over opponents as the contest moves beyond the early states. That’s especially true in states with a heavy concentration of black voters.

Hillary Clinton is seen as a heavy favorite among in the African American community. The former secretary of state has the endorsement. She has decades-long relationships built with her husband, former President Bill Clinton.


I love how Hillary keeps talking about her record. She makes it sound like she has been making things happen for decades.

What record? She was a resounding failure as Sec of State and apparently incompetent (or worse) about securing state department business/communications. I guess she figured the cold war was over and there was no need to be so careful?

As a senator, she sure as hell didn't do much which was in fact one of the big complaints about her. I mean she did vote for the war in Iraq so she does have that on her record. I can't really remember anything else that she's done.

Can you?

The only reason she is being talked about having a relationship with the black community is because Reagan and Bush sr. were really lousy. Bill Clinton was lucky that computers gave him a boom economy. He has milked that for all its worth ever since. NAFTA managed to slip by far too easy didn't it.

Hillary will sign a TPP I think.


If Sanders can improve his standing with black voters he better do it before Super Tuesday. And he also needs to make inroads with Latino voters with Nevada right after South Carolina. It appears the 1% rhetoric doesn't appeal to minority voters. Sanders needs to find out what does appeal to these voters rather quickly.


And here is the link:


And a list of major African-American newspapers:


This, "how to", article was short on directions. The assumption that Hillary owns the black vote is a false one I hope. All voters need study the candidates and make an informed decision as to who will serve their best interests. In most cases Bernie or Jill will rise to the top.


What Bill Clinton in cahoots with Bush, Sr. did to squander the FUNDS sent to help the Haitians after the earthquake and subsequent rains/hurricanes is a CRIME against humanity.

Who remembers those FEMA trailers sent over that were so hot, the kids got headaches and worse?

And who recalls that the majority of the "aid" went to support U.N./Nepalese troops standing around guarding the property of the "usual suspects" while their fecal matter brought Cholera to already desperate, homeless people.

THAT is the Clinton record on Blacks.... not that Bill hung out with a few Black friends!


I don't get what the black community sees in the Clintons? Bill along with the GOP Congress in the 90's ended Nat'l welfare ( AID) and in so doing impoverished millions of poor families. When the Big Recession came in 2008 this bad decision really came home to roost, Then there was the Clinton / GOP crime bills that help privatize the jails and fill them with a huge no. of young black men ( mostly convicted of petty drug offenses.) Add to this Hillary running in 2008 as the redneck savior against Obama and the mystery deepens. Now she claims Obama's mantle, she sure has gall.


I have never gotten that one either. You mentioned Bill's Welfare "Reform" bill that was so damaging to the African-American community. That happened late in his second term, IIRC, when he was looking around for friends' backs that he hadn't stabbed yet. A more likely answer, though, happened when he was first running back in '92, IMO.

Two things happened within a short time of each other; one "stuck," and the other apparently didn't. The former was the famous appearance playing saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show (late night TV). He was "very cool." Only a short time later came the infamous Sister Souljah "bitch slap" to Jesse Jackson. As a former Jackson supporter, that "blew my mind," but history seems to indicate that it didn't cause the level of offense within the community that I thought it would, and should have.

Sorry. I know this isn't really an answer to your question. I guess I'm just saying I share it.


You are welcome.


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Senator Sanders has commonality with African Americans. He was fighting for Civil Rights in the 1960s! If he had the same wall to wall press regarding his history and accomplishments as the Clintons get for their non-accomplishments, then he would have massive support among them.

Senator Sanders's problem is the capitalist, corporate media doesn't want him anywhere near presidential power. Therefore, initially they ignored him, ridiculed him and are now trying to destroy him ala Howard Dean.