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How Biden Flubbed Town Hall Foreign Policy Question

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/19/how-biden-flubbed-town-hall-foreign-policy-question


It would have been inspiring to hear Biden say that his goals would be to put an end to U.S. efforts at regime change; to significantly reduce the threat of nuclear war and join the UN Treaty on the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons; to free up hundreds of billions of dollars per year for domestic needs by right-sizing the Pentagon budget; and to put peaceful diplomacy front and center.

In other words Medea, you would want Biden to be assassinated?


Like most politicians of either party, Biden is ignorant of foreign policy. For that reason he only listens to those that have his ear, mostly the tired hacks that occupy positions of power in the Pentagon and the defense industry. If Biden wins the presidency, prepare for four more years of wasteful “defense” spending, military interventions in other countries, hostility towards populist governments that refuse to play the neoliberal game, and endless support for authoritarian regimes like Saudi Arabia or the UAE. We must point out the folly of his plans, emphasizing the squandering of resources that could be spent on our people.


Many good points here. But left out was advising Biden to drop the cruel and illegal sanctions
against Venezuela, Iran and other countries. But the Biden/Obama regime had commenced
sanctioning Venezuela – on specious grounds, of course.


Biden simply rolled over and said, “I complement the president on the deal with Israel.”

Unles he said it writing, he must have said “I compli ment the president …”

Biden and Obama “brought home five times more troops than Trump has …”
I think you meant B&O brought home more than five times the number Trump has.

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Any honest answer from Biden favoring peace would be paradigm-changing on at least those two counts.

Trump and Obama and Biden all extended the US drone presence abroad. There are some advantages to bringing troops home even while one extends war, but we should not confuse ourselves about the Obama administrations extension of war to Libya and to Syria, its continuation of torture, its fresh overuse of the so-called “Espionage” Act as a weapon against journalism, its support of coup d’etat in Latin America and the Ukraine, where Biden’s son “does business.”

These guys are both MIC-aligned. Biden is not campaigning on a peace basis because he would look like a fool trying and because Trump does not have what it takes to force him to the attempt. Harris, likely to ultimately be more important to policy, is a machine politician with a history of selling people into forced labor in a for-profit prison system. The MIC revue is coming to town, and it is all bad news.

Call things what you want, neither the church nor the merchants go far nor exact much tribute without their yeoman cavalry. The US citizenry must abjure almost all of what is called “the role of the United States abroad” by creating a local economy and refusing to support other nonsense on all sides.

Call this an isolationist concept if you will. In some ways, certainly, it resembles concepts that were derided by that term in the 1930s and before. But apparently invading and bombing and destabilizing people and countries has never really managed to create an openness to other ideas or societies or to the authentic benefits to be gotten from wisdom distributed, as it is, across the globe.

I suppose there is no special reason that the likes of Medea Benjamin should refused discourse with these people as long as she cares to engage it. Most likely doing so is at some level a rhetorical gesture in which she gives Biden the opportunity to back away from his warlike position, which is surely clear enough by now.

Bless her energy, in general; but I think it could be better directed here. Let us work on the structures that divest in war, that de-incentivize it, that largely replace it. Above all, let us leave this juggernaut of Western empire that passed to the US in '45 to twist in the wind and perish.


You can’t teach an old dogma new tricks


“… a paradigm-changing answer that would have motivated millions of Americans across the political spectrum—from leftists to anti-imperialist Republicans and libertarians—who long to live in a peaceful, just and sustainable world”

True. But then Biden wouldn’t be Biden, meaning he wouldn’t be where he is right now if he was seen as capable of giving such a “paradigm-changing answer.”


Especially an old, unhealthy dog!


At some point in time, if the nation actually is going to survive, we need to have leaders willing to speak the truth, even if it risks their lives.

I agree with Medea. Biden should have said he would put an end to regime change, reduce the threat of nuclear war, join the UN Treaty on the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, free up $$$ for domestic needs by right-sizing the Pentagon budget, and put peaceful diplomacy front and center. He should have said this, and let the chips fall where they may!


What , and see the donations to the DNC from the arms makers dry up? Or those 200000$ speaking fees for ex presidents firms like Boeing toss around. No peace organization is going to pay some ex president 200000$ to speak to them for 30 minutes.


He is not ignorant of foreign policy. He is full aware of how much the Arms makers donate to the DNC coffers and knows full well that his son Hunter might well get a shot at sitting as a board member for one of these firms.


You know what? I don’t care that Biden flubbed the question.

And you know what else? The authors are right as rain, as the saying goes. They are right!!

I also think people like Medea Benjamin and Nicolas Davies should just shutthefucup for the next three weeks.

continuous wars(all 225 years of the 243 years our country has been in existence) -support for the fossil fuel corporations that are degrading our planet for a profit-the lack of health care- substandard wages- just what are we voting for?? we are rightfully worried about the racism of the Republicans while we ignore the racism of the Democrats–I hope Trump is defeated but I also realize that the Democrats are only a somewhat less vicious version of the same racism–see the war on drugs -the arming of the police now acting as occupying forces in communities of color while they gun down unarmed black and brown bodies on a regular basis-the red lining and economic exploitation of those same communities-the lack of or even the proposal of a living wage-the failure to protect the franchise of those same communities that suppresses the voice of minorities -the predatory lending that devastates communities of color–all part and parcel of the exploitation explicit in the white privileged racism of the our so called leaders–including the Democrats

foreign policy isn’t the only area that Biden flubbed–so by all means get rid of Trump(and hopefully some of the worst racists in the Republican party)–but do not expect any relief from the Democrats–they’ve been MIA for decades as they kowtow(ed) to the corporations that are part of the capitalist capture of our country-the destruction of our environment-the exploitation of minorities, women( who still make pennies on the dollar compared to men)and the poor along with the prosecution of continuous warfare --all done for the profits of those fore mentioned capitalists


those who are afraid of facing the truth even while admitting the truth that exists telling us to shut up-how very Republican of you
I am reminded of the saying of a previous president–if you can’t stand the heat --get out of the kitchen


Calling on critics of the right wing Democrat Leadership to STFU is as anti-democratic and repressive as Trumpsters telling critics that This is America, Love Her or Leave Her!


There’s truth and there’s truth, and then there’s pettiness.

This article by Benjamin and Davies is petty and is like criticizing Winston Churchill when we’re trying to defeat Hitler.

It’s that context thing. Yeah, they’re right. They are so right. My goodness, those people nailed it.

I don’t care.

Can’t stand the heat? This is the truth: rick, there has always been a liberal, decent side to this society, meaning Euro-societies in general since the 9th century, that has railed against its sins. And they are just a chorus that follows the main show around. They aren’t the answer. And for the next two weeks, they should work on defeating our little American Hitler.

That is my opinion. This opinion does not mean that I think Winston Churchill was a great leader. Don’t assume that.

No, actually, it isn’t .

Should - Could - Would

I short, the authors want Joe Biden to win by pretending that he is someone he has shown throughout

his predatory career he has not been.

The one point where he is said to have “flubbed” is where he was revealing his real intent.

The same arrogant sadism liberal democrat supporters correctly see in Trump is easily found in

Biden’s longstanding agenda.

So, they criticize Biden because he shows their hypocrisy when they are helping prevent the rise

of a real opposition party - again and again.

They criticize his lousiness while they insist that it is imperative that it be the only option.

Most are not willing to risk their political lives.


Biden is the Male version of Hillary Clinton. Someone who embraces War not Peace.

His endorsement of the Iraq Invasion showed me that he is an Insane Warmonger.

Did he think that only insects were living in Baghdad? It was the height of Bigotry to actually support Shock & Awe the brutal Bombing of Innocent Civilians living under those Bombs in Baghdad.

Did he think it was okay to Massacre civilians just because they are Arabs?

Not only is Biden a Pathological Liar in Trumps class, but he is a puppet for the Elite, the Super Rich, the Banks, the Health Insurance Companies and the Fossil Fuel Industry with his blatant support of Fracking.

We Progressives will never get anything progressive from this Corporate lackey. He represents the Corporations not We The People.

Sorry I hate Trump, but I do not think Biden is any better. I believe that like Hillary he is heading for defeat, because Progressives and the Youth of America cannot support this phony Corporate Puppet.

I cannot in good conscience vote for Biden, nor could I ever, never vote for Trump, I guess I will just Write-In Bernie the only politician that resembles a human being.