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How Biden Is Determined to Parry Trump’s Sabotage and Restore Iran Nuclear Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/03/how-biden-determined-parry-trumps-sabotage-and-restore-iran-nuclear-deal

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While I was and am a Bernie guy, I am also a realist. Joe Biden digs in at noon on the 20th of January 2021. Perhaps I can give up part of my internet addiction at that time. Would do me good. Back to the topic at hand. Joe has two things he uses well–his ears. Persia has patience. Things will turn out well. Trump and Pompeo can pound sand on this one.

Has Biden condemned the latest action by Israel or does he consider this “self defense” ? If he is not going to try and reign in Israel would Iran come back to the table willing to negotiate?


Once again Mr. Cole is being a bit devious and misleading.

He is emphasizing the unwarranted propaganda that Biden is a diplomat who is trying to

go back to the JCPOA.

This is false.

Biden stated in the interview with the predator Friedman (who deliberately tried to make

Biden appear less aggressive) two intentions which betray the previous JCPOA. One was

mentioned in passing by Mr. Cole.

  1. Biden wants to increase outsider controls and extend them farther than they were before.

  2. Biden intends to now include the Saudis and the UAE in the “negotiations” which the

Iranians have stated are not necessary for them to return into compliance.

The intention to include more vicious predators into JCPOA strong-arm tactics is

a distinctly devious and undiplomatic act of aggression on Biden’s part.

The JCPOA was always a trap and the guilty party is the fraudulent USA, but, as is

typical of these swamp creatures like Trump and Biden, they are trying to continue to

put on greater pressure while they lie and blame Iran for something which has never

been a reality.

Instead of stating the whole truth about Biden’s plan to reward the Saudis and the UAE

with a greater voice in the region which they are viciously corrupting, Mr. Cole wants us to

see Biden as something he is not.

This article is a misleading piece of propaganda which will help reward the Saudis and the

UAE by promoting the pretentiousness and deceitfulness of Biden.

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Israel wants either regime change in Iran, or Iran made feckless, and neither of those alternatives are acceptable to Iran. Trump was submitting in toto to Israeli. Biden can either follow Trump as an Israeli lackey, or in the interests of the U.S. settle the nuclear issue, as Obama did, and allow Iran and its people to breathe.


Juan, listen to the CD commentators, not dismissing your hopefulness,
but setting the record straight: Biden is an Israeli sycophant, even saying
“you don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.” Not a lot of hope here.

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I’m just picturing it from Iran’s and the rest of the worlds perspective.
First you want us to have it. We don’t actually want it then, but you interfered in our elections to make it so. Then you don’t want us to have it. So you punish us for forcing us to have it in the first place. Then you want us to have it again. Then you don’t want us to have it. And you punish us again for having it. Then you punish us for violating what you tore up?!? - How fucking retardedly insane are you? I’m not signing any goddamned deals with you because you’re a backstabbing bitch who always goes back on his word. Also, our country is boycotting all goods from your country and imposing an 85% tarriff on exports to america. Fuck you cunts. - Honest to god, as a leader of a country that would be my twitter response.

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Iran should not under any circumstances fall into the JCPOA trap. Now that the intent of this deal was revealed by Trump and everyone is aware of impotence of EU in regard to a measly INTEX, the next president of Iran (I am voting for hardliners) should move Iran fully toward China and Russia and Independent policy. If US pressures continues, Iran needs to follow the N. Korean policy. The Nuclear deal is all or none, If Iran is not to have a Bomb, so is Israel, Pakistan, US, Russia and Saudi Arabia…
The days of hegemony is long gone.